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Nothing beats Popcorn Time when it comes to watching Free Movies and TV Shows. What better way to watch Movies than Popcorn Time on Xbox One? This guide helps you install Popcorn Time on Xbox One so you can watch all the latest Movies and TV Shows instantly.

Popcorn Time Xbox One is installed using a Cast Screen method that can be achieved without breaking a sweat. However, always consider using a best vpn for Popcorn Time when viewing copyright material.

How to Install Popcorn Time on Xbox One

Popcorn Time on Xbox One is installed via two approaches. The first method requires an assistance of Android Phone, while the second method requires an assistance of Mac device. In both approaches, the Popcorn Time Xbox installation is performed with cast screen method.

Popcorn Time Xbox One via Android Phone

Popcorn Time on Xbox One is easily installed with a little help of an Android Phone, from where you will cast screen the Movie/TV Show onto your Xbox One. Follow the instructions below:


Step 1: Download the Popcorn Time App on your Android Phone

Step 2: Open the Popcorn Time App > Select a Movies/TV Show from the list

Step 3: Here you will a ‘Cast’ icon on the top-right corner, so click on it

Step 4: You will be presented with a list, so click on Xbox One. The Xbox One option will only appear if your Android device and Xbox One device is connected to a same network

Step 5: The Movies/TV Show will automatically appear on Xbox One > Happy streaming! Don’t forget to get an Xbox one VPN whenever you view copyright material.

Popcorn Time Xbox One via Mac

This method involves the use of Popcorn Time Mac on Xbox One. If you have a Mac, then you should begin installing Popcorn Time right away.


Step 1: Visit the Popcorn Time Website on your Mac

Step 2: Download the Popcorn Time app from the list

Step 3: Open the app > Choose a Movie/TV Show you like to view

Step 4: On the top-right corner, click on the Cast icon

Step 5: Select the device i.e. Mac but be sure that your Mac device and Xbox must be connected to the same network > Movie/TV Show will appear on Xbox > Enjoy streaming!

How to Install Popcorn Time on Xbox 360

Installing Popcorn Time on Xbox 360 follows the same process as highlighted for Xbox One. As you did for Xbox One, you need to visit the Popcorn Time website, download and open the app, click on the Cast icon and you’re good to stream.


Popcorn Time Xbox One Controller

There is no specific controller to run Popcorn Time on Xbox One, but rather a standard controller that could navigate the contents on the app. However, you can also control which Movie or TV Show to watch view your Android or iOS device when using the cast screen method as described above.


Popcorn Time Xbox One App

Popcorn Time Xbox One app is now available on GitHub, which has been developed by its original creator. On the internet you will find various clone apps for Popcorn Time that works exactly the same as the original. However, you don’t know whether the cloned app hides a malware inside its setup installer. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Popcorn Time Download

Popcorn Time is easily installed on any device using Popcorn Time app. You can also try installing the Popcorn Time Mobile if you happen to have Android device.

Popcorn Time Xbox One Not Working/Issues/Problems

Xbox One users may sometimes face problems when either installing or using Popcorn Time. We have collected and summarized those problems with their solutions to provide our readers the ease-of-use.

Popcorn Time Xbox One Failed to Stream

Whenever you are unable to stream Popcorn Time on Xbox One, you need to consider checking your internet connection. Xbox One users often face this problem when using the casting screen method. It is a possibility that one of the device is not connected to the same network, or refreshing the app on your Android or iOS device may fix the problem. Often than not you’ll hear users complaining Popcorn Time won’t stream to Xbox One, so now you know the solution.

Popcorn Time Failed to Find Xbox One

It is impossible to detect Xbox One device when either of the device is not on the same network. This needs to be rectified because the Popcorn Time app will not appear on the Xbox One screen if they are not connected to the same network. Also check on the internet connection while doing it so.

Playback Error

This problem occurs when there are some issues with the Xbox One, as a result the streams would not play. Check the gaming console or you could also check if the same problem persist when playing other video files or screen casting other apps. You can try casting the app again to see if the error is avoided.


Popcorn Time Xbox One is the perfect blend for users who loves to watch free Movies or use popcorn time on smart TV. Popcorn Time instantly plays a video on-demand in HD quality and all the latest media content there is on the internet. You never have to pay anything except for getting a VPN. It is necessary to hide your online identity while viewing copyright material, and nothing does better than a VPN service. Not only it will keep you anonymous, but it will also keep online hackers and cybercriminals at bay.