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Torrenting has been around for quite some time now and has become an integral part of our leisure lives; after all, it is the first place we look for new games, billboard topping songs, and record-shattering movies.

Despite that, it is still a controversial topic.

Now granted there are both free and paid VPN available online, however, not all of them are designed the same way nor do they all support torrenting.

Similarly, TunnelBear is a very noteworthy VPN in the industry and it too offers both free and paid VPN plans. However, is it really worth it for torrenting?

In this blog, we are going to discuss TunnelBear VPN and answer if you can use Tunnelbear for Torrenting.

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Is TunnelBear Good for Torrenting in 2020?

TunnelBear supports torrenting now. Even though in the past, the provider did not allow users to perform torrent activities with its services.

Now unlike other VPNs that operate from Panama or the Virgin Islands, TunnelBear is a Canada based provider, which as we all know is a part of the Five Eyes. This is why it is not the best choice available if you want a VPN for torrenting.

So, if you’ve wondering “will TunnelBear work for torrenting”?, rest assured that you can use it for P2P activities, but it is not the best choice for the task.

Are there any Alternatives I can use for Torrenting?

Since TunnelBear is based in Canada where DMCA notices can cause a lot of trouble, you might want to look for an alternative. Fortunately, instead of opting for proxies you can simply choose a different VPN service, one that supports P2P and offers genuine no logging policy.

I have personally tried many best VPN for torrenting, therefore, I am going to list a couple of them that offer encryption for P2P traffic as well as a noteworthy amount of VPN servers:

It is also worth mentioning that these VPNs are not only suitable for torrenting but also for a variety of situations like geo-lock bypassing and anti-tracking.

TunnelBear Torrenting Reddit

As if I had not already made it dauntingly clear, there are plenty of Reddit posts that backed up my claim of TunnelBear’s not supporting P2P.


After digging, a bit more I stumbled upon a very interesting Reddit comment, which identified that Tunnel no longer has an anti torrenting statement on their website as they did before.


If you search for this specific topic now, you will get an error message as opposed to a landing page like before.


You can learn more in this article – Best Paid VPN on Reddit.

Wrapping up!

TunnelBear supports torrenting. So, if you’re already a TunnelBear user, you can use it for downloading p2p files. However, from the privacy standpoint, it is not the ideal choice.

Therefore, it would be better to use an alternative VPN based in offshore locations, so you can safely download torrents without worrying about receiving DMCA notices out of the blue.

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