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The world of torrents is expanding day by day. You can find almost any kind of digital file you can think of on torrent sites. Though the easy availability of a variety of digital files has made torrenting popular, it has been widely misunderstood for all the wrong reasons.

Now although torrent websites host a slew of illegal copyrighted contents, there are many genuine reasons to use torrents. Especially when downloading really large files. Despite this, many torrent websites are under constant scrutiny and many major torrent sites have been taken down.

Even though torrenting in general has a bad reputation, many people around the world still use it. You can download songs, games, movies and everything in between on your Android mobile phone without even using a computer.

Before you start downloading torrents on Android, you should definitely look into the legalities of torrenting, as many countries consider it illegal. Individuals have been fined for thousands of dollars for simply downloading an album. Take the case of Brianna LaHara, a 12-year-old who was sued $150,000 per song. Therefore, it is imperative that you always use a VPN for torrenting to stay anonymous and undetectable in the digital world.

How to Download Torrent on Android Devices


Torrents are the most popular method of sharing large files. Being able to be use it on multiple operating systems and platforms makes it even more convenient, considering the fact you don’t need to have your computer by your side.

Just like desktop torrent applications, there are plenty of torrent clients for Android as well that you can download from Google Play Store. These applications provide same user experience and function more or less the same way. We are going to mention the complete steps for installing, searching and downloading torrents on Android devices.

  1. Before we start, it’s imperative that you understand what files work on your Android device. Torrents can have all sort of file formats that run on different devices. Thus, not all files are going to work on an Android device, like for instance ‘.EXE’ files only work on Windows machines.
  2. Now that we understand file format support, it’s time for another preliminary step. Always make sure you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network. Since torrent files are huge in size, they are going to consume a lot of data. Therefore, always switch to Wi-Fi to avoid exceeding the limit of your carrier’s data plan.
  3. Go to the Google Play Store and search for the torrent client you prefer. However, if you’re not sure then Flud, uTorrent, BitTorrent and tTorrent should work just fine. Download and install the application like any other application.
  4. Now that you’ve downloaded and installed the torrent application, it’s time to tweak some settings prior to torrent downloading. Go to the settings option of the application.
  5. Once in the settings tab, look for the Bandwidth Here you can limit your bandwidth if you have a particularly slow internet connection or if you’re downloading on mobile data. However, if you have a steady internet connection then you don’t need to mess with this setting.
  6. It’s also wise to set up download location since Android devices tend to have internal and external storage options. You can choose a specific folder for torrent files so they don’t mix up with your other files. However, most people leave this setting as it is.
  7. Now that we are done with all the preliminary settings, it’s time to search for a torrent. Simply head on over to a torrent site of your choice. However, if you’re not sure which torrent site to use, then you can check out our blog for the best torrent sites. Search for the torrent file that you wish to download.
  8. Scroll down the page until you see multiple download links for the file. Use the magnet link or the download torrent button to start downloading torrents. However, you must be careful what file you download as they can have malware injected in them. Likewise, there are certain things that you can look for to avoid this issue.
  • Always read the comments underneath files. They often mention if the file is any good or not.
  • Download files with the most number of seeders and peers, this ensure your files download quicker.
  1. Once you hit download, your torrent client should automatically open up and start downloading torrents momentarily.
  2. Now be patient and wait for your download to complete. Bear in mind speeds of downloading torrents on Android depends upon the file size, the quality of your network and the size of the swarm. You can view the progress of your downloads through the application.

Best torrent applications for downloading torrents on Android


To download torrent files, we require a torrent client for our device. In this case, we require a torrent client for the Android operating system. There are many torrent clients available on Google Play Store. However, not all work efficiently. Therefore, we are going to mention some of the best torrent clients that you can use on your Android device.


Flud is a free torrent client for Android devices. The client is very easy to operate thanks to its super simple user interface. Despite being free it doesn’t put any default cap on downloads and uploads so you can download torrents on Android as much as you want.

The client also offers customization like, light and dark modes. You can limit the client to only download certain type of files and choose different folders for torrent downloads. These clients also come with all the basic features that we expect from desktop applications.

These features include scheduling, Wi-Fi only mode, encryption, proxy integration and IP filtering. All these feature are free and you don’t have to pay premium for them. However, like most free application, Flud has advertisements, which can be removed by purchasing the paid version.


uTorrent doesn’t need an introduction. After all, it is the most popular torrent client for Android with over 100 million downloads. The app has all the basic features like unrestricted downloading, torrent search, scheduling, magnet link support and RSS subscription.

The application is Wi-Fi only meaning that it won’t work with your data connection. However, we feel that it’s much better to download torrents on Android through a Wi-Fi network rather than your mobile data, since the files are huge in size and can easily eat up your data.

You can view your media downloads right from within the uTorrent application, since it has a built in media player. This application also has advertisements that could be annoying to some users. However, you can get rid of them by buying the paid version.


BitTorrent is another popular application for downloading torrents on Android, that is similar to  the uTorrent application. That is because both clients are owner by the same company. Just like uTorrent, it has all the basic features that we expect from any torrent client.

