17 Torrent Sites for Movies in 2018 – Hollywood and Bollywood

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Attention Torrenters!!
Using torrents without a VPN is like shooting yourself in the leg! Whether it is for downloading movies, music, comics, or TV shows, copyright trolls and ISPs are in hot pursuit of torrent users. With the best VPN for torrenting, your identity remains hidden and no one can read the contents of your internet traffic through encryption.

The rate of online piracy is increasing at a rapid pace. There were more than 300 billion visits found to piracy sites during 2017. However, not all the things are rosy with torrenting. If you have ever watched any copyrighted content illegally, your ISPs can make your sensitive information public online.

Your personal information may include e-mail addresses, usernames, passwords and IP addresses. Therefore, you have to secure your online tasks and IP addresses with Best VPN for torrenting. Through our guide on torrent sites for movies, you can perform your torrenting activities anonymously and securely from anywhere.

Also read our exclusive guide on best torrent sites for everything as we have listed down only those sites which are working 100% and most of them follow DMCA rules.

17 Best Torrent Sites for Movies

When you want to watch your favorite movies in high quality formats, torrent sites for movies become an interesting choice. Yes, you have guessed it appropriately. It means you can improve your movie torrenting process to next level through HD movies torrent trouble-free.

The same applies to torrent sites for movies that cover Hollywood and Bollywood industries. This is because you can select film torrent of your choice instantly. Hence, you can watch latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies on your desired devices accordingly.

However, a catch exists in the form of copyright infringement or DMCA notices. Therefore, a VPN becomes your last resort to secure your online privacy. Otherwise, you may find yourself in hot waters of legal troubles.

Here is the list of 17 best torrent sites for movies that includes:

  1. The Pirate Bay
  2. 1337x
  3. RARBG
  4. TorrentDB
  5. Torrentz2
  6. Torlock
  7. Yidio
  8. Extratorrents
  9. Zooqle
  10. EZTV
  11. TorrentFunk
  12. LimeTorrents
  13. Dirty Torrents
  14. SeedPeer
  15. Kickass Torrents
  16. NYAA.SI
  17. 9xmovies
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Bollywood movie torrenting sites

Unfortunately, millions of Bollywood movies fans are unable to accomplish their Bollywood movies streaming mission. However, they should not lose all their hopes. This is because they have Bollywood torrent sites for movies at their disposal. Thus, they can avail Hindi movies download feature from anywhere.

Here is the list of Bollywood film torrent sites for movies that includes:

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has all the right reasons to become one of the best Bollywood torrent sites for movies. If you want to explore HD movies torrent instantly, The Pirate Bay is an excellent choice. Likewise, it also offers new movies download feature that allows you to watch your favorite Bollywood movies hassle-free. One more thing if you find the site down then you can try out pirate bay alternatives and pirate proxy sites too.



1337x is another torrenting site for downloading Bollywood movies torrent instantly. The site offers its users torrent free movie download benefit according to their own terms. Moreover, you can complete your movie torrenting cravings to another level. Likewise, you can find latest movies torrent through 1337x straightaway.



9xmovies becomes an ultimate solution when it comes to exploring new torrent movie download site for Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Through Hindi movies download feature, you can download latest movies torrent in no time.



SeedPeer is an attractive torrent site for Bollywood movies that help you to watch various Bollywood movies on your desired devices. It provides huge database benefit to its users. Therefore, you can find solutions to your torrent movie download queries straightaway.



RARBG is one of the most popular torrent sites you can opt to download Hindi movies torrent in no time. Thus, you can download verified torrents on your devices from anywhere. Furthermore, you can enjoy using free movie downloads feature according to your own demands. Sometimes you may find Rarbg down, thus you can read our guide on Unblock Rarbg.



Torrentz2 is an appealing option when you want to download Bollywood movie torrent on your devices securely. You can assume the site as super torrent index as it allows you to examine Meta search engine feature hassle-free.


TorrentFunk is another trust worthy torrent site that offer free Bollywood movies download links to its users. Moreover, you can find out its cross movie recommendation feature that allows you to watch all the latest Hindi movies stress-free.



LimeTorrents is another amazing site that fulfills streaming desires of Bollywood movies fans straightaway. Through the site, you can download full new movies on your preferred devices from anywhere. In addition, you can download movie torrents free online with LimeTorrents hassle-free. Also read our guide on limetorrents unblocked and limetorrents proxy because there are numerous countries where it’s still blocked.




Torlock is another torrent sites for movies that cover Bollywood category specifically. What makes this free torrent movie site different from other websites is its legitimate content feature. Therefore, you can accomplish your new movies download cravings trouble-free.



Extratorrents is striving hard to become one of the best torrent sites for movies in near future. Interestingly, you can find searches from other free torrent movie sites through Extratorrents according to your own terms. Thus, you can explore free torrent movies of your choice from anywhere stress-free.

