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Even though countless torrent clients in the market rely upon a fancy schmancy website and the power of rouge marketing, simplicity always seems to one up them. uTorrent is by no means glamourous. There are no cool animations and heck there aren’t many enticing features as well.

But here’s the kicker…

It is probably the simplest and lightweight free torrent client you’ll find in the market. Hell… I’m not kidding; the entire size of the uTorrent client is just a hair over 2MBs. For perspective, that’s smaller in size than your latest Instagram master piece.

Being super frugal on system resources means, it does not suck the living life out of your computer like some thirsty leech. In fact, it barely occupies any ram, 6MB to be exact if you’re into nit picking.

So its light weight, it doesn’t hog up system resources, it’s simple to use and extremely intuitive that even a toddler could use… Ok! I might have exaggerated that one a bit but you get my point.

That said, even though there are many perks of using uTorrent, there are few annoying quirks that I wish they would just exclude out of their client.

Still with me…?

Good… As I’m going to take you on a detailed tour of uTorrent review and talk about what’s good and what’s not and lastly give you guys my rating for this client.

So without further ado let’s get to it.

What’s good and what’s not?





  • Compatible with all major operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Compatible with Android devices through uTorrent APK
  • Extremely small setup file (approximately 3MBs)
  • Supports torrent creation
  • Supports remote torrent management. Remotely start, stop and monitor torrent progress through any browser.
  • Supports auto downloading through RSS feeds
  • Include auto shutdown feature to automatically hibernate, sleep, restart and even shutdown your device when downloads complete.
  • Does support weekly download/upload bandwidth management (customize what day and time you want uTorrent to make the best use of your internet bandwidth.
  • Absolutely free to use





  • Annoying advertisements
  • Does not include in-app torrent searching feature
  • Does include third party ad ware and bloat wares

User Experience and User Interface


I’m going to be totally honest with you guys. Ever since the uTorrent Bitcoin scandal surfaced, I deleted the application right away.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about…

A while back uTorrent maliciously included Bitcoin mining software with their installer. Users who unknowingly installed the unwanted parasite software suffered from loss of bandwidth and involuntarily became a mule in the shady Crypto mining business.

Although this issue has been long forgotten, it still doesn’t kill to uncheck any unwanted bloatware from their installer.


Aside from optional bloatware, the user experience and interface of uTorrent is pretty clean and intuitive. Everything is neatly organized within the application where plain green and white theme makes it a lot easier to use than some of its rivals.

The only thing I wish and truly miss in uTorrent is the lack of an in-app torrent search feature. Oh well, with or without it people still love it.

UTorrent’s RSS Downloading feature


One of the feature I absolutely love about uTorrent is its ability to automatically download torrents through RSS feed. This feature works great if you’re in to watching sequels of your favorite shows. Since many torrent sites offer RSS feeds and the fact that they actively rip popular TV shows, you are bound to get at least one episode in your feed every week.

Now I know a lot of people absolutely love this feature, which is why I’m going to list a couple of steps below to properly configure and use the RSS feature of uTorrent.

  1. First up, head on over to the File tab and select Add RSS Feed.add-RSS-feed-in-utorrent-review
  2. Now in the new window that pops up. Enter the URL of the site you want to get the feed from. Choose do not automatically download all items to not get bombarded with every RSS feed the site pushes.add-RSS-feed-url-for-utorrent-review
  3. Now you should see the Alias of the site appear under Feeds in the sidebar at the left.RSS-feeds-apperaing-feeds-column-utorrent-review
  4. Since we have already added the RSS URL of the site we want to get content from. We must now configure its Filter settings. To do this, hit Ctrl+R or click the Options tab to select RSS
  5. Now you might be into a specific files and would prefer filtered results of just those files. To do this, with in the Filter settings enter the name of the content (show, movie, file etc.) in the Filters text box.
  6. In order to further refine and filter your RSS feed, enter the keywords you would prefer excluding from your search in the Not text box. For instance, you would prefer only the latest content, which is why it can be helpful to add certain keywords like 2012, 2013 so on and so forth to exclude older contents.
  7. Next up, we have an option called Save in. This option is pretty self-explanatory and requires the location where you would prefer to download the contents of the feed.
  8. Since you might have multiple feed, you must select one from the Feeds dropdown to apply all these new filters.
  9. Lastly select the minimum interval you want your feed to get populated. Typically I choose one week, since it takes sites some time to push new content.saddasda_censored (1)

Note: There are few settings in the above screenshot that I have deliberately left unchecked since they are pretty simple to figure out.

Is uTorrent even safe to use?


Technically speaking uTorrent and pretty much most mainstream torrent clients nowadays are safe and free from malwares. However, that doesn’t mean there’s no risks.

Allow me to explain…

Even though your torrent client might be perfectly safe to use, there are still plenty of malicious and virus infested files on the internet. Since you are obviously going to be downloading them, it puts you at the forefront of becoming a victim to all sorts of malicious attacks.

Now granted this can be avoided with the help of a good Antivirus software. However what can’t be protected with an Antivirus program is your identity. You see… uTorrent doesn’t do a really good job at concealing identities, which is why pretty much anyone using the client and downloading the same file as you, can see your IP address without an issue.

All in all, uTorrent is pretty safe to use, granted you use a good Antivirus software and a uTorrent VPN to anonymize your identity.

uTorrent Latest Updates

It’s been a while since uTorrent released any new updates. In fact the last time we received any updates from uTorrent was back in 2016. The latest version of uTorrent 3.4.8 contains various upgrades and improvements over its predecessor, which I’m going to list below from the official uTorrent release notes for windows.

  • Improvements for how resources are used by advertisements
  • Additional on-boarding for new users
  • BitTorrent Bundles has become BitTorrent Now
  • Ads can no longer generate pop ups or download content to disk
  • DHT update (BEP44)
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

uTorrent and its competition

Although uTorrent is pretty much everyone’s run of the mill torrent client, there are some noteworthy competitors in the industry. Some offer better user interface, while some offer far superior features than uTorrent.

Some of the best competitors of uTorrent are listed below…

uTorrent review Reddit

As I said earlier, uTorrent hasn’t released a new update in over two years, which is why some people are looking to ditch the old client for something new. Speaking of switching torrent clients, I found one Redditor who was asking the same thing.

uTorrent users – Is it time to ditch older versions of uTorrent & move to a different torrent client? from torrents

Even though it makes sense to get rid of uTorrent for something different, however as one Redditor said it would be a hassle to do so.

My Rating:





I genuinely wanted to give uTorrent a five start rating, however due to the lack of an in-app search feature and obtrusive advertisements, uTorrent managed to get 4.5 starts in my review.

Wrapping up!

All in all uTorrent remains by far my favorite torrent client. Its awesome features and minuscule size makes it prefect for both new and experienced torrenters out there. With that said, there are some limitations like advertisements and in-app torrent search engine that I hope gets addressed in their new update.

I hope you found my uTorrent review useful. Please leave your comments and suggestion below. I’ll absolutely love to hear from you guys.