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The mainstream anime torrent hub has been shot down in the line of copyright infringement. But, don’t lose hope! As today, in this guide, we will unveil the Best NYAA alternatives that will serve you the best anime shows including Sakura Quest, Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, Fukumenkei Noise, Dragon ball, Naruto, and much more.


best NYAA Alternatives

It has been a year since Anime fans around the world have started facing annoying message when accessing popular anime torrent site Furthermore, the blockage is not limited to, and thus all their subdomains including and are blocked at the moment.

Now, if you try to access, you will be shown the following message:

the requested URL could not be retrieved

To free torrent users and anime lovers from mere distress, we have listed below top NYAA alternatives or learn about the best anime torrent sites, which offer top-of-the-line anime. Not to mention, these NYAA alternatives will not let you miss lovable anime videos until NYAA is back up again.

What is NYAA?

If you are an Anime fan and love downloading anime shows then chances are you must have heard about NYAA. NYAA was a famous anime torrenting site that was used by millions of users for downloading popular anime shows like, Death Note, Dragon ball, Naruto, and many other.

NYAA worked as a public torrent tracker that provided its viewers with Japanese TV shows to Korean dramas and everything in between. Having so many East Asian contents made it easy for anyone to download and watch anime contents regardless of where they reside.

Despite being, an amazing torrent site for anime lovers NYAA was taken down on first of May last year due to copyright infringements, after remarkably fighting Japanese copyright holders for 7 agenizing years. Even though no other site can truly replace NYAA, we are still going to discuss some great alternatives that should get you back in to anime scene.

These alternatives are also going to host mostly copyrighted contents therefore; we cannot stress enough the severity of using a VPN for torrenting. A VPN will not only allow you to access more anime content but will also keep you safe and anonymous in the torrenting world.

What is NYAA Client?

NYAA client was a popular torrenting client that primarily hosted content for Asian viewers. The client provided all sorts of popular anime shows, which resulted in its exponential success. However, because NYAA offered content, which was copyright, infringed, they were soon drowning in a slew of copyright issues. This led the developers to shut down their service abruptly.

Strangely enough out of nowhere, another domain similar to NYAA went live soon after the original site’s closure. They also posted a statement for luring unsuspected visitors, stating that the site was going to be operational incognito because of the recent heat that they received.


However, the original developers of NYAA soon blew off the lid about this fraud stating that they have no affiliation with the new domain and that they have shut down their service for good.

In-Depth Look at NYAA Alternatives

Before we delve into the alternatives, we think it is compulsory for any NYAA users to opt for best VPN services. This is because most of the content that you will be downloading through the mentioned alternatives are going to be copyright infringed.

Downloading or sharing any infringed content is punishable by law and your internet service provider and copyright holders can work together to impose hefty fines on those who are caught pirating. Therefore, it is important that you use a reliable VPN service like PureVPN that guarantees 100% security and top-notch privacy all for the price of $2.48 a month.

17 NYAA Alternatives:

1. Horrible Subs

Horrible without any doubt is the best NYAA alternative. Interestingly, Horrible Subs is one of the sites who has confirmed blockage of NYAA on their homepage. While Horrible Subs offer similar media as, the site has comparatively more appealing interface than any other anime sharing site. The first impression of Horrible Subs captures users with exclusive downloads of Sagrada Reset, Natsume Yuujinchou Roku, Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasuka, Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine, and more popular anime series.

Horrible Subs is an alternate of NYAA

2. Anime Sharing

As the name indicates, “Anime Sharing” is a media-sharing site that stands second to With an informative homepage and sleek interface, Anime Sharing looks similar to PirateBay. The search engine allows you to explore torrents of desired anime series instantly. On top, Anime Sharing maintains an Alexa rating of 3445 and receives millions of visitors on a daily basis.

Anime Sharing is an alternate of NYY


The popular anime search engine “” offers one-touch access to unlimited anime torrents counting Naruto, Natsume Yuujinchou Roku, Youjo Senki – Saga of Tanya the Evil, and thousands of more. Not to mention, the site has a considerable reputation among anime lovers and has been operating since 2012. In addition, you can find all the popular anime videos in HD quality on is another alternate of NYY

4. Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is one of the largest torrent hubs around the world. The site has been thriving torrent lovers for last few years. Although Pirate Bay has faced various shutdowns in the past, but still the site has regained its existence and audience. That said, Pirate Bay offers hundreds of torrents for popular animated series and games too.

Pirate Bay is another alternate of NYY

5. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent stands next to largest torrent sites and offers torrents of popular animated series, movies, shows, and more media. One of the added advantages of ExtraTorrent is their well-designed search engine that offers hassle-free exploration. Not to mention, ExtraTorrent has a fine range of anime movies collection which is incessantly growing. Sadly the site has pulled off as Copyright Trolls are coming are coming hard on Torrent Sites. Good news is we have a guide on extratorrent alternatives which can satisfy your torrenting cravings.