Read our blog on Extratorrents Proxy.


Free uTorrent Hollywood movie sites

There is no denying you can find Hollywood movies fans from all parts of the world. Still, billions of Hollywood movies streamers do not know the importance of torrenting. Hence, they are unable to enjoy Hollywood movies download feature free from anywhere.

The same goes for E-books fans too; you can explore our guide on torrent sites for E-books to accomplish your reading cravings.

Fortunately, you have arrived at the right place. We have curated an exclusive list of uTorrent movies download sites for Hollywood movies that enable you to complete your movie torrenting needs accordingly. Here is the list of foreign or Hollywood movies that consists of:


EZTV is a torrent site that provides free movie torrents to its users. Through its free torrent movies search option, you can find relevant Hollywood movies links instantly. Likewise, the site offers a comprehensive list of interesting features that make EZTV an ideal choice for English or American movies fans. There are some regions where eztv is might not be available, instead you can use eztv proxy.



TorrentDB becomes an ultimate choice for Hollywood movies fans when they want to watch latest Hollywood films. Furthermore, you can include it in the list of best uTorrent movies download sites quite easily. Hence, you can enjoy using uTorrent search movies feature from anywhere instantly.



Zooqle is coming up with the terms and expectations of Hollywood movies lovers at a rapid pace. It means you can find film torrents of your choice on the site in no time. In addition, it follows the concept of DMCA guidelines in true letter and spirit.

Therefore, you should use a torrent VPN before using the site. Furthermore, you can include it in the list of free uTorrent movies list 2018 hassle-free.


Dirty Torrents

Dirty Torrents is one of those uTorrent download movies website that allow you to watch all the latest Hollywood films on your preferred devices straightaway. This is because the site provides UTorrent movie search option that helps you to avail UTorrent download movies feature.


Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents is your go-to choice when you want to explore new movies torrent to accomplish your Hollywood movies streaming mission. When you start visiting this torrent search engine movies site, you will not go anywhere to find free movie torrent sites. If you are unable to access it then read our blog on Kickass Proxy Sites.



NYAA.SI is an interesting choice for those users who want to avail free movie torrents hassle-free. Likewise, you can watch your favorite latest Hollywood movies in HD quality formats from anywhere quite easily. This is how you can fulfill your free movie torrenting streaming cravings to next level.



Yidio is another torrenting site for movies you must try out to explore your preferred Hollywood movies download links. Furthermore, you can enjoy free torrent movie download feature that helps you to watch your desired movies instantly.


Laws for Torrenting

It depends in which country you are using torrenting sites for movies. There are countries where you can conduct the task of torrenting legally. Thus, you can download your desired torrent files stress-free. Still, there are countries where you cannot perform torrenting activities. It means torrenting is considered illegal in those countries.

Protect Your Privacy

If you want to use free movie torrents download sites anonymously from anywhere, you have to rely on a VPN. Otherwise, you will disclose your crucial information to your ISPs, copyright holders, online hackers and other data surveillance agencies. Hence, you have to protect your torrent downloading activities through a torrent VPN.

Moreover, you can give information to your ISPs and other data surveillance groups about your IP addresses. Likewise, you can reveal your username and password to copyright holder if you download torrents without availing a VPN.

In this case, role of best VPN for torrenting comes in handy. Through a torrent VPN, you can mask your original IP addresses. Hence, you can perform your desired online activities like torrents downloading and others anonymously.


Reddit is one of the most valuable platforms that help you in finding solutions to torrents related queries instantly. Moreover, you are able to attain relevant and updated response from different users straightaway.

According to the response of one Reddit user, you can watch your preferred movies through torrent sites for movies in no time.

Likewise, you can opt various torrent sites that allow you to accomplish your movies streaming cravings.

Furthermore, different users indicate that RARBG works much better than The Pirate Bay.


Twitter is another platform you can try out to solve your torrent related problems hassle-free. Interestingly, you can consider using different torrent sites to watch your favorite Hollywood movie from anywhere.

Moreover, you do not need to pay so much for getting unlimited internet to watch your desired movies. Luckily, you can achieve your movie-streaming mission with the help of torrents sites stress-free. In addition, you can watch Black Panther in high quality through new movies torrent quite easily.

Wrapping Up

We expect you would appreciate our guide on torrent sites for movies in 2018. After going through our guide, you can watch your favorite Bollywood or Hollywood movies from anywhere straightaway. However, you need to avail a best VPN for torrenting to secure your online privacy.

By doing so, you can overcome legal hassles like DMCA or copyright infringement notices instantly. Likewise, you can spoof your online locations from ISPs and online hackers too.

Feel free to share your thoughts about our blog in comments section below.

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