TorrentPrivacy Review 2017 – Is Your Torrenting Really Secure?

What is TorrentPrivacy?

The UK based VPN provider TorrentPrivacy was introduced in 2007 and has been serving torrenters with privacy and anonymity needs. Surprisingly, renowned torrent giants including TorrentFreak and Torrent Reactor endorse the provider.

This may make you wonder whether it deserves a place among the best VPN service.

However, TorrentPrivacy works more like a safe torrenting solution, rather than a full fledge VPN service. Today, in this TorrentPrivacy review at VPNRanks, we will evaluate privacy features, service offerings, plans, servers and protocols of TorrentPrivacy to bring you the most concrete and precise information about their service.

After reading our TorrentPrivacy review, you will discover if it is a secure solution for safe and anonymous torrenting and use different torrent sites:

Pros of TorrentPrivacy

  • Easy installation
  • Offers OpenVPN and PPTP encryption protocols
  • Offers servers in the US, Netherlands and Sweden
  • Accepts anonymous payments via bitcoin and PayPal
  • Doesn’t store logs
  • Offers a generous 30-day money back guarantee
  • Available on all leading platforms (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android)

Cons of TorrentPrivacy

  • Fewer server locations
  • Lack of live chat support


Pricing Plans – How Much Does TorrentPrivacy Cost for Subscription?

A large number of users have inquired on internet about what does TorrentPrivacy cost? Interestingly, TorrentPrivacy uses three simple pricing plans with no discrepancy among service offerings. The three-month plan costs about $21.75 that is $7.25/month, annual plan is charged at $66.75 which is $5.56/month and the 2 years plan is charged at $96.75 which is the cheapest of all and equals to $4.0/month. However, an unusual aspect that we discovered in TorrentPrivacy review is their service requires registration for checking pricing plans and service features.

Below are the package plans of TorrentPrivacy that are being offered at the moment:

torrentprivacy Pricing Plan

Payment Method

Payment methods play a key role in subscription phase of a VPN service. Generally, VPN providers aim to accept payments from different modes i.e. credit card and crypto currency. But, TorrentPrivacy takes a step ahead and ensures complete anonymity of its subscribers by accepting anonymous payments through bitcoin and PayPal.

Thus, in TorrentPrivacy review, we consider their service as a preferred solution for those who’re located in countries with strict copyrights regimes.

Payment Method which torrentprivacy Accepted

Server Locations

A wide range of server locations is a prime element of true VPN service. But, being a sole torrent protection solution, TorrentPrivacy offers servers in leading torrent friendly countries. That said, subscribers can freely connect to one of the torrent-friendly servers located in the US, Netherlands and Sweden. However, while examining service in TorrentPrivacy review, we didn’t find an exact number of their servers on their official site.

A pleasing aspect of their service we discovered in TorrentPrivacy review is server load stats that shows most updated load and congestion status of servers. Below is a snapshot of TorrentPrivacy server load stats:

Server location of torrentprivacy

In addition, we conducted various speed tests of TorrentPrivacy to evaluate its real-time performance, accessibility and exploring ability. Following are the surprising results that we achieved after completing our unbiased speed tests:

Before connecting to TorrentPrivacy VPN:

Upload and Download Speed Before connecting to TorrentPrivacy VPN


After connecting to TorrentPrivacy US server:


Uploadd ans download speed After connecting to TorrentPrivacy US server


As soon as we established connection with TorrentPrivacy VPN, we were instantly able to access MovieBox without any restrictions. We downloaded torrent of Captain America The First Avenger hassle at dramatically fast speed. Also, we accessed Fox Go and CNBC instantly without facing geo-restrictions’ error message.

Thus, in TorrentPrivacy VPN review, we recommend it for those who wish for torrent protection, reliable data privacy and unrestricted accessibility at one place.


TorrentPrivacy Tunneling Protocols  – How Good is TorrentPrivacy?

Fundamentally, A VPN service is evaluated on basis of protocols it offers. But, if we talk about TorrentPrivacy, the provider offers SSL and L2TP/IPSec protocols that ensures air-tight security and protection to torrent downloads. In addition, TorrentPrivacy offers PPTP and OpenVPN protocols which provide hi-speed streaming and unrestricted access to torrent movies on Popcorn Time and Showbox.

Also, for our TorrentPrivacy VPN review, we used their VPN service and accessed various torrenting sites including Piratebay,, KickAss and many more without any restrictions. Thus, in TorrentPrivacy review, we consider their service solely for safe torrenting and one-touch accessibility.


TorrentPrivacy Customer Support

Customer support system comes as an initial source for help in times of queries. TorrentPrivacy currently offers three support channels including a FAQs, knowledge base section and  live chat support through social media. For our TorrentPrivacy review, we have tested their support channels to deliver most precise information about VPN service.

Below are the details of TorrentPrivacy customer support channels being offered at the moment:

FAQs Section

The FAQs section consists of most commonly asked users’ queries. Subscribers can find detailed information about queries regarding general, technical or financial issues. In addition, users can get basic information about what is TorrentPrivacy, how does it works, data logging and bandwidth limitations.

Also, in TorrentPrivacy VPN review we found that FAQs section can be access after registering on TorrentPrivacy website. Below is a screenshot TorrentPrivacy FAQs section:

knowledge section of torrentprivacy review

Knowledgebase Section

The knowledgebase section aims to provide in-depth information about how to setup TorrentPrivacy with either uTorrent, BitTorrent, Vuze, Deluge, BitLord or BitComent. In addition, users can download TorrentPrivacy clients for Windows and Mac from the top section of Setup Instruction.

