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Nowadays, the term torrent is often associated with illegal downloads. In fact, popular music, movies, and games are downloaded illegally by millions of people every day around the globe. Sites like The Pirate Bay are infamous for hosting copyright protected digital content on their sites.

Government agencies are at constant war with these sites, taking them down by imposing hefty fines and legal notices. Experienced torrent users know exactly that torrenting can be a messy business. One wrong move and you can find yourself in a slew of notices and fines. This is why you should never download torrents without using a VPN for torrenting.

Downloading torrents is amazing but risky. However, most people do not realize that there is a legal way of downloading torrents. There are legal torrent sites that have movies, games, music and other contents, which are copyright free. However, identifying these websites can be challenging.

Therefore, we have created a comprehensive list of legal torrenting sites that are completely free to use and copyright free. These sites only host legally obtained torrents, so you can download any torrent without worrying about a thing.

15 Best Legal Torrent Sites 2019

One thing worth mentioning before we begin is that these websites do not have latest releases. The reason for that is most files are either open source or old enough that their proprietors do not update their copyright policies. For the sake of convenience, we are going to divide these sites in to categories.

Movies, TV Shows & Documentaries

These sites are prefect for watching old time classic movies, TV shows and independent films that are hard to find anywhere else on the web. Watching old movies and TV shows should get you reminiscing about the good old days. So, let’s start!



Vodo is a great website for independent content creators. The site has great collection of over 200 independently created movies and films. Unlike YouTube, these are full-fledged independent movies from aspiring movie producers. These contents are completely free to stream and download for anyone. If you feel generous then you can fund independent artists of your choice through donation.

Public Domain Torrents


In a world where people are chasing everything new, sometimes it is great to stop and appreciate the good old stuff. Public domain torrents is one such website. This site has a huge collection of classical and B movies. Some of the content is super old dating back to the early 19th century. The site also gets frequent updates, so you have something new to watch every time you tune in. Best of all everything on the site is free to download.



Vuze, which was previously known as Azureus, is a great hub of legal torrents. Besides being an awesome torrent client, Vuze is a great legal torrenting site. You can find TV shows, movies, documentaries and even TED talks. Vuze can be used either through their site or through a client. Regardless of which one you use, both are very well designed and all the content is divided in to neat categories for easy access.

Miro Guide


Miro Guide is an independent internet TV playing service. The Miro Guide client has a built-in feature for searching content through BitTorrent protocol. The program is open source and has a decent directory of legal torrents.

Alongside audio and Video, Miro Guide lets, you listen to podcasts related to different topics in multiple languages. The site has very simple and easy to use interface with various categories listed right on main screen. Therefore, you can look for new contents under categories like Top rated, editor’s picks, HD and many more.

Internet Archive


Internet Archive is quite similar to public domain torrents. This site also has some of the most hard to find content on the web. The site has tons of old movies and TV shows which are arranged in to different categories depending on their genres.

You can find all sorts of movies like horror, comedy, sci-fi and many more without paying a dime. The only down side to this site is that the interface is quite horrendous, which make looking for stuff very challenging.

Music, Podcasts & Videos

Just like legal torrent sites for watching movies and TV shows, there are quite a lot of websites for streaming free legal music and original podcasts.



Bitlove is a great site for listening to free music and podcasts. The site has a huge collection of 1800 audio and over 200 videos. The site contents are available in multiple languages and organized in to alphabetical order, which makes it very easy to look for stuff.

If you are in to podcasting then this site is perfect for you. You can share your own ideas and thoughts through the power of podcast. If you are worried about integrity then Bitlove has got you covered with their SHA1 hashes.



Jamendo is one of the largest music listening source in the torrent world. The site has a massive collection of music with over half a million tracks offered by 40,000 individual producers from all across the world. All the content uploaded on this site fall under creative common license (CCL), therefore are free to listen.

Jamendo also has a free internet radio feature, which allows you to listen to all type of music from various genres freely. This site is great for people who want to interact with other aspiring musicians.



Etree is a great website for watching live concert videos that you might have missed. This site has a great collection of legal torrents from both new and old era. Recorded concerts are legal to stream since artists do not restrict fans from filming and sharing concert footages.

