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I don’t know how many of you have used ExtraTorrent in the past but it was once the most popular torrent site in the industry.

With millions of verified torrents and equally hefty fan following, ExtraTorrent was everyone’s go-to the site.

Yet despite all the traffic the site got, it still voluntarily ended it service. Although one can speculate that they might have done it due to legal pressure, however, it is still unclear.

It’s now been almost a year since ExtraTorrent went down and there’s still no sign of it coming back.

That said:

There is a way you can still access all the cool torrents that ExtraTorrent had to offer.


Through ExtraTorrent unblocked proxy and mirror sites of course. In this blog, I’ll list some of the absolute working ExtraTorrent proxy sites and also tell you about a super-secret new ExtraTorrent domain.

ExtraTorrent 2019 is back?


If you’ve Googled for ExtraTorrents website lately and found a site that looked eerily similar to the official site, don’t get excited, it’s not official.

Ever since ExtraTorrent download went underground, many new sites started popping up.

Although copycat sites only have a slightly tweaked domain name, neither nor are official.

That is because the officially redirected new domain of ExtraTorrent isn’t that easy to find. However, soon after the site closed, they mentioned a link to the new domain along with a farewell message.

Domain changes are nothing new. In fact, it’s a common practice to lose heat.

If you’re dying to know the official new domain, it’s Even though the new domain is working at the moment, it does become unavailable from time to time.

Having said, this shouldn’t be an issue for you because I’m also going to cover proxy and mirror sites for it.

Is ExtraTorrent Down At The Moment?


Well obviously the predecessor to is still down, however, the new domain is up and running. In fact, I also verified it through

As you might have already noticed, the new domain does have a tendency to become unavailable from time to time.

If it becomes temporarily unavailable in the future, just use one of the proxies listed below in this blog.

What Are Proxies & ExtraTorrent Proxy?


In case you don’t know what on earth is an ExtraTorrent Proxy or what are proxy sites in general, don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

A proxy site works like an intermediary between you and the site you want to visit.

In case of ExtraTorrent proxy list, you guessed it, it allows users to download the same content as the official site. Be it cracked games, movies, music, you can literally have it all.

Having said that:

Proxy sites often have their drawbacks. With ExtraTorrent proxies, I’ve often noticed either incomplete or malware riddled files. They also contain too many obtrusive advertisements, sometimes even indecent.

If you have a VPN for torrenting in hand, it’s much better to use the official website then to rely on proxies or mirror sites.

ExtraTorrent 2019 Proxy / Mirror

Now for the part, you’ve all been waiting for. However, before I proceed, I must warn you some of the ExtraTorrent proxy sites mentioned below might either contain viruses or might not work at all.

ExtraTorrent All ProxyStatus

How Do Proxies Work With Torrents?


Let’s face it, not everyone wants to spend money on a VPN service. Even though Virtual private networks are quite affordable and an absolute necessity for torrents, most people are still too reluctant to use it.

This is where proxy sites come in. Most popular torrent sites like Yify, LimeTorrents and even RARBG all have their own proxy sites available.

The result:

You get unrestricted access to your favorite torrent sites. Even if the site gets blocked or taken down in your region, you’ll still be able to download all your favorite torrent files.

That said, Proxy/mirror sites do contain viruses or even corrupted files, so make sure you proceed with caution and have an antivirus software by your side.

Why Can’t I Access ExtraTorrent?


The reason why users can’t access ExtraTorrent may vary from user to user. However, the number one reason why ExtraTorrent might be unavailable for you could have something to do with your ISP.

If you region block torrents sites like ExtraTorrent, you pretty much have no way of accessing the site without a VPN or a proxy site.

Another reason could be your firewall. If a site has a bad IP, your browser will restrict you from accessing it.

Lastly, ExtraTorrent might be temporarily down. This is the most common issue after geo blocks.

If you can’t access ExtraTorrent. Be patient, clear your browser cache and try accessing it through either a VPN or ExtraTorrent proxies mentioned above.

Note: If you still can’t access the site and want a torrent replacement. Make sure you check out ExtraTorrent alternatives.

ExtraTorrent 2018 Dubbed Blockbuster Movies


Aside from downloading the latest games and music, ExtraTorrent also offers the latest blockbuster movies. This isn’t anything new. In fact, many torrent sites nowadays offer pirated movies. However, one thing that most torrent sites down offer is dubbed movies.

Yup that right!

You can find tons of the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies in many languages.

If you want to watch movies in your native language, let’s say English, Arabic, Hindi, Russian and even Spanish, there’s no better site than ExtraTorrent.

I’m also going to list some of the trending dubbed movies available on proxy ExtraTorrent down below.

  • Blood Brother 2018
  • Thugs of Hindustan 2018
  • Venom
  • The Predator
  • Dead in a Week Or Your Money Back
  • Claus 2018
  • Cargo 2018
  • They Shall Not Grow Old 2018
  • The Dawn Wall

Wrapping up!

So there you have it, folks, this was my take on the ExtraTorrent proxy. The proxy list mentioned above is the largest you’ll find anywhere else. Besides that, all the proxies mentioned in my list are absolutely working as of now, so you’ll no problem accessing Extertorrentz.

I hope you found this blog informative, do let me know which ExtraTorrent sites and ExtraTorrent mirrors worked for you in the comments below.