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When it comes to watching your favorite media content be it movies or TV shows, nothing comes close to Popcorn Time. This famous media streaming service allows you to enjoy next level free media streaming experience from anywhere.

If you add Popcorn time along with Roku in your media armory, it literally adds some much-needed spice to your streaming cravings. Through our guide, we will allow you how to install Popcorn Time on Roku according to your own needs.

What is Roku?

Roku is a region blocked streaming device that allows the users to watch their favorite movies and TV shows within the US only. This is because you cannot access to your desired channel on Roku. Therefore, you need to rely on VPN for Roku to overcome geo-limitations hassles outside the US.

You can plug Roku into your TV through HDMI cable. This cable is already connected to your TV to the Roku. The device is then connected to the internet through wireless or wired internet connection. The service downloads the video from the internet you can watch on your TV later on.


How to Install Popcorn Time on Roku?

The task of installing Popcorn Time is an interesting one. This is because it only needs your common sense and that is all. Here is the list of steps you can follow:

Step 1:

Download the Plex Media server app

Step 2:

After downloading the app, you should install the app

Step 3:

Now, you must open the app

Step 4:

You should explore the Popcorn Time channel,

Step 5:

Once you have explored the channel, install it

Step 6:

Open your Roku device and install Plex

Step 7:

Connect both devices with each other and enjoy watching your desired media content on Popcorn Time

However, you should make sure to redirect the Popcorn Time media files to the same Plex Media server directory. By doing so, you can go to another device as the Popcorn Time is already running. Thus, you can watch movies or TV shows that are available on Plex Roku app.


How to Stream Popcorn Time on Roku?

The same goes for streaming Popcorn Time on Roku through casting the screen of your computer or laptop to the device. Still, you need to make sure that you are connected on the same network. Here is the list of steps you should follow:

  • Turn on your Roku device and TV
  • You should press the “Windows Key + P” to find the ‘Easy Display Switcher’ menu
  • Now choose ‘Roku’ and wait for your system to connect
  • When a prompt message appears on your screen, click the “Accept” button
  • The Roku device will begin receiving the screen cast from your system
  • You can observe a mirror image of your system on the Roku device and TV
  • Now open Popcorn Time and choose your preferred movie or TV show you want to watch


How to Setup Popcorn Time on Roku using Mac OS?

Likewise, you can follow the same above-mentioned procedure to use Popcorn Time on Roku through Mac OS. However, you need to consider a difference before setting up Popcorn Time on Roku through Mac. The difference lies in the form of relevant Plex app for Mac.


You can download the app from iTunes app to perform the screen-mirroring Mac task to Roku. This is how you can put your Mac and your Roku device on the same router channel to achieve your objective. Once you hit the “Mirror” button, you are able to setup Popcorn Time on Roku through Mac OS.

Alternatives of Popcorn Time Roku

Fortunately, you can explore Popcorn Time alternatives from anywhere hassle-free. If you want to access Roku Popcorn Time alternatives, here is the list of substitutes that includes:


Channels on Popcorn Time Roku

After installing the Popcorn Time channel on Roku through Plex, you can discover your preferred media content instantly. Even you can unblock all plex channels with the help of Plex VPN. Hence, you do not need to find a detailed list of media broadcasters anymore. Thus, you are able to watch all your favorite movies and TV shows from the Popcorn Time app straightaway.


Private Channels on Popcorn Time Roku

Luckily, you can watch Popcorn Time Roku channels by the help of using Roku channels list. This is because Popcorn Time itself does not offer a list of private channels to the users. Here is the list of Popcorn Time Roku channels that includes:

  • Nowhere Music
  • Nowhere Tweet
  • Nowhere News
  • Bloomberg News Live
  • NBC Nightly News and CBS News archives
  • Relax TV
  • Wilderness Channel and others


How Can I Use Plex to Watch Popcorn Time Content on Roku HDMI Stick?

The task of using Plex to watch Popcorn Time content on Roku HDMI stick is straightforward and does not need any rocket science. If you are able to develop a third party channel, you can attain your objective straightaway.


Interestingly, you may find settings option on Popcorn Time. Furthermore, when you open Popcorn Time settings option, you can change the settings preferences accordingly. There is one option cache folder available in the settings menu.

You should change this cache folder to a folder where you want your Popcorn Time software to store the movies or TV series. By doing so, your Popcorn Time software will download your desired movies or TV shows in this folder.

You should head towards your Plex server preferences to create a library in this folder. This is how you can opt Plex to Watch Popcorn Time content on Roku HDMI stick.

Popcorn Time on Roku Reddit

Reddit is one of the most useful social media platforms you can opt to figure out the relationship between Roku and Popcorn Time. Yes, you have read it right. It means you can install Popcorn Time on Roku according to your own terms.

There are Reddit users those who want to access the Popcorn Time channel. Here is the response of the user:

Fortunately, another Reddit user responded to solve the query of Popcorn Time user:

After following the comment of the user, the Popcorn Time follower was able to resolve the Popcorn Time channel queries instantly.

Popcorn Time on Roku Twitter

Twitter is another interactive platform where you can find Popcorn Time users who want to use the service on Roku. Here is the question Popcorn Time fan asking from other users:

Similarly, there is another Twitter follower suggesting Popcorn Time offers free online streaming of movies.

Wrapping Up

We expect you would appreciate our how to install Popcorn Time on Roku guide. Finally, you can take a big sigh of relief since our guide allows you to accomplish your streaming cravings accordingly. Likewise, you can watch all your favorite media content through Roku Popcorn Time combination hassle-free.

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