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Although torrenting is not completely illegal, it definitely falls into a grey area. Unless you don’t share anyone else’s intellectual property, you are technically safe. However, such is not the case since the majority of torrenters use P2P technology to share copyrighted digital contents.

Despite legalities, most torrenters simply use online cloaking tools like VPNs instead of avoiding them altogether.

Speaking of VPNs I stumbled upon a rather low-key VPN service that claimed to support P2P on their servers, however ironically this is the case with many VPNs, therefore, I decided to find out for myself if it actually lives up to its claims.

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Torrenting Servers Offered by IPVanish

Although IPVanish claims to support P2P, you must understand at what cost. You see… unlike other VPN giants like Nord and Express, IPVanish does not offer any dedicated torrenting servers.

Now you might be wondering how you can download torrents with it, well you have to use IPVanish’s Socks5 proxy servers. This is because none of their 1000+ encrypted servers are optimized for torrenting.


The worst part about it is that there is only one proxy server and that is located in the Netherlands. This means if you are located anywhere besides the European Union you are definitely going to have a hard time downloading torrents quickly.

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IPVanish Features that Support Torrenting

Now I did gave IPVanish a hard time when it comes to P2P servers, however feature wise it is pretty advance. I remember the last time I used this VPN service was in 2015 and comparing it now I can see a night and day difference both in features and UI.

Kill switch, Nat firewall and IPV6 Leak protection are all a welcoming sight to see in IPVanish and a must have feature if you want to download torrents. If you are not aware of what these features are then ill briefly describe them below.

Kill switch: This features automatically aborts your internet connection in case of VPN malfunction.

Nat firewall: This feature blocks all unwanted inbound network traffic.

IPV6 Leak protection: This feature is self-explanatory and prevents your network from leaking your default IP.

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How to integrate IPVanish’s SOCKS5 Proxy with uTorrent

IPVanish’s Socks5 proxy is quite flexible in a sense that it supports both BitTorrent traffic and your regular HTTP web traffic. This makes it perfect for users who do not want to carry extra burden of encryption algorithms and simply want to mask their IP.

Setting it up is simple too; all you need is an IPVanish subscription and a uTorrent client.

  1. First things first start up your uTorrent client and navigate first to Options and then to preferences
  2. Now you should see connection on the left hand side of the screen.
  3. In the connections window select Type as Sock5 underneath Proxy server.
  4. Now you need to enter this address where it says Proxy.
  5. Enter 1080 where it says Port.
  6. Now deselect all the options under Listening Port while enabling Authentication underneath Proxy server.
  7. Finally enter you IPVanish Proxy credentials and you are done.


IPVanish Torrenting Reddit

While I am definitely not satisfied with IPVanish over the lack of P2P severs, I found another annoying issues associated with this VPN. Well for one they are operating out U.S and one Redditer was adamant that they do keep user logs.

IPVanish claims ‘0 log policy’ busted for logging everything and giving logs to feds from Piracy

IPVanish Torrenting Twitter

If you look up “IPVanish problems” on Twitter, you will be surprised by how many tweets related to issues popup.

One user mentioned how frequent connection problems are with IPVanish and it seems he is not the only one facing the issue.


Comparing IPVanish with other VPNs


Wrapping up!

All and all I think IPVanish is perfect for bypassing geo restrictions and anonymizing IPs. However, when it comes to actual torrenting capabilities IPVanish torrenting VPN is seriously lacking behind the competition. For a lack of better words, there are no dedicated P2P servers for anonymous torrenting nor is there a good selection of proxy servers.

With that said torrenting without encryption is a major turnoff for me and potentially for anyone who is hoping to secure their privacy with IPVanish.

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