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Chromebooks are a bit different from your average computer. Unlike Windows and Mac operating systems, chrome books run their own proprietary ChromeOS operating system. This operating system is designed to be primarily connected to the internet at all times. Because of the way ChromeOS is designed, not all popular applications like uTorrent are compatible with it.

Fortunately, there are some methods that you can use to download torrents on a Chromebook. There are essentially two ways you can about. One way is to use cloud-based torrent clients and the other way is to use chrome extension for your browser. You can choose the one that fits your needs.

Since torrenting is illegal in many regions, we would suggest you go through Best VPN for Chrome and Chromebook VPN articles.

How Can I Download Torrents on Chromebook?

There are 4 tools that you can use to download torrents on Chromebook. These options include cloud-based torrent clients that offer cloud storage. Which is quite useful if your Chromebook doesn’t have a lot of storage space. And you can stream the downloaded torrents from your cloud. However, these services cost a premium.

Unlike the cloud-based torrent clients, Chrome plugins are free and integrate seamlessly with your browser. The torrent files are downloaded on the computer’s hard drive as this doesn’t offer cloud storage. This is optimal for Chromebooks with abundant storage space. for Chromebook is a premium option to download torrents on Chromebook. The downloader comes with a lot of features, including the option to download files directly on to their cloud storage. This is quite useful if you have limited storage on your Chromebook. Unfortunately, there is no free trial available, but you can try out the service for a day for only $0.99 and decide whether you want to stick with their service or bail out.

However, if you do decide to use their service, their monthly plans are pretty affordable with the cheapest plan going for $9.99 for 100 GB of storage, all the way up to 10TB for $ 49.99 a month. They also have strong integration in popular applications and devices like Apple TV, Amazon Fire and many more that provide a seamless experience.

Get started with Put.Io

Getting started is simple and straightforward as all it takes is a couple of steps and you can start enjoying right away.

  • First, start by creating an account
  • Once you’re done, you will be greeted with a dashboard with a New Transfer button in the top right corner of your screen

  • Now you can simply paste the link to the torrent file in the field provide or locate the file from your computer and click the start transfer button to start downloading

  • Wait for the file to download to complete and click on the Go to file button

  • Now you can choose whether to download the file to your computer, share the link or stream it online

Bitport for Chromebook

Just like Put.Io, is another paid option available. It is a very intuitive and simple to use a downloader that supports popular media devices like Apple TV and Chromecast. The good thing is that they offer limited time 1 GB free trial so you can try out their service.

However, as you would expect, you don’t get all the features in the trial version and you are limited to just downloading one torrent a day without virus protection over an unencrypted connection. You would also be compromising on downloading speeds as you wouldn’t be on their priority list unless you purchase their subscriptions.

Their monthly subscription plan is cheap but offers considerably less storage space than However, if storage space is not that concerning to you then you should definitely try out their service. Their starting plan only costs $5and you get 30 GB of cloud storage with unlimited torrent downloading limit. All the files are downloaded through Bitport’s secure servers with unlimited download speeds.

Get started with Bitport.Io

Downloading torrents on Chromebook with Bitport.Io is also super simple.

  1. Start by registering a new account at Bitport
  2. Once you’re done just like you have the choice to either copy and paste the torrent link or look one up from your computer

  1. After adding the link of the torrent file in to the field provided, click the Add new torrent button
  2. Now that you’ve added the torrent, you want to navigate to the torrents for downloads where you will be able to view the size of the file and the storage available on the cloud
  3. When you’re ready just click the Start download button and you will be redirected to your downloading queue where you can view the progress of your download

  1. Once your file is downloaded, like for example a movie, you can play it by simply clicking the thumbnail and it should start streaming
  2. You can also download the file to your hard drive by hovering over the file and clicking the download button

JSTorrent for Chromebook

JSTorrent is a Google Chrome extension that allows torrent files to be downloaded directly on to your computer’s hard drive. This is due to the fact that this client is entirely constructed using JavaScript. It doesn’t provide cloud storage as it is significantly cheaper than the other options mentioned previously. You can purchase the JSTorrent chrome extension for only a onetime fee of $ 2.99.

