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The world of torrenting is changing drastically. Every day, multiple torrent sites are taken down and multiple new sites pop up. These sites are sometimes completely revamped and other times they are uploaded with a different domain name.

Websites like torrentz2 and kickass torrent are not available in their original form anymore. However, their clones do offer a similar user experience.

Since Torrent sites do have a tendency to disappear out of the blue, I’ve decided to compile a list of only the working torrent search engines.

In this blog, I’m going to discuss some of the best torrent search engines of 2019 and also tell you about some of the fakes.

So without further ado, let’s begin.

Best Torrent Search Engines of 2019

As I said, if you’re into torrenting, you’ll likely know Torrent search sites are prone to takedowns all the time. A website that might work perfectly today might not even exist tomorrow.

Don’t worry though:

All the Torrent Metasearch websites mentioned below in this blog work perfectly as of now. I’ve spent numerous hours sourcing only the best working torrent search engines.

Note: It is always recommended to torrent with a VPN connection for your safety and privacy and in this case, we recommend to use NordVPN service.

1.   Torrentz2

Torrentz2-is-one-of-the-most-powerful-torrent-search-engine search engine is perhaps one of the absolute best BitTorrent search engine out there. In fact, you might already be familiar with it.


Well…Torrentz2 is actually a successor to the official Torrentz site. It uses the same repository as the official site and even has the same overall look and feel, minus the 2 at the end.

Torrentz2 indexes over 60 million torrents from thousands of different torrent sites. Needless to say, Torrentz2 should be your first choice for searching torrents.

Note: Torrentz2 does have a tendency to go offline from time to time. If you can’t access it, just try one of the Torrentz Proxy.

2.   XTORX

Xtorx-is-an-amazing-torrent-search-engineNext up in this list is Although not nearly as renowned as Torrentz2, it is still a site worth checking out.

The site’s interface is very clean, in fact, there are no obtrusive advertisements anywhere to be found on the page. All you get is a logo, a search bar and a couple of sharing buttons.

That’s it.

However, don’t let the simplicity fool you though, XTOR is one powerful search engine.

There is one thing missing though and that is the lack of a filtering option. Other than that, it is one capable torrentz search engine.

3.   Veoble

Veoble-is-a-new-torrent-searching-site might look appalling at first, however, when you dive in to the site, you’ll actually be amazed by how accurate it is.

Like I said, the interface of Veoble is not eye-catching at all, in fact, it looks a lot like the old school retro Google from back in the day.

Interface aside, this torrent search engine is very powerful. It indexes hundreds of different sites and even offers a much needed filtering option.

4.   Torrentz.Colorask

Torrentz.colorask-is-a-very-nice-torrent-siteAlthough a mouthful of a name, is a fairly popular torrent Meta search engines. It has a very decent design which make it perfect for browsing around. Other than the interface, Torrentz.Colorask indexes over 500 different torrent sites. You can literally find anything you can think of.

Speaking of finding torrents, when you search for a particular file, all of the results relevant to your query will popup underneath the search which makes it very convenient.

5. is one of my favorite uTorrent search engines. It is also the most trending at the moment. If you search for any torrent file on Google, chances are you’ll get a link to

It has a very modern and minimalistic design yet still manages to offer quite a lot of valuable information.

For instance, it shows a graph of trending torrent files, various torrent categories, top torrent sites and other comprehensive information.

Overall is perfect for literally finding any torrent file imaginable.

6.   BTDB

BTDB-is-a-rather-new-torrent-search-site or more formerly known as “BitTorrent search engine” is a very low-key torrent site. Its design is very simple, bearing only a search bar.

Having said that, BTDB is an absolute pleasure to use. It indexes tons of torrent sites and offers a very handy filtering option.

You can use the search feature to specifically filter results according to relevancy, size, date of addition and even its ratings.

Torrent search Engines 2019 for Mac

Searching and downloading torrents on a Mac machine is no different from any other device. There are generally two things required, a torrent website and a search engine for the torrent. Now you might be wondering why you can’t simply use Google to search for torrent files.

Well, the reason for that is, if you search for torrent files through Google, you will likely end up on a sketchy website full of malware and spam contents, which could jeopardize the security and integrity of your Mac machine.

Fortunately, there are few reliable solutions that Mac users can use for safe torrent browsing. However, there is one torrent search client that stands out the most and that is Folx. This is basically a torrenting client with a built in torrent downloader search so you can do two tasks with one great application. Folx also has a bonus feature, which allows it to download YouTube videos.

Besides Folx, Mac users can use a few other uTorrent search engine. Some of which work great, are going to be mentioned below.

7.   Toorgle

Toorgle-is-a-very-comprehensive-site-for-torrent-searchingQuite similar to Google, is one of the most popular sites to look for torrents. This site does not have torrent files hosted on it but instead uses your search query and matches it with over 450 popular torrent sites until it gets a match.

The site’s search mechanism is much optimized and you always get relevant search results. Toorgle is expanding every day and it does not seem that it is going to stop any time soon.


8. Aio Search

AIO-Search-torrent-search-engine was formerly known as This site has a customized torrent searching criteria. Users can search torrent files through specifying which sites they want to run their search against by selecting the check boxes mentioned beside each available site. This feature allows you to get your files from a torrent site of your choice. There are currently over 100 websites listed on Aiosearch.


9. Torrent searcher

TorrentSearcher-is-one-of-the-best-site-for-searching-torrents is an old torrent site that has been around for over a decade now. This site is affiliated with herokuapp and gets decent traffic on a daily basis. TorrentSearcher has a very simple interface with a brief rundown of basic torrent terminologies and just a search bar at the top.