This application also has really simple and easy to navigate user interface. Everything is neatly organized so searching for things is not a problem. Despite being almost similar to uTorrent, it has its own distinctive features that set it apart.

BitTorrent comes with its own library of music and video that it acquires from independent artists. These music and videos are legal to use, as the artists themselves provide them. Like uTorrent, it also has advertisements, which as always can be removed through paid application.


TorrDroid is a relatively new torrent client, as it has all the necessary features of any mainstream torrent client. This client supports magnet links, Wi-Fi only downloads and torrent search. Users can download multiple torrent at the same time and filtering feature makes it quite easy to look for files.

This application is new therefore is pretty inconsistent in its functionality. Downloads might stop abruptly or even fail to download. However, the simple design does deserve at least a try. This application is also free to download, but does have advertisements, which can be removed by purchasing the paid version.


tTorrent is a reliable Android torrent downloading client. This client also offers the necessary torrenting features. The client allows you to search for torrent files from within the application, limit upload, download speeds, and schedule downloading.

This client comes with its own built in file browser, so you can easily search for your files. You can also customize the interface and choose between dark or light theme. Along with a file browser this client also has a built in web browser.

This client is also free to download but just like other free applications, it also has advertisements. But considering the reliability of this client it can be forgiven for that. However, if you want an ad free version then you can always opt for the paid version of tTorrent.


zetaTorrent is a cool torrent client for Android. The client has all the basic features along with one unique aspect. The application has a built-in browser with ad block feature. zetaTorrent is also very intelligent as it can automatically recognize files with .torrent extension. Basic features include bandwidth throttling, file management and Wi-Fi only mode.

This application is also particularly safer than other applications, as it allows you to put a passcode on it. This is especially perfect for people who want to keep their stuff private. zetaTorrent has a free version that has ads, however you can purchase a paid version to remove them.


FrostWire is a popular torrent client for Android with a fresh new look. The user interface is very simple yet very nice. Just like other clients in our list, FrostWire allows in app torrent search, magnet link support and search filtering.

Other features include a file browser and built-in music player so you can play your media right from the application. This application is open source and free to use. However, this application is just as if others have advertisements. The application works smooth and gets the job done without a hitch.

Supplementary tools When Downloading torrents on Android


Aside from a torrenting client, VPN, Antivirus and Wi-Fi connection is an absolute must when downloading torrents.

  1. VPN Service: Since torrents have a bad reputation for containing illegal contents. It is always a good idea to use a VPN service for torrenting. If you don’t use one and you’re in a region where torrenting is considered illegal then you can expect yourself to end up in hot waters. VPN services keep your information private and help you remain anonymous while torrenting.
  2. Antivirus program: Downloading torrents is always risky, due to their dubious nature. Hackers often inject malware in to seemingly harmless looking files. These files can steal your identity, sensitive information and in some cases even render your device useless. Therefore, even if you’re downloading torrents from a trusted source it is always a good idea to scan it with an Antivirus program prior to opening it. If the file is infected then it’s probably a good idea to delete the file immediately.
  3. Wi-Fi Connection: Cellular carriers don’t provide limit less data for downloading. Their plans are also much more expensive than your broadband connection. Therefore, it is always a good idea to restrict your torrent clients to download large torrent files through your Wi-Fi connection.

Download torrents on your Android phone


Downloading torrent to your Android phone is straightforward. Regardless of what torrent client you end up using, the download process is more or less the same. By choosing the magnet link of the torrent file you want to download, your torrent client should automatically popup and start downloading.

Now through the application you can view all the torrents currently present on your device. You can also view the progress of your downloads along with the number of seeders and peers associated with your particular file. Once your download completes, your files should show up in the designated folder.

Use the Data right away or seed?

Since torrenting community strongly believes in the pay it forward policy, therefore seeding is considered courteous. Although, you have received your file, if you stop seeding, other peers in the swarm are going to experience slow downloading speeds.

Therefore, it is imperative that you at least upload the same amount of data for other users that you downloaded. However, once you’re done uploading you can use your file in whichever way you like. One thing to keep in mind is that some files can contain malicious code; therefore, always scan it first with an Antivirus program.

Torrents on Android Reddit

Not everyone has the same Android device, almost every day a new device is released and others become outdated. With so many devices, not all clients are going to work perfectly. Fortunately, Reddit community has some good suggestions for Android torrent clients.


As mobile devices are becoming more and more powerful by each passing day, software developers are making their application mobile. There was a time where few megabytes of ram and a gigabyte of storage was considered out of this world.

However now a days we have mobile devices that can even outperform traditional computing machine like desktops and laptops. Thanks to this breakthrough in technology, more and more applications now have a mobile version.

Torrent clients are no exception either. Android users have a vast array of supported applications at their disposal. These applications work exactly like their desktop counter parts, therefore downloading torrents on Android is a seamless and enjoyable experience.

We hope you found our blog informative. Have we missed any torrent client? Let us know in the comments below, we would absolutely love to hear from you.