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Yify Torrents now known as YTS is a supercool torrenting site that you probably might have already used.

If you haven’t, you’re seriously missing out.

It has a massive collection of blockbuster movies from every genre you can imagine.

Although Yify is one of the best sites to watch free movies, it is geo-blocked in many parts of the world. In fact, many similar torrenting sites have also been taken down or blocked.

That said, there are two ways you can still access the site. You can either use a VPN service or try a proxy/mirror site.

So without further ado, let’s get right to it.

What is YIFY?

If you have ever torrented a movie then chances are you must have downloaded it from YTS. Probably because Yify sites are one of the most popular movie torrenting site in the industry. However, YTS was not always popular.

In fact, it was Yify that dominated the online movie scene with their content presence on major torrenting sites. It was only when Yify received tremendous recognition and fan following that it rebranded itself as YTS.

After becoming the number one go-to site for any movie lover, the site started to rack in millions of visitors per day, not the mention the number of downloads.

To this day, Yify is the undisputed king of movie sites.

YIFY Proxy 2018 & YIFY Torrent Mirror Sites List

Every popular torrenting site on the internet has some sort of proxy or mirror site. This is quite common nowadays and serves as a backup site whenever the official site becomes unavailable.

Yify also has plenty of mirror and proxy sites; however, a lot of them are mostly riddled with malware.

I have compiled a comprehensive Yify proxy list down below.

Yify Torrents Proxy / Mirrors SitesStatus

Yify Browser Overview

Yify has a pretty cool and simple interface.

On the homepage of the website, you will find a popular downloads category underneath which you will see the most trending movies categorized through various genres.

If you are a rather meticulous individual, then you can either browse various categories or directly search for a particular content using the search bar located in the top bar of the YTS webpage.

Are proxies not working out for you? Try a VPN

Similar to the real torrent sites, proxies and mirrors are often subjected to takedowns. Although the proxies and mirrors I’ve discussed in this blog work 100% at the moment, there’s always a possibility that they might not work tomorrow.

Don’t worry though, you can always access Yify through a secure VPN and in this case NordVPN is an excellent choice for p2p.


Well, …it’s quite simple. The best VPN for torrenting can help you swap your original location. This way, even if Yify or its proxies get blocked in your region, you can always swap your IP with an unrestricted one.

Not only that, but a VPN can also secure and anonymize your internet traffic, leveling snoops scratching their heads.

The Best Alternatives to YIFY

Yify is a great source for watching HD quality movies and we have become costumed to it. However, nowadays torrents are blocked faster than ever before. This is why you might see so many new sites coming out all the time.

Now I know you might be freaking out about Yify, but I can assure you it’s not going anywhere so calm down…

However, in case, it becomes unavailable, or you are unable to access it due to geo locks, I’m going to list some of the best Yify alternatives that you can use instead.

1. ISOHunt

IsoHunt-alternative-movie-site-for-yify is an amazing torrent website; I can’t tell you how many times it saved me from utter boredom. This site has a great collection of games, music, TV shows and movies so you will always be able to find something you like, no matter what you are in to.

I’m not judging…

It’s a miracle how this site has managed to survive all these years, however, it is here and it doesn’t seem to be going down anytime soon.

2. LimeTorrents


This site was not very renowned in the past; however, since then it has really made a name for itself. The amazingly simple and easy interface of the site in conjunction with the most up-to-date torrent database makes it one of the best Yify alternative.

If you are looking for the latest movies, music, games, and TV shows then stop looking anywhere else and give a try, I promise you won’t be disappointed.



Behind the black and blue interface of this site lies a massive repository of excellent torrents. This site does not host any torrents of its own but instead, it indexes them from various popular sources. has everything and I do mean everything, be it games, movies, music, and even software. This site is surely a worthy contender to be a Yify alternative.

4. The Pirate Bay


Have you ever seen something that gets pummeled down and somehow keeps on getting back, well can be an accurate representation on it?

This site has to be by far the most resilient torrent site I have ever seen. If you are having trouble finding that one torrent, then I am willing to bet you will find it on this site.

5. Zooqle


Since the famous torrenting site KAT got taken down, a new site called popped up in the torrenting scene. This site, like many others, was launched to replace giant of the torrent industry.

Zooqle is also great for those who are concerned about logs, the site claims to delete all access logs after 24 hours. You can take a sigh of relief, because who knows what weird stuff you might search.


