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Who does not love to watch a good TV show from time to time, after all, it is the most widely adopted leisure activity in the world. Peaky Blinders, Supernatural and The Big Band Theory are amongst the most watched shows in the world.

However, in order to watch these awesome shows, you need some sort of subscription plan, which can be a bit expensive.

This is where sites like EZTV come in to play.

EZTV is an online torrenting site specifically catered towards offering latest and greatest TV shows which makes it perfect for couch potatoes like me.

In this blog, I have compiled a huge list of working EZTV proxy and EZTV mirror sites that should aid you in getting EZTV unblocked.

A Little Info on EZTV

about-EZTV-Proxy-and-mirror-sitesBefore I take you through some of the amazing EZTV proxies, it is best that I first educate you on what EZTV is and why is it so famous.

As the name suggests, EZTV is a torrenting site specialized in offering pirated copies of the latest trending TV shows. Even though it is a torrenting site, it does not offer just any old torrents files; in fact, it has a decent community of torrenters dedicated to offering community approved torrent files.

Speaking of community, EZTV has a forum section where community members can discuss site related issues and even request for desired TV shows. This is probably why this site is so popular among the torrent community.

Although the EZTV site went down in 2014, it did make a comeback with two new domain names and However, even these domains are no longer accessible, as the site has yet again changed it to

With that said, even the current domain name of EZTV is still inaccessible in many countries.

Now all these varying domain names might sound confusing, however, with the help of proxy and mirror sites you can easily get EZTV unblocked.

How EZTV Torrent Works?

how-EZTV-proxy-workBeing just like any other torrent site, EZTV works pretty much in the same way. The site uploads latest working torrent files to their servers with appropriate links for easy download. All of the links are pre-assessed and approved by the community so you can be rest assured you are only getting the best files.

In order to download a torrent file from EZTV, simply use the magnet links or the torrent download button to add the file to your desired BitTorrent client. In order to maintain a good seed/peer ratio, you must seed the downloaded torrent file.

In order to seed, torrents simply leave the downloaded file in your torrent client; it will automatically upload the newly downloaded torrent file for other peers to enjoy.

That is it! this is how EZTV torrents work.


Get EZTV Unblocked Through Proxies & EZTV Mirror Sites

use-EZTV-Proxy-to-unblock-EZTVEven though EZTV is such a convenient torrent site it is sadly blocked in many countries around the world. Now obviously this is done to get rid of content piracy. However, I still feel there should be a way to watch online content without having to pay for subscriptions. Fortunately, proxy and mirror sites are capable of offering just that.

Now you can find multiple proxy sites for EZTV on Google, however, not all of them are going to work for you. This is because just like torrent sites, many working proxy and mirror sites are also taken down on regular basis.

Luckily after digging around a bit, I have compiled a list of only the best working EZTV proxy and mirror sites for you guys.

Proxy & Mirror SitesStatus

Proxies not working? Try a VPN!

If-EZTV-Proxy-dont-work-simply-use-a-VPNAs I said before, not all proxy sites work, in fact, many of them are either full of malware or just unstable. Now I am not saying all proxies are bad, in fact, the list of proxies mentioned above work just fine, however, their lifespan is what worries me.

This is why one proxy site that might be working fine today might not work tomorrow.

Now do not freak out if proxies are not working for you because they can be easily substituted with a VPN for torrenting.

A VPN is a Virtual private network that encrypts your unprotected internet connection. This way all of your network requests be it inbound or outbound will be anonymized, meaning you can access EZTV.

In addition to geo-lock bypassing, a VPN will also keep you and your private data out of the reach of any online snoops.

Some of the most recommended VPN services for EZTV are listed below.

VPN ProvidersPrice ($)Special DealsMore Info
Best Affordable VPN
$2.95 Per Month
Best Budget Service
$1.99 Per Month
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$2.99 Per Month
Best for Private Browsing
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Wrapping up!

In this blog, we have discussed what EZTV is, how it works and some awesome EZTV proxy sites that should help you unblock the site regardless of where you might reside. All of the proxies and EZTV mirror sites mentioned above are working as of now, however, their validity cannot be guaranteed.

If you cannot access any of the proxies mentioned above then do give some of the VPN services discussed in this blog a try.

In case you want to avoid proxy sites then simply check out some of the best EZTV alternative sites.