 ExtraTorrent is NYY alternate

6. AniDEX

AniDEX is a great anime torrent indexer and tracker. This site offers anime contents primarily in English language, however there are some contents in other languages as well so you should not have any problem viewing your favorite anime shows.


7. Anime Tosho

Anime Tosho has a great repository of NYAA like content, which is extracted from thousands of torrent sources. Users can find high quality anime shows in small file sizes, which make downloading them an absolute breeze. The only problem is that the UI is outdated, since it uses a very old blue colored theme, but other than that, Anime Tosho is a great alternative to NYAA.


8. Anime Torrents

Anime Torrents is among the more premium torrent sites in a sense that it is a private torrent tracker for anime. This site offers anime TV shows, movies, novels, manga and much more. What is good about the site is that all the content is available in Blu-Ray, HD and other high quality file formats.

The only down side of the site is that you will have to be a registered user to download torrents or exchange comments through their blogs. If you cannot register on the site due to geo restrictions, then simply use a torrent VPN to bypass any restriction and enjoy watching your favorite contents.


9. Anirena

Most anime lovers enjoy using Anirena for the simple reason that you do not need to register to download torrents. This site also has various categories like Hentai, Anime, RAW, Music and more. The good thing is that majority of the site’s content is dubbed in different languages along with subtitles.

Anirena is also good for finding legit working torrent files, thanks to its community. Members can report any malicious or broken torrents to provide a safe torrenting experience. The UI of the website is basic and nothing fancy; however, it definitely gets the job done.


10. Anime Layer

Anime Layer is a cool anime site that offers all the popular titles in beautiful and presentable manner. The site is professional looking, however you will find a lot of Russian writing on the site and that is because the site is Russia based.

Along with anime series, music, manga and drama the site also offers live radio, which is unique to say the least. What’s also good about the site is that all the content is offered in high quality but packed in small file sizes for easy torrenting.


11. Pantsu NYAA

Pantsu NYAA is a great NYAA alternative, not only the name matches the original site it also offers all of it original contents up until 5 April 2017. The site has a vast library of anime contents, which are dubbed and subbed in various languages so you should be able, find something that you like.


12. Shana project

This new torrent site also offers a NYAA like experience. Shana project offers a whole variety of popular anime shows that are available in multiple languages along with subtitles. There is a very handy and comprehensive search option available which make finding torrents very easy and hassle free.

What makes this site a bit unique is that you can automate your torrent downloads so that your client can automatically download torrents of your choice.


13. TheHylia

TheHylia is a great anime site for downloading primarily anime and hentai contents. What is good about the site is that it does not allow any advertising and affiliate links and only provides you with simple working torrents. The site has simple interface, which is good for browsing through the website, however the only downside is that there is a limit for how many files you can download at a time.


14. RUTracker

RUTracker is not just an anime site since it has all sorts of torrent files ranging from games, movies, books and everything in between. The website is in Russian, however most popular browsers can easily translate the page in to a language of your choice.


15. Tokyo Toshokan

Tokyo Toshokan is a very minimalistic looking torrent site that is jam packed with classic anime shows. The site has all the contents neatly organized by categories such as latest releases, games, manga and more. This makes this site an all-rounder torrenting site that any torrent lover would appreciate.


16. AcgnX Torrent

If you are looking for everything anime than AcgnX Torrent is your one stop destination. This site offers anime games, comics, novels and much more. However, we feel that the site needs to add more content if it wants to stay in business. Other than that, the site works great as a NYAA alternative.


17. GGBases is a Japanese anime site that is packed with great stuff. The contents are neatly organized in to different categories. However, the site can be hard to navigate since it is in Japanese so you must know a little bit about the language to browse through their content library.


When will NYAA Be Back?

Anime lovers from all around the world are bombarding social media and forums with posts about when will the leading anime torrent website to be up again? The answer is disturbing as the current Whois status of is marked with “serverHold”, which means the domain has been suspended for severe copyright violations. Therefore, we can’t predict the exact duration of the blockage. But, NYAA alternatives are the best way to keep watching the favorite anime series.


Without a doubt, NYAA was a leading-edge site that was popular for anime series. However, the mainstream anime sharing site is no longer available and there is nothing anybody can do to access it.

However, the top NYAA alternatives mentioned in this guide offers complete episodes from the latest anime series, so that you don’t get a chance to miss NYAA again. On a side note, if you are worried about downloading torrents and want to remain anonymous over the internet, be sure to use a VPN.

If you find this guide helpful or want to suggest more NYAA alternatives, then feel free to comment below.