This site is a classic example of a hostile takeover. If you think the name, sounds familiar, well that is because this site was taken over by hacker back in 2015. The site now operates with a slightly different domain name but still offers great contents.

7. Torrentz2


Searching a torrent can be a cumbersome process, scouring multiple websites just to find your particular torrent file. This is where search engines like come into place. This site searches for your search query on 60 different torrent sites making it the perfect Yify alternative.

8. 1337X


In simplicity, nothing beats A clean, easy to use the site with tons of great torrents. No matter what you’re into, movies, games, music, applications, 1337x have got it all.

Another thing that’s great about this site is that it’s monitored by admins and moderators. A lot of the files you’re going to find on this site are totally legit and I’ve rarely ever encountered duds myself.

9. TorrentDownloads


If you think about an evasive torrent site, no other site comes to mind than Been out for years, this site has managed to evade the authorities time and again.

Amongst the top 10 torrenting sites around the world, TorrentDownloads offers literally every content imaginable. The site indexes millions of torrents and servers an astronomical amount of users every month.

10. SeedPeer


Amongst the most modern looking torrent sites, has got it all. Although not quite as old as the Piratebay, it still offers equally amazing torrents if not better.

You can find books, games, TV shows, movies, music and pretty much everything in between.

SeedPeer is also quite easy to use. All the files are neatly organized and each torrent file even has a convenient health indicator.

11. BTDB


Although not technically a torrent site, still deserves to be in this list.


Well pretty much due to fact that BTDB indexes millions of torrent files. Whatever you’re looking for, this site has got it all.

Interface-wise its nothing fancy, in fact, it’s just a white screen with some text and a search bar.

Another cool thing about this search engine is that t only indexes verified torrent files.

The back story on Yify’s proprietors

Now you must be thinking how in the hell did they pull it off without attracting any attention of the law?

Well… not quite:

You see, when the site started to increase its fan following, it also attracted quite a lot of attention from the Anti-piracy groups. After a Copyright infringement lawsuit was filed against the owners of the site, the New Zealand authorities started closing in on the site’s proprietors.

As they say, what goes up must come down and eventually burn in eternal pit fire of hell. Oh well, I might have gotten a bit carried away.

On a serious note, the impending case was dealt with outside of the court after the YTS owner demanded a grace period for the settlement of the case.

However, when the owner of the site failed to respond in due time, New Zealand authorities publically disclosed the identity of the alleged owner.

Turns out, a male individual named Yiftach, then 23 at the time was the mastermind behind the worldwide piracy charade. After his apprehension, Yiftach had no choice but to sign a settlement deal with the copyright trolls for an undisclosed amount and give up piracy for good.

While Yiftach was named the sole mastermind behind the Yify site, it is speculated that there were other individuals at play. Even though the identity of other partners has not been disclosed until now, the chances of their involvement after the incident are slim to none.

P.S don’t tell anyone, but YTS and Yify proxy sites are still up and running. The current management of the site has remained anonymous so far and is still offering the same high-quality movie watching experience.

Yify movie sites – Best Yify movie torrents for the month of December 2018

Movies are obviously the reason why anyone even visits YIFY. Being absolutely free, it entices users to ditch paid subscription-based services like Netflix and Amazon prime for torrent sites like Yify.

With that said, literally every month a new movie seems to hit the cinemas, which makes it challenging to decide which one to go for.

However, having the entire weekend to myself, I can safely say I have watched too many movies to genuinely recommend a few to you guys.

12 Strong6.6
Maze Runner: The Death Cure6.3
Black Panther7.4
The 15:17 to Paris5.2
Tomb Raider6.4
Ready Player One7.6

Yify TV torrents- Must watch TV shows of December 2018

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, TV nerds. I’ve listed some of the best TV shows of 2018 down below. So sit back, relax and enjoy.

TV ShowsRotten Tomatoes
The Good Place100%
BoJack Horseman100%
Big Mouth100%
The Deuce100%
The Conners96%

Wrapping Up

Torrents Yify or YTS whatever you want to call it, has been around for ages now.

They have been providing us with the latest high-quality content despite their being so many regulations hindering their progress. The reason for that is of course online censorship.

If you are going to download torrents through any of the above-mentioned Yify proxy sites, then it is better that you use a virtual private network to get past online restrictions.