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Are you eager to download torrents from on-demand torrent site “Bitsnoop”? If yes, then this guide will show you how to unblock Bitsnoop safely from anywhere.

Unblocking Restrictions on Bitsnoop

  1. Using a VPN
  2. Alternative Method 

Bitsnoop has grabbed the attention of all the torrent fans from all over the world in no time. The famous torrent search engine allows you to explore your desired torrents straightaway.

The efficient torrent search engine provides a list of compelling features that make Bitsnoop first choice of torrents lovers. If you are contemplating how to download torrents from Bitsnoop or looking ways on how to unblock Bitsnoop, read our guide.

In this guide, you will attain the answer of your question that relates to the notion “Bitsnoop unblocked” in detail.

What Bitsnoop is all about?

The gigantic torrent search engine “Bitsnoop” has the honor of being largest torrent indexer around the world. While Bitsnoop is praised by millions of torrent-lovers worldwide, it keeps torrent-legacy alive by offering over 24 million torrents from 370 sites estimating about 29PB of files. Torrenters can find and download exclusive shows and movies from Bitsnoop, including HBO Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, West World, Mr. Robot, Arrow and much more.

However, Bitsnoop is banned in many countries including the UK, Portugal, US and more. The ban is imposed due to infringing nature of Bitsnoop. Using the best VPN for Portugal, you can unblock Bitsnoop in Portuguese region. Moreover, in this guide, we will show you how to safely unblock and access Bitsnoop with a VPN from any destination. After reading this guide, you will be able to download your favorite shows from Bitsnoop without any trouble.


1. Best Torrent VPN to Get Bitsnoop Unblocked from UK, US and other Countries

When it comes to evaluating best torrent VPN that allow secure torrenting, there are different factors. You can consider these factors in the form of reliable anonymity, Internet Kill Switch, secure OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec protocols, dedicated servers for streaming torrents and others.

Using one of the following VPN services, you will be able to download unlimited torrents of movies, games, shows and software safely from Bitsnoop and other torrent sites. Here is the list of best VPN for torrenting that allow you to unblock Bitsnoop from anywhere.

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Is Bitsnoop safe?

A large number of users have inquired on internet about safety and reliability of Bitsnoop. To provide a clear-cut response, we assessed Bitsnoop on Google Safe Browsing and eventually, Google declared Bitsnoop as Not Dangerous.unblock bitsnoop

But Hold On! This doesn’t secure users against ISP notices and Copyright trolls. As whenever a user downloads or shares a file using Bitsnoop, his IP address becomes visible to copyright owner and law enforcement agencies. The IP address is then used to identify actual location of the user, resulting in copyright infringement notices. In this way, users face hefty fines, penalties and even serve time in prison for using Bitsnoop. A VPN in this situation acts as the safest and fastest solution to access Bitsnoop safely.

How Does VPN help in Getting Bitsnoop Unblocked?

Now, if you’re wondering about how does VPN protect you while seeding and leeching torrents? Then, a VPN in first place encrypts your entire network traffic and routes it through a secure tunnel. This makes ISPs and Copyright trolls unable to see any of your torrenting activities. As a result, you achieve one-touch access to torrents of millions of movies, games, softwares, favorite videos and more media. Also, a VPN helps in evading state-sponsored censorship on various sites and streaming services.

Bitsnoop Free Download for Movies

Bitsnoop is relatively a fresher among torrent sites, but Bitsnoop doesn’t compromise even a bit when it comes to media offerings. Along with an appealing interface and impressive search ability, Bitsnoop offers over 1.2 million certified torrents including top rated movies and shows. Users can explore and download torrents of Doctor Strange, Avatar, Suicide Squad, Batman vs. Superman, The Jungle Book, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Great Wall and more popular movies on Bitsnoop.

Bitsnoop Search Engine for Games

Apart from movies, shows and trending videos, Gamers find Bitsnoop as a one-stop solution to download latest games. The site offers a dedicated section for games, where users find torrent of action, adventure, simulator, fantasy and sports games. Also, while examining Bitsnoop, we didn’t found any malicious or infected gaming file. But, we suggest users to always use a VPN for accessing Bitsnoop, as downloading legal games through torrent can end up in receiving infringement notices.

Bitsnoop for PC Software

A PC equipped with right set of softwares is an opportunity to get the best. With handy softwares and applications installed on your system, you can accomplish tasks like designing, budgeting and activities management easily. Bitsnoop offers a vast range of softwares, where users can download premium version of Antivirus, Download Manager, Designing, Engineering and more softwares.

2. Alternate Method – Other Than VPN

Fortunately, the torrent users can opt another unblocking Bitsnoop method hassle-free. Yes, you have read it right. All you need to do is to access Bitsnoop through IP address directly. By using Bitsnoop’s IP address, you can unblock Bitsnoop instantly. Here is how you can do to obtain your objective:
• Configure your computer or system to use a predefined IP address when you want to access Bitsnoop
• You have to edit the so called host file to attain a predefined IP address
• On Windows, it’s “C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc\hosts”. On Mac OS X it’s “/etc/hosts”.
• Open this file through text editor on your computer and add the subsequent lines to it
Hence, you can unblock and access Bitsnoop on your devices accordingly.

Final Words

Bitsnoop is surely one of the fastest growing torrent sites. With over 1.2 million of certified torrent files, Bitsnoop offers an exclusive range of media to torrenters around the world. Let it be top-rated movies, latest games, popular songs or your favorite TV series; you can download them all from Bitsnoop.

We expect you would appreciate our guide on Bitsnoop unblocked in simple steps. After exploring our guide, you would be able to get the answer of your question how to unblock Bitsnoop hassle-free.

However, strict copyright laws and privacy regimes have penalized many torrenters in the UK, US, Canada, India and more regions. Under such restrictions, VPN has proven to be the safest and most viable solution to access Bitsnoop from any corner of the world. Also, the VPN services mentioned earlier offer secure features, robust tunneling protocols, top-grade encryption for maximum torrenting security.