TorrentPrivacy section about setup guides on different platform

Live Chat Support

An unusual aspect of service that we have discovered in TorrentPrivacy review is lack of 24/7 live chat support. But, for our TorrentPrivacy VPN review, we decided to test their chat support through Facebook and dropped off a query regarding servers and protocols. However, we didn’t received any response till the next day. Below is a screen shot of our query to TorrentPrivacy:


Live Chat Support of TorrentPrivacy

Multi Platform Availability

Cross platform availability is a key aspect of a VPN service that every subscriber looks for. But, being an exclusive VPN service for torrent and P2P file sharing, TorrentPrivacy is solely available for Windows and Mac. Interestingly, in TorrentPrivacy review, we didn’t find their in-house client for either Android, iPhone or iPad. We consider it a significant drawback of their service, as a large number of torrenters use smartphone for file sharing.


Torrent Privacy For Mac & Windows

TorrentPrivacy offers sleek and simple in-house clients for both Windows and Mac. Also, the provider imposes no speed limit or bandwidth restriction on any of the platform. To download in-house client of TorrentPrivacy for Mac and Windows, subscribers need to make an account on TorrentPrivacy’s official website. Afterwards, they can download TorrentPrivacy on either Mac or Windows. Below is a screenshot of TorrentPrivacy client.

TorrentPrivacy client software for Mac and Windows Users

Log & Privacy Policy

Users’ data logging is a hidden feature of many VPN providers. Generally, VPN providers tend to store subscribers’ data and then sell it to third party advertiser for monetization. Also, in worst cases, the gathered data is handed over to law enforcement agencies. Thus, we studied privacy policy of provider in TorrentPrivacy review, and discovered that service doesn’t keep any logs of users. In addition, temporary cache is also removed regularly from their servers, ensuring secrecy of subscribers.

Trial Version – TorrentPrivacy For Free

Among elite offerings of VPN service which we discovered in TorrentPrivacy review, is a risk-free 7-day trial. That said, subscribers can explore privacy benefits and service quality of TorrentPrivacy, and decide if it satisfies their privacy and unblocking needs.

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What Is TorrentPrivacy Reviews?

A VPN service is mainly judged upon reviews and feedbacks provided by subscribers. Getting to know  about a VPN service requires reading though reviews of that provider. But, when it comes to TorrentPrivacy, subscribers have showed varied gestures. Thus we have created a brief section about TorrentPrivacy reviews, that will help you understand their service in-depth.

TorrentPrivacy Reddit

Reddit is a leading-edge community having millions of subscribers around the world. The mainstream digital platform features textual and graphical media relating to social life, ongoing of tech world, online privacy,  reviews, discussions, debates, news, and much more. Interestingly, a large number of Redditors have expressed their concerns about TorrentPrivacy such as how to protect torrent privacy and problems with TorrentPrivacy.

That said, we have added some of the threads from reddit in TorrentPrivacy VPN review. Here’s what Redditors have to say about TorrentPrivacy:


A couple of Redditors have been satisfied with TorrentPrivacy VPN service. As, any IP leak or DNS leak while torrenting can end in receiving copyrights violation notices. But, in case of TorrentPrivacy, subscribers haven’t faced any issues.


VPN Comparison

Choosing a perfect VPN isn’t as simple as it seems. Each provider offers independent and unique features along with some downsides. That said, it solely depends on your privacy needs and unblocking requirements to decide the most suitable VPN service. Having that said, we have created a brief section in TorrentPrivacy review, that will compare its features and benefits with other leading edge providers in market.

Here’s a head to head comparison of TorrentPrivacy VPN with popular VPN services:

TorrentPrivacy vs BTGuard



VPN Provider














9+ in 3 countries


5+ in 3 countries




PPTP and OpenVPN


Torrent Support





Money Back Guarantee 

30 days





TorrentPrivacy vs HideMyAss



VPN Provider














9+ in 3 countries


890+ in 190+ countries




Torrent Support





Money Back Guarantee 

30 days


30 days



TorrentPrivacy vs Private Internet Access



VPN Provider




Private Internet Access










9+ in 3 countries


3261+ in 25 countries




Torrent Support





Money Back Guarantee 

30 days


7 days


TorrentPrivacy vs PeerBlock

PeerBlock is a widely popular free and open-source application used by torrenters around the world. The app is often misunderstood as a privacy protection tool and safe torrenting solution. But, in reality PeerBlock works by blocking incoming and outgoing connections to your IP address, which are listed among blacklist. Also, PeerBlock doesn’t offer encryption, leaving you vulnerable to ISP surveillance and copyright sharks.

On another hand, TorrentPrivacy works as a robust shield guard that encrypts all your torrent traffic and keeps you anonymous to ISP, copyright trolls and privacy invaders. Thus, in TorrentPrivacy review, we suggest PeerBlock users to choose a VPN and achieve top-grade torrenting protection, instead of putting their privacy at stake.


Final Words

TorrentPrivacy is the new age privacy protection solution that comes packed with one-touch unblocking feature and strong torrent protection. A wide range of tunneling protocols, multiple servers in prime regions, strict no activity logging policy and a 30 day money back guarantee makes TorrentPrivacy a worthy solution.

However, in TorrentPrivacy review, we came up with few downsides of their service including unavailability on iOS devices, fewer server locations and delayed customer support response. The provider can overcome specified lacking to improve its service and deliver elite online experience to users. Thus, in TorrentPrivacy VPN review, we honor their service with a 3/5 star, as per their torrent protection and unblocking characteristics.

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