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Downloading torrents is always fun. They are fast, free and provides you with pretty much any digital content imaginable. However, actually dealing with a torrent client can be a whole another experience.

Trust me… I have dealt with a clumsy torrent client before and I know some of you may have too.

Anyways, my point is…

If you’re looking to upgrade, or just want to get into P2P file sharing, then perhaps there’s no better torrent client to try than Vuze.

If you’re not familiar with Vuze, it’s a fairly renowned revamped version of Azureus and it’s unlike any other torrent client I have seen so far. It’s free, open source, feature rich and doesn’t push ads in your face like some other torrent clients.

Having said that…

So far I have managed to barely scratch the surface of this amazing torrent client as there are so many awesome features, quirks and itty bitty limitations that we must discuss in this Vuze review.

So… without further ado let’s get in to the quirks and limitations of Vuze.





  • Small setup file
  • Dead simple to use
  • Auto fetch RSS feeds
  • highly customizable
  • supports torrent generation
  • supports password protection





  • Does contain addition plugins and extensions in its installer
  • Resource hungry

User Experience and User Interface


The user experience of Vuze is pretty solid. The moment you launch the application you’ll know exactly how much effort has gone in to the product. Don’t let the simple interface fool you though because underneath the skin it’s a total beast of a torrent client.

To begin with, probably one of my absolute favorite feature of Vuze has to be the remote administrator. I can’t tell how many times this feature have saved my life when I’m out and about. Besides that, the inclusion of a built-in HD video player makes it super convenient to watch movies and all sorts entertaining content without ever leaving the app.


The one feature that Vuze offers and I wish every torrent client included, is a simple in-app torrent search engine. I can’t figure out why most torrent clients don’t have this feature. It makes the overall experience so much better.

As far as the user interface goes, it’s nothing fancy, however, its minimalistic design makes it dead simple to operate. Having said that, the user experience and interface may vary depending on the mode you have selected.

Don’t know what I’m talking about…?

Well…unlike other torrent clients, Vuze offers three modes, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Based on which mode the user selects, the Vuze client custom tailors the experience around it.

As I mentioned earlier, Vuze is highly customizable and having the ability to customize both the interface and user experience based on personal preference is perhaps the pinnacle of customization.

Vuze Torrenting Capabilities

Torrenting with Vuze is an absolute pleasure. The built-in torrent search feature looks for your queries on multiple torrent sites, and pretty much always provides you with high quality relevant results.

Besides that, Vuze has all the typical bells and whistles you expect from any robust torrent client. To name a few, Vuze supports magnet, hash and URL torrent links along with the ability to rate and comment on torrents you are downloading. This makes it super convenient not only for you but for other Vuze users.

But the thing I enjoy the most about Vuze is the ability to get fresh new content every time a site updates its RSS feed. Yup that’s right, Vuze has a built in support for RSS and it’s highly customizable too, so you only get custom tailored content in your feed.

Last but certainly not the least…

The sleepless mode of Vuze combined with smart shutdown and pausing options, offers a pretty laid back torrenting experience that I awed for in other clients.

Vuze Remote


Remote is probably one of the most highlighted features of Vuze, and I can’t lie, it is one of the must have feature in any torrent client.

If you don’t know what a Vuze remote is…

It is basically a remote way of controlling your Vuze client. No matter where you are or what device you are using, you can always add, delete and view progress of your torrents remotely.

Setting up Vuze remote is dead simple and only takes a couple of steps.

Don’t worry I’m going list the steps below…

  1. In order to establish a connection between the Vuze application and the device you want to remotely control it with, you need a special code. To get the code, simply launch the Vuze application and head on over to Tools and the Remote Pairing.








  1. Now you should see a code appear on the screen.Vuze-review-remote-feature-code
  2. Once you have the code, head on over to and paste the code in the space given. That’s it, you now have complete remote access to Vuze.

5 Extra features of Vuze

Besides all the cool features we have discussed so far, I’m going to list five more that should blow your mind.

  1. Vuze offers a built-in speed test, which is super handy if you want to check your upload and download bandwidths.
  2. Vuze works perfectly with TOR networks, which can be very convenient if you prefer to anonymize your torrenting activities. Speaking of anonymity, you can also use a VPN service to become completely invisible on the internet.
  3. Vuze supports transcoding, so matter what device you are using, it’ll automatically convert your files to the compatible format.
  4. The windows client of Vuze offers a nifty little floating bucket. No matter what site you are on, you can easily drag and drop torrent files into the bucket to load them into Vuze.
  5. Vuze offers a plus version, which costs $9.90 and allows you to play video while they are downloading along with a built-in antivirus program.

Vuze and its competition


Although I do prefer Vuze over other torrent clients, there are a few clients I think you guys should definitely try.

My thoughts, ratings & should you use Vuze?






As I said, Vuze is a solid torrent client and a one that is definitely built for performance. Because even though there are other relatively more renowned torrent clients in the market, Vuze always seems to one up them with its features and power pack performance.

All in all, I consider Vuze to be an excellent client for both experienced as well as new people looking to get into P2P. After all, which torrent client in the market let’s you align your torrenting experience with your level of proficiency.

I hope you guys found this Vuze review useful.  Please leave your comments and suggestion below. I’ll absolutely love to hear from you guys.