Etree manages its content in a very ergonomic manner by showing the name of the artist and the size of the file. There is also a handy little search feature which works wonders. One thing worth mentioning is that the footage is not going to be great since fans record most of them.

This is another great legal torrent site for music lovers. gives independent musicians a platform to share their music with the world. The site is very easy to use and all of the music available is free to download by anyone.

SXSW Torrent


SXSW or more formerly known as South by Southwest is a very famous festival, which is held every year in the great state of Texas. This festival hosts thousands of performers at a time making it a largest of its kind. The SXSW Torrents website was specifically designed to cover all the artists performing at the festival and provide a complete compilation of it.

Doing so the website has now racked up 50 gigabytes of archived data comprising of around 10,000 songs. Some of the songs in the collection are even a decade old. All the songs on the website are also free to download or stream.

BitTorrent Now


Over the last few years, BitTorrent has stepped in to the realm of legal media promotion. The site is now competing with Soundcloud and Spotify. This site promotes music and videos from independent artists. The site has become quite popular thanks to the backing of some very well-known artists like Camp Lo and Mobb Deep.


Although you can find legal games on these sites, they are not new. Regardless of that, you can still find old school retro games. You can also find patches and mods for various popular games.

TAS Videos


TAS Videos is a site, which is primarily focused on gamers. As we know there are many speed run events organized throughout the world, which require users to end a game in the least amount of time. TAS Videos has detailed run through videos of classical games, which are produced by other gamers.

These videos allow new gamers to know every detail of the game and potentially improve their gameplay. Users can search for particular videos through the search feature or browse through featured categories like newest submission, latest publication and the vault.


You will not be able to find mainstream software like Photoshop or Fruity loops on these sites. However, there are still some great open source software’s that can satisfy your needs.

Legit Torrents


Legit torrents offer only legal torrents like its name suggests. This site is not only for software’s as it is an all-rounder. Just like The Pirate Bay, this site has torrent from every category. You can find open source games, movies, music and some great software.

This site has a particularly large repository of official patches and mods contributed by other users. Finding stuff on this website can be a bit difficult since the search filters are quite primitive.

You do not need to register with this site to download stuff, however if you want to contribute to the site then you will need to create an account.

Linux Tracker


Not a lot of people use Linux operating system but those who do know how important Distros can be. Linux tracker helps users find Distros of their choice. This site not only help users find Distros but provide them with everything Linux. The site has been supporting Linux users for over 12 years now and it does not seem that it is going anywhere anytime soon.


This may sound comical, but a good chunk of people on the internet use torrents for educational purposes as well.

Academic Torrents


Research analysts require many data sets to drive a conclusive result to be published in their research reports. Fortunately, Academic torrents have around 25TB of research material provided by various researchers and scholars from around the world. This huge amount of data sets, research papers and courses are free to use by anyone since it is legally uploaded on their site.

Legal Torrent Sites Reddit

While legal torrenting sites are great for downloading torrents legally, people on Reddit do not seem to agree.

Legal Torrent Sites FAQ

While the general public has some idea of torrents, not a lot know about legal torrenting. However, we feel that some if the basics need to be covered in this blog.

Is it legal to use BitTorrent?

Well the answer is “Yes” and “No”. Using BitTorrent to download copyrighted digital media is off course illegal. Doing so can get you in a lot of trouble. However, using BitTorrent to download torrents from legal torrent sites is legal and won’t get you in trouble.

Why people download torrent illegally?

The simple answer is that people love free stuff. Who would want to pay for listening to music or downloading games, when you can get it for free. Now off course there are some people who genuinely want to purchase stuff legally, however when they are not able to use a trial version they opt for illegal torrents instead.


Legal torrent sites are a welcome addition to the torrenting world. These sites cannot offer content that some illegal torrent sites can offer, simply due to the fact that legal torrent are far less in number than illegal torrents.

Still legal torrent sites does have its benefits, for one you do not have to worry about copyright infringements or other legal notices. All the contents on these sites are willingly provided by a community of individuals who believe in the freedom of digital content.