10. TorrentSeeker

torrentSeeker-is-a-good-torrent-search-engine is yet another powerful search engine for torrents. Unlike other search engines for the torrent, TorrentSeeker uses Google to siphon torrents from hundreds of different torrent sites.

Despite being reasonably powerful, it is still a breeze to operate. In fact, the whole UI just feels top notch and easy to use.

Having said that, that’s where the pleasantness of the user experience ends as the result page is more or less too jumbled to understand.

11. 01Torrent

01Torrent-is-an-amazing-torrent-search-engineAlthough not number 1 like its name suggests, site is definitely worth checking out. It’s free and you can download almost any content you can imagine.

Speaking of content, 01Torrent can easily help you find games, movies, music, books, software, anime and much more.


Best of all:

It doesn’t even require any sort of registration.

Best of all:

It doesn’t even require any sort of registration. 01Torrent is also one of the best torrent music search engines out there.

12. Torrent Project


Next up we have Supposedly it has one of the largest torrent repository in the industry.

It is speculated that Torrent Project has more than 10 million torrent files indexed over multiple torrent sites on the internet.

Unlike other top torrent search engines, this site has a reputation of offering mostly legit torrents.

Torrent Project also has one of the cleanest interface I’ve come across. All you get is a search bar and that’s about it.

13. Rarbg


Another powerful search engine on this list is This site has literally been around for ages.

The powerful search feature of this site allows you to scan through multiple category lists of torrents across hundreds of different torrent sites.

Although the interface isn’t all that great, it still indexes thousands of latest TV shows, movies, games and even software programs.

RARBG is also relatively clean. Although you might stumble upon virus infected torrent files occasionally, it is still hands down one of the best torrent search engines out there.

14. 1337X


Another dinosaur in the torrent world is I don’t know how, but it is still and stronger than ever.

As far as categories are concerned, this site is mainly known for its awesome repository of blockbuster movies and latest game releases.

One of the sections that I really like about 1337X is the Top 100 category. It makes it super easy to browse through all the trending content on the site.

Again, the interface isn’t all that great, quite fairly, the black and orange theme isn’t eye catching to say the least.

15. Lime Torrents


What can I say about, it is an old school yet super powerful torrent search engine.

The interface is clean, light and very easy to navigate through. Everything is neatly organized and makes it very easy to find the torrent of your choice.

Just like other torrent search engines sites in this list, you can browse through various different categories.

One feature that I particularly like about Lime Torrents is the health feature. It makes it very easy to see how a particular torrent is performing in just a glance.

16. ISOHunt

isohunt-very-powerful-torrent-search-engine is another torrent search engine definitely worth checking out. One feature I like about this site is filters. It helps you include or exclude particular torrent sites during searches.

This might not sound like much but it works like a charm. The interface of this site is very jumbled up. There’s a lot of text and a lot of images on the home page. I particularly don’t like the interface.

On the other hand, the torrent repository is considerably great. It indexes thousands of amazing torrents from all across the web.

17. MyTor

MyTor-new-torrent-search-engine is a relatively new torrent search engine in this list. This torrent search engine is considerably good at what it does. Simply add your search term in the search box MyTor takes care of the rest.

The interface is very clean very elegant and the blue and gray theme really gives this site a more modern look.

I definitely recommend this search engine if you’re looking for something new.

Banned torrent search engines 2019

Interestingly, there are various popular torrent search engines that are banned in different countries like US, Canada, Australia, France, UK, and Germany. Here is the torrent search engines list that are banned in 2019.

Why Need a VPN to download torrent files?

Torrenting, in general, is frowned upon in many parts of the world. That’s obviously because of privacy issues.

If you browse or download torrent trough an unprotected network, your download activity can be easily seen by anyone with a BitTorrent client.

Since your IP address is just like your home address and it is clearly visible to anyone sharing the same torrent file, anyone can potentially know where you reside.

The easiest way to stay anonymous on the internet is to use the best torrenting VPN. When you enable your VPN connection, all of your traffic is rerouted through your VPN provider’s encrypted servers. Which means BitTorrent peers will not be able to see your IP but instead the IP of your VPN provider.

The best VPN providers in the industry offer a slew of features like multiple encryption protocols, no data logging, dedicated torrenting servers, multiple server locations, location spoofing and much more. These VPN providers are also cheap which makes it affordable for any torrent user.

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Replica torrent search engines

Since more and more torrent sites are taken down every day, newer, lesser known or seemingly counterfeit websites take their place.

The problem isn’t with new torrent sites but with fakes, replicas and so on. These websites not only don’t offer the same content as the original site but can also be terribly confusing.


Well, I’ll tell you why…

Remember the time when KickassTorrents got taken down in 2016. Well soon after its demise, many new kickass torrent search engines emerged. They looked exactly like the original site and managed to deceive millions of torrenters.

Still not catching my drift…?

Well, how about YTS. It was once the pinnacle of pirated movies sites. However, as you may recall, it too got taken down not so long ago. Yet despite its legitimate closure, you can still find literally so many clones of it on the internet.

Now although I understand torrenting in itself can be risky, however, I don’t suggest you go out experimenting with fakes and clones. Instead of opting reliable and trusted best torrent search engines 2019 only.

Because as they say, better safe than sorry.

Wrapping Up

I hope you found this guide on torrent search engines informative.

Do let me know which best torrent search sites worked for you in the comments below. I’d absolutely love to hear from you guys.