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Superhero movies are being released faster than ever, but fans have their eyes on the comics! If you’re a comic lover, then you can’t deny the joy that comics offer by representing better stories than any motion picture can deliver. Let it be Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, Frank Miller’s Batman, Watchmen, X-Men, Spiderman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Daredevil or any other superhero, comic stands as the top medium to depict great stories.

Now, if you’re wondering about how to get DC/Marvel comics for free, then comic torrent is the best way to accomplish the mission. The best torrent sites for comics won’t only allow you to get your hands on the latest comic books of different superheroes, but they will give you access to thousands of comics belonging to different genres.

Best Torrent Sites For Comics

Here are the best torrent sites for Comics in 2019:

1-The Pirate Bay

1st Best Torrent Site for Commic- The Piratebay

With requiring no formal introduction, Pirate Bay stands as the leading torrent giant after the shutdown of Kickass and However, you can still access Torrntz by using Torrentz Proxy. Having over 50,000 comics available in the library, Pirate Bay offers comics of almost every genre that exists. With a sleek site design, Pirate Bay keeps its torrent search engine as straightforward as possible, so that users can get a desired comic instantly. Moreover, torrents are elegantly organized in alphabetical order and file size. Lastly, do try out the pirate bay alternatives and piratebay unblocked too in case the site is down.



2nd Best Torrent Site for Commic- TorrentsDownload

TorrentDownloads is ranked among ideal BitTorrent sites. With an easy-to-use website design, TorrentDownloads offers thousands of comic book torrents, belonging to famous, hit and niche categories. In addition to this, TorrentDownloads takes a step further and offers comic collections belonging to a specific superhero. If you wish for an all in one torrent site to download torrents of diverse categories, then TorrentDownloads is the perfect option.



3rd Best Torrent Site for Commic-YourBittorent

YourBittorent is another hit torrent hub that offers comics belonging to a vast range of media. Users can download comics of Walking Dead, Daredevil, Star Wars and much more from YourBittorent. However, YourBittorent is relatively fresh than other torrent sites on the internet, but still loved by many comic lovers.



4th Best Torrent Site for Commic- 1337x

With having over thousands of comics available in the library, 1337x is ranked among top torrent sites that offer a huge collection of comic books. A massive comic library, an elegant search engine, and brilliant site design make 1337x a suitable site to download comic book torrents. Moreover, 1337x offers the latest set of comics waiting to be downloaded with a single click.




5th Best Torrent Site for Commic- TorrentProject

TORRENTPROJECT is comparatively a fresher among torrent hubs With a well maintained torrent library, TORRENTPROJECT offers a rich collection of comic book torrents. Users can download as many torrents as they want with zero restrictions on their way.



6. Zooqle



Zooqle is an interesting choice for those users who want to find relevant comics torrent instantly. The famous website provides search engine feature by which you can download your desired stuff in no time. If you wish to explore marvel comics torrent or Batman comics torrent, you should consider using Zooqle for this purpose.


7. Books-Share



Books-Share is another option you may consider to explore your preferred comics torrent straightaway. Moreover, the site helps you to find out star wars comics torrent or superman comics torrent through options like categories and popular. You can also use the site to search your preferred comics torrent like spider man comics torrent or superman comics torrent.



Best Comic Torrents Sites for readers


Reading a good comic book has its own charm as not a lot people enjoy movie watching. New comic releases can give their readers an insight in to new upcoming movies. Therefore, we have added some torrent sites that have decent repositories of old and new comics to keep you entertained.


EBOOKEE is a great website for books and comic lovers. Although it is a lesser-known torrent website then some of the other sites in our list, it still is worth mentioning. This website has a pretty decent and simple interface, which makes navigating around the site very convenient.

No matter what kind of book you are in to, you are definitely going to find it on this website. There are various categories like Technical, Novel, Medical, Tutorial and Entertainment so you should be able to find something to keep you enetrtained.

EBOOKEE has great comic titles like Young Avengers, The Flash, Star Wars, Dragonball Z and much more. These comics can be found under the entertainment category and best of all they are free and you do not have to pay for anything.


ExrtraTorent is another great torrent site if you are not a very fussy comic reader. We will be honest this site can be difficult to navigate since there are flashy advertisements and too much text on the homepage. However, if you can get around this issue then the search option should allow you to search for all sorts of comics be it old or new like Marvel Infinity Sagas, Civil War 2 and Star wars.

Why need a VPN for Comic Torrents?

Popular Hollywood super hero movies are a depiction of some of the comics we use to read as kids back in the day. DC and Marvel are the most renowned super hero comic series known and loved by fans all around the world.

Even though Hollywood blockbusters are, dropping more frequently than ever before, comics still attract a decent fan following just solely because of their amazing artwork and exhilarating stories. There are numerous conventions held all around the world where comic lovers meet and collect new comics to add to their collection.

However, thanks to the extravagant addition of digital content to the torrent database we no longer need to purchase digital media like music and movies and the same goes for comics. Torrent sites give you unprecedented access to a whole library of new and old comics to enjoy.

While we do not condone piracy of digital media, we do understand why many people might find torrents appealing. The price for getting pirated content can be high as government agencies and copyright holders can impose swift justice on those caught pirating.

Therefore, many people nowadays take strict privacy measure before they hop on to the internet for torrenting. The most effective and cheap tool for ultimate privacy is without a doubt a VPN.

Besides this, some regions in the world actually block the use of torrent due to their legal issues. VPN for torrenting also allows you to change your original location by connection to the VPN provider’s servers located in multiple countries, therefore, spoofing your location.

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Kodi as a Comic Torrent Sites Alternative

You do not need to search for torrents sites since Kodi is available at your disposal. By using Kodi, you can watch your favorite comic movies instantly without downloading any torrent file. However, you should use a VPN for Kodi to access various comic movies as you may anticipate the issue of geo-restrictions.

Final Words

Is there anything worth more than reading your lovable superhero comic without paying a single penny? Only true comic lovers know the leisure of knowing about the actual beginning of superheroes. Reading comics isn’t just about understanding the characters, but it’s about discovering some great stories in a unique way.

Interestingly, the best comic torrent sites will aid you to get all-time favorite comic books for totally free.