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The Mac operating system is the most desirable in the market. Innovative features and top-notch security makes it perfect for perfectionists. People often pay a premium for Mac machine when compared to Windows based PCs. No wonder most video editing and music production is done Mac.

Similar to PCs, there are torrent clients that enable you to download torrent on Mac through any popular torrenting site. Another popular notion that people seem to believe, is that Macs don’t get viruses and more over they can’t be hacked.

This is simply not true. Macs, like any other operating system, are vulnerable to malware attacks. This issue is also elevated when considering that you will be downloading torrents on your machine.

Torrenting in itself is criticized quite heavily. Part of the reason is that torrent sites distribute illegal copyrighted digital media.

How to Download a Torrent on Mac


Torrenting is simple to understand and use. Torrent files have ‘.torrent’ extensions that are small chunk of files distributed among many peers. These file are not downloaded traditionally, which involves a client and a server. Instead, they are downloaded and distributed by the users them self, referred to as seeders and leaches.

You can downloading torrents on Mac through any torrent client of your choice through our steps mentioned below. However, it is highly advised that you choose popular and trusted torrent clients. This way you can download all your favorite games, music and movies without any hassle.

  • Let’s get started! First download a Mac supported torrent client of your choice. However if you’re not sure which one to use, you can check out our blog on best torrent client to get started. For instructional purposes, we are using uTorrent for Mac, as most torrent clients are more or less similar.use-uTorrent-to-download-torrent-on-Mac
  • Once your torrent client downloads, double click the icon to launch the application for installation. During the installation process uTorrent and several torrent clients, try to install bloat wares like toolbars or optimization programs. You can simply uncheck the boxes if you don’t prefer
  • Now you’re all setup to download your very first torrent. Head on over to your favorite torrent site. If you’re not sure what Mac torrenting sites to use on your Mac, then you can check out our blog on the best torrent sites for Mac. Now look for the search bar that is usually located at the top of the web page. Then enter the keyword for the file that you wish to download. Like for example “21 jump street”.use-lime-torrents-to-download-torrent-on-Mac
  • Now see the results populating for the file you searched. Go through the list and decide which one you want to download. Always go for the file that has the most number of seeders, as it’s most likely to be error free. Another thing worth looking for are comments. People often leave comments under torrent files stating whether they are any good or not.
  • To download the torrent files you have two choices. Either use a magnet link or download the torrent file. Both options perform the same action so it doesn’t really matter which option you use. One thing to be aware of is that you will be downloading from a peer-to-peer system. The amount of file you download will also be uploaded for other users to download.
  • Now your torrent client will automatically start to download the file. The downloading speed depends upon the size of the file and the number of seeders. The more seeders a file has the faster it will download.check-progress-for-torrent-on-Mac
  • You can view the progress of your downloads through the torrent client. Once your download completes you can view the file in the completed

Best Torrenting Software’s for Mac

Torrent files are similar to your average games, programs, and music files and not something to feel overwhelmed by. All it requires is any torrent client and a working internet connection. Torrent clients easily manage and store your downloads in a neat and orderly fashion.

Just like Windows, there are many torrent clients for Mac operating as well. However, not all software works flawlessly, so the question is which ones are the best for your Mac, features and ease of use wise. To address this issue we are going to discuss some of the best torrent clients to download torrent on Mac in this blog.


uTorrent is one of the most popular torrent clients in the industry. The reason for its popularity can be contributed to its small size and the fact that it is not very resource hungry. Due to its small size, it can also be considered a portable client since you can carry it in a flash drive.

This torrent client allows users to search for torrents right with in the application itself, making it extremely convenient to use. uTorrent also has a slew of features under its sleeves, like scripting, remote control, automation and scheduling, not to mention tons of other features.

The client is also supported on multiple platforms, be it mobile or desktop and supports all major operating systems like Mac, Windows, Linux and Android. Therefore, no matter what device you use, you can always download and use torrent on Mac.


Transmission is another torrenting client for Mac. What sets this apart from other clients is that transmission was intentionally designed to work on Macs rather being optimized like other available clients.

Like all other Mac software, transmission is also very well optimized. This makes the client very light on your RAM. The client is also very easy to use, thanks to its simple user interface. Even though it is easy to use, it doesn’t mean it lacks in features.

Just like any other BitTorrent client, it has all the basic features like encryption, tracking, scheduling and much more. All these feature make it an ideal choice for torrent downloading on a Mac.


BitTorrent client for Mac is a great alternative to uTorrent. It has same features and user interface. Part of the reason is that it is just a revamped version of uTorrent. This client, like others in our list is very lightweight.

There are no advertisements so it should not hog up a lot of memory. This client also has all the basic features. However, it has one cool feature that allows the client to stream torrent. You can watch movies without even having to download it.

This torrent client is also supported on all the major operating systems like Windows, Mac and Android. Therefore, compatibility should not be an issue.


Deluge Is a feature packed torrenting client for Mac operating system. The slew of features makes this client a bit heavier than other client. Therefore, the over usability is going suffer a bit. But this definitely doesn’t mean that it’s a bad client by any mean.

On the contrary, the client has a huge support for all sorts of plugins that is really appreciated by more experienced torrent users. The client is cross platform meaning it will run on all major operating systems. Deluge can be used as a desktop application, browser application and with command line.


Vuze is also a really popular torrent client. This client is also very lightweight. As far as features are concerned, it has all the basic features that you expect from any good torrent client. You can search torrents directly from the Vuze application.

There is one feature which make Vuze really stand out among other clients and that is Web Remote. This feature allows you to remotely manage all your torrent downloads from anywhere around the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

You can also play media torrent files directly from within the application in high definition and in multiple file formats like AVI, XVID, and Quicktime with subtitle integration.


Nowadays, cross-platform software applications are common. Developers want to target more than one platform to increase their product reachability. Similarly, torrent clients are also designed to support multiple platforms and operating systems.

Downloading torrent on Mac is certainly possible, even though there is quite a bit of stigma surrounding Mac being extremely closed source. Many users that are accustomed to other operating systems have a general misconception that torrents are simply not compatible with Macs.

However, as we have seen in our blog that it is absolutely possible to torrent on your Mac machines. Popular torrenting software’s like Deluge, uTorrent, BitTorrent, Transmission and Vuze allow seamless downloading and management of torrent files.

We hope you found our blog informative. Let us know your favorite torrent clients for Mac in the comments below.