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I don’t know that you’ve heard, but the once infamous torrent sites for movies has gone down under.

Seventorrents, a site that has been around for almost 10 years has finally decided to call it quits. Neither of its proxy or mirrors work either.

Although the reason isn’t clear, they have posted a notice on their website.

Seven torrents was amongst the very few handful of sites that offered HD movies. It’s truly heartbreaking to see it go this way.

With that said:

Its legacy will always live on as the site’s proprietors have already redirected their entire content library as well as the entire database of existing member accounts to a brand new domain called “Watchsomuch (WSM)”.

Although the new domain works just fine, it does have a tendency to become unavailable every now and then.

Besides that, just like 7torrents, Watch so much is also blocked in multiple regions.

Cheer up, because in this blog I’m going to list some of the best working proxies and mirrors for WSM.

What is Watchsomuch?


Ever since seventorrent went down back in June, a new website by the name of Watch so much emerged soon after.

From the official statement posted by the former site seven torrent, it is clear that all the data base including file repository and user account information has been handed over to the new site.

Although a cause for concern for some as reported by Torrent freak, many have already migrated to the new site. In fact, it now has over 6000 active members already.

Admittingly, the new site isn’t as popular as its predecessor, it is still creating quite a stir in the torrent community. And why shouldn’t it, after all it offers the same great high quality movies we’ve come to expect from seven torrents.

You can literally find any high definition trending movie you can imagine. Best of all, these movies are compressed and optimized specifically for torrenting.

Watchsomuch Proxies, Clones and Mirror sites of 2018


Like is said, at the moment WSM doesn’t have the same visibility as seven torrents, which is why it’s quite difficult to find working proxies for it.

Having said that:

After spending quite some time, I have complied all the working proxies and mirror sites for Watchsomuch I could find.

So… you’re welcome.



Watchsomuch interface Overview


Although the internals of the site are still the same, the overall look and feel has received a major overhaul. The site is much cleaner and boasts a far more attractive UI than its predecessor.

Unlike Seven torrents which only offered movies, WSM also offers TV series. On the top bar of the site, you can find tabs for movies, TV series, comments, others and even a handy search bar.

Below that, the site is neatly divided into different categories like Top movies, new movies, new TV series and new comments.

Aside from that, the filters menu is where things really get interesting. You can filter out genres, countries, ratings and a bunch of other stuff for a very custom experience.

Watchsomuch proxy not working? Try a VPN

Now although it is technically possible to access Watch so much with proxies, there can be times when even they might fail.

And since ISPs are always on the prowl to block torrents sites, it makes it more or less impossible to access sites like Watch so much.

After all, torrent sites are infamous for distributing pirated content.

That’s where a VPN comes in. Even though ISPs in your region might have strict regulations around torrenting, the best VPN for torrenting can easily unblock any geo-locked site imaginably.

Handpicked Watchsomuch movies for Nov 2018


Now that you’re properly acquainted with WSM, I think it’s only fair you get to watch your first high quality movie.

Down below, I compiled a list of top rated movies for November 2018.

MovieIMDB Rating
The Meg (2018)5.9
The Equalizer 2 (2018)7
Mile 22 (2018)6.1
Incredibles 2 (2018)8
BlacKkKlansman (2018)7.7
Alpha (2018)7
Kin (2018)5.6


Watchsomuch alternatives

Since torrent sites are constantly evading ISPs, chances are they might become unavailable at times. To save you guys from a whole lot of hassle, I’ve also added a bunch of alternatives for WSM down below.

These alternatives are working at the moment and offer pretty much the same content library as Watch so much.

Seven torrents down right now, is it ever coming back?

From the looks of it, it does seem that the site is gone for good this time. It’s hard to believe that a site that has withstood so many takedown attempts over the year would hand over its gloves on its own terms.

According to the official statement, it is quite clear that the site had been under a lot of pressure for quite some time now.

Although it kills me to admit it, but yes, 7 torrents is down and it will never comeback.


Wrapping up

So there you have it folks, despite the official seven torrents site not working anymore, you can still enjoy the same quality content on Watchsomuch.

With that said, due to government regulations, the site might not work at times. Fortunately, with the help of best VPN and above mentioned proxies/mirrors you can easily unblock this amazing site.

Do let me know which proxy/ mirror site worked best for. I’d absolutely love to hear from you guys.