They also offer a free version by the name of JSTorrent lite, which is limited to only 20 downloads. One perk of having a Chrome extension is that the downloaded files don’t require to be reformatted but instead can be streamed directly.

Get started with JSTorrent.

  1. Now to get started you need two thing, a light or paid version of JSTorrent and the JSTorrent helper extension
  2. After you have installed the extensions, you can simply right click on any torrent link and select Add to JSTorrent option
  3. Likewise you can also open up the JSTorrent extension and paste the torrent file URL in the field provided



  1. Since it’s your first time using the extension, you will be prompted to a popup that will help you set up the download location and few other settings like download speeds and the limit of active torrents at a time
  2. Your first time download might stop abruptly. No need to worry, head on over to your download list and reinitialize it
  3. After your download completes, the file should appear in its designated folder
  4. Alternatively, you can also stream a movie while it downloads by going to the Files tab and clicking on the streaming link next to the video

Bitford for Chromebook

Bitford is another Chrome extension. However, this one is completely free unlike JSTorrent. Sadly, it’s not a very popular extension as evident from its rating of 3 out 5 stars on the Google Chrome web store. The downside of using this extension is that you won’t be able to download torrent files with magnet links. This is problematic as almost all popular torrent sites use magnet links.

Get started with Bitford.

  1. Like JSTorrent install the Bitford extension form Chrome web store
  2. Since you can use magnet links, you would have to separately launch Bitford window by going to your Chrome apps


  1. Now load the torrent file you want to download on to Bitford by clicking the Load Torrents button located at the bottom of the of the Bitford window
  2. Now your download should automatically start

How to get the paid version of JSTorrent for free?

Like we mentioned earlier, JSTorrent has a paid version and a free version by the name of JSTorrent lite. There is a way to get even the paid version for free but it is a bit of a cumbersome process. But if you’re down for it, then we have listed the complete steps to get you going.

  1. First things first, you need to get the link to the project file. We have provided the project URL on Github, so you can download it from there
  2. On the Github page you will see a clone or download button. Clicking on it will give you an option to download a zip file


  1. Once the first zip file downloads, you will need to download another zip file for which we have also added the link
  2. Now that both zip files are downloaded on your chromebook, you will need to extract them; Chromebooks cannot extract zip files traditionally. Double clicking on the zip file opens it up in your Google drive and will appear in the left pane
  3. Click on the file and you should see a jstorrent-fresh file, which you will have to copy and paste in to your downloads folder


  1. Now it’s time to extract the The process is exactly the same as the first file
  2. If you’ve followed the steps correctly so far, you should have both jstorrent-fresh and the Web-server-chrome-master folders in your downloads folder
  3. Now you have to rename the Web-server-chrome-master folder to Web-server-chrome and copy it as you will need to paste it another folder later on
  4. Now open up the jstorrent-fresh folder and scroll until you see another subfolder by the name of Open up the js folder and paste the file we copied in previous step
  5. We’re almost done. Just go to this URL and enable Developer’s mode from the top right corner of the screen. After that select Load unpacked tab which will prompt you to your folders.


  1. You are now done. Open up the jstorrent-fresh folder and you should now have the JSTorrent extension listed there

How to Purchase Paid Version of JSTorrent

Unlike the method we showed you to the get the free version. This method is pretty straight forward, as you are simply purchasing the plugin from Google in the manner that it should be. We are also going to briefly look at the method of getting the paid version of JSTorrent.

  1. Go to JSTorrent plugin on the Google web store through the given link and Click on Buy for $ 2.99
  2. Now just pay for the extension like any other online purchase
  3. Once you’re done with the payment, the JSTorrent plugin will be automatically downloaded and added to the application drawer

Reddit comments

Users over at Reddit also asked about, how to download torrents on chromebook. The community had some really good suggestions as to what torrent clients to use on a chromebook.


There might not be many options available to use torrents on Chromebook at the moment, but it’s definitely evolving as an operating system. Hopefully in the future more popular third party popular applications would be made available for Chromebooks, but for now we just have to make good use of what we have.

We did our best in providing you with our detailed guide on torrents for Chromebooks and we really hope this helps you out.