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If you’ve searched specifically for BitComet review, then I am sure you know a thing or two about torrents and how frustrating they can be at times. Not only the need to worry about having a stable internet connection but also worry about your torrent client mysteriously bailing out on you.

Trust me we’ve all been there.

Even though there are many reputable torrent clients on the internet. However, having dealt with them personally I can’t say they are worth a try. With that said, there is one particular torrent client that really stole the show and it goes by the name of BitComet.

In this blog, I’m going discuss BitComet and why exactly you should consider replacing your current torrent client with it, ASAP.

Advantages and Disadvantages of BitComet

Before we get to the advantages and disadvantages of BitComet, I feel like I should give you guys an overview of the application.

BitComet is a famous free P2P file-sharing client specifically designed for rapid file distribution. Unlike other torrent clients, BitComet offers a bit more additional features. Speaking of which, it has a built in virus scanner, which we all know how useful it can be when dealing with unpredictable torrent files.

However, the features don’t really end there. BitComet offers multiple simultaneous downloading, DHT networks, selective bandwidth throttling, que management, IP filtering and Proxies. Beside that, it even downloads your files in to separate folders for easy and convenient file management.

With that said, even though BitComet has many advantages, it does come with few annoying caveats, which I am going to list below.


  • Supports torrent generation
  • Clean user interface
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Custom weekly bandwidth management feature
  • Advertisement free
  • built in virus scanner


  • Only compatible with Windows operating system
  • Does not have a built in web browser

How to Setup BitComet

Setting up BitComet torrent client is super simple and only takes a couple of steps.

  1. First things first, head on to the BitComet website and download the setup file for the Windows client. The setup file is only 15.5 MB so it should not take long to download.
  2. Once the setup downloads, simply go through the installation wizard to install it like any other Widows application. Do not forget to install its browser extension too, which you can find during the installation process.
  3. Now simply launch the application, choose a torrent file and enjoy torrenting conveniently.

What’s the user interface experience like?


As I said, BitComet is probably the cleanest and easiest torrent client to use in the industry today. The interface might seem jarring at first, however if you have torrented as long as I have, I can assure you it is not difficult to operate at all.

The user interface of BitComet is essentially divided into four section, the top part containing all your tabs and the left side showing all your directories. Down at the bottom we have downloading information such as speeds, time elapsed, seeding time, download size, upload size, seeds, peers and a bunch of other stats.

The middle of the application is where you have your queue. This part list all your torrents scheduled for downloading, along with their size, completed percentage, estimated time to complete (ETA) and few other relevant information.

BitComet Torrenting Capabilities

BitComet is a very capable client and has all the features you expect from any reliable torrent client. To begin with, BitComet supports both magnet and URL links and is capable of downloading torrents in bulk through URL lists. The client also has auto shut down feature, which you can use to automatically reboot, sleep or hibernate your computer at predetermined hours.


Besides that, BitComet has a built in search engine, which you can use to search for torrents files, however since there is no built in browser your search results will pop up in your default web browser. The client also offers a torrent exchange feature, which seamlessly let’s users share torrent files with other users (peers).

However, the best feature of BitComet has to be its remote downloading feature. This feature, once enabled allow users to remotely add torrent files to their BitComet client from anywhere around the world using just a web browser.

Download Experience

Downloading wise BitComet is quite capable too. As I said earlier, BitComet is capable of downloading bulk files. All you have to do is provide a list of URLs and the client takes care of the rest. Besides that, the best feature when it comes to downloading has to be the resume option, which pretty much mitigates the issue of lost download progress as it virtually resumes your downloads no matter how many interruptions take place.


Wrapping up!

All in all, in my personal experience, I found BitComet to be a bit faster, a bit simpler and a bit more reliable when it comes to downloading then some other main stream torrent clients. Besides that, the fact that the client is absolutely free to use and boasts no intrusive advertisements means its pretty much the most reliable and user friendly torrent client to use in 2018.