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BitTorrent is one of the most widely known torrent clients in the world and has been around for more than a decade now. At the time of its hype, it offered a slim and lightweight design with cutting-edge features that catered to all type of users at that time.

But unfortunately, ever since it was acquired by BitTorrent Corporation in 2016, the program was no longer an open sourced software. It became rather undesirable because the client hosted spam advertisements. Because of this, many people are looking for an alternative to the uTorrent client. Fortunately, there are some robust clients available in the marketplace.

As always, there are some really good free as well as paid uTorrent alternative that is similar or better in features. To spare you all from the problem of searching for an alternative, we have compiled a list of alternatives to the uTorrent client that you can use in 2018.

Best Free Alternative to UTorrent

The internet is literally filled with free torrent clients and it’s really hard to decide which one to use, as most of them are nothing more than malicious software’s and not many users are aware of the dangers that might be lurking amongst these free clients.

Fortunately, we have tested the majority of the free available clients and narrowed them down, so you don’t have to gamble with them.

  1. Deluge
  2. Transmission
  3. qbittorrent
  4. Tixati


Deluge is an open source multiplatform client for Mac, Windows as well as Linux. The client is super easy to use, as it offers very basic features upon installation. However, this where many people might consider Deluge to be stingy of features and that’s where they’d be wrong.

Deluge has some great tricks up its sleeve as is that it is highly customizable, meaning that you can add or remove features that you like or dislike. This is possible through the built-in plugin support, which makes Deluge an extremely versatile free torrent client that anyone can use. The only complaint we found was with the interface, as it did seem a bit dated by today’s standards.



Transmission is also an open source torrent client that was initially designed to work with Mac and Linux, but since then they have also started support for Windows machines as well. The client is well-respected feature wise as it offers encryption, peer exchange, magnet link support, and speed limit management.

Transmission is also very light in design, as they state on their website. They also don’t include advertisements or bundle any unnecessary bloatware that would compromise the functionality of their client. Overall transmission is a great alternative to uTorrent that any casual torrent user would appreciate.



Unlike uTorrent, qbittorrent is still a free open source torrent client and a great uTorrent alternative. It offers all the features that the new uTorrent client offers while still having lightweight characteristics of the original one as it is a great fusion of both. It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

qbittorrent offers a really clean interface with everything neatly laid out right on the home screen so you don’t have to fiddle around with menus. It also offers basic features that uTorrent users are accustomed to like bandwidth throttling and real-time download statistics. uTorrent users should feel right at home with this one as it’s practically built on the same platform.



Tixati is one of the lesser-known clients out there, but regardless of its lack of popularity, the client is actually quite decent and makes a good uTorrent alternative. All the information is nicely displayed for ease of use. However, for a new user, the interface can be a bit challenging due to the overwhelming amount of settings and options.

As far as compatibility and features are concerned, Tixati is available on Mac, Windows as well as Linux. It offers a unique feature where users can anonymously socialize through channels that are comprised of both seeds and peers and get important updates accordingly in real time. Besides that, you also get regular features like bandwidth management and encryption.

The best-Paid alternative to UTorrent

Although there are some great free uTorrent alternatives available, you still might want a bit more premium experience. Similarly, you might be simply using a device that isn’t compatible with a torrent client. Fortunately, there are some premium cloud software based options available that will get the job done without denting your bank account.

  1. Vuze plus
  2. BitTorrent

Vuze plus


Vuze is amongst the most popular torrent clients out there and makes it a perfect uTorrent alternative for Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux. The reason for its popularity is the sheer number of customizations and settings that it has to offer. There is a free version available through, but we aren’t going to discuss it in this article.

Along with all the basic features, Vuze Plus offers no advertisements, antivirus protection, DVD burning and the option to play videos while downloading. Vuze plus is not for everyone though as most users aren’t going to use all the features offered by this amazing client.



If you’re looking for a revamped uTorrent alternative with slight aesthetic changes, then Bittorrent is for you. However, besides other similarities, the search option is highly distinguishable. Unlike uTorrent, where you would provide sources or specific keywords to get results, BitTorrent just requires a simple keyword to populate relevant results.

Besides the free version, there are three premium options called the Ad-Free, Pro and Pro + VPN. As the name suggests, the Ad-free version gets rid of advertisement’s and costs $ 4.95/ year. The Pro version costs $19.95 / year. In addition to no advertisements, it also offers virus protection, pre-download previewing and file conversion.

Lastly, the Pro + VPN version is the most expensive option available, costs $ 69.95 annually. It offers CyberGhost VPN so you can stay completely anonymous on the web.


We wanted to cover all possible alternatives to uTorrent. And our list simply wouldn’t be complete without mentioning This is a premium option for those that want to download and access their torrents anywhere on the go. is also ideal for movie watching thanks to its excellent array of supported applications and its seamless integration.

This client is pretty straightforward and offers great subscription packages with plenty of storage space, so you can torrent as much as your heart desires. They offer three monthly packages, 100 GB for $ 9.99, 1 TB for $ 19.99 and 10 TB for $ 49.99

uTorrent Alternative Reddit

Reddit users had mix opinions when recommending the best alternative to uTorrent. However, the majority of the community does seem to agree that uTorrent is not what it used to be back in days. Unnecessary adware and overall unreliability of Torrent has made the experience terrible.

Alternatives to uTorrent? from torrents

Judging from the Reddit comments, most users recommended qbittorrent, Taxiti, Deluge and Transmission as the best torrent client available in the market.


Change is inevitable, and that is the case with uTorrent. What was once the most desirable torrent client in the market, has now become quite irrelevant. Because of this, people are looking for alternatives to uTorrent.

Fortunately, there is something for everyone in our article, whether you are an experienced user or simply someone who just wants to watch a good movie.

Did you like our list? Do you have any other alternatives in mind? Let us know in the comments below.