13 Torrent Sites for Books You Will Actually Use in 2018

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Millions of book enthusiasts have to rely on brick and mortar concept to satisfy their book reading desires. Surprisingly, they still do not know how to download their preferred E-books online free. If you want to know torrent sites for E-books in detail, read our exclusive guide. Similarly you can read about best torrent sites for movies, gaming and latest shows.

Still, you can anticipate legal hassles like DMCA and copyright notices that may spoil your fun a great deal. Therefore, you need to avail a VPN to secure your online privacy. If you want to protect your online privacy from anywhere, explore our detailed best VPN for torrenting list.

Famous E-Book Categories

Interestingly, you can explore a comprehensive list of E-books categories accordingly. This is how you can accomplish your E-book reading cravings instantly from anywhere. Here is the list of E-book categories that includes:

  • Science
  • Business and Economics
  • Fiction
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Technology and others

13 Torrent Sites for E-Books in 2018

Surprisingly, the scope of torrenting has improved to another level. Despite recent crackdowns on famous torrenting sites, peer-to-peer downloading process has made some serious progress. From flicks to food delivery to fitness everything has become digital.

The same notion applies to reading too. Therefore, population of E-books followers is increasing at a rapid pace day by day. Fortunately, you have arrived at the right place. Yes, you have read it appropriately.

We have compiled a list of 13 torrent sites for E-books that allow you to download your desired E-books from anywhere. The list consists of:

  1. Planet e-book
  2. Free-ebooks.net
  3. net
  4. Feedbooks
  5. Project Gutenberg
  6. Smashwords
  7. PDF Books World
  8. Bookyards
  9. Wikibooks
  10. Ebookee
  11. EBookShare
  12. FreeBookSpot
  13. Tech Book for Free

1. Planet e-book

Planet e-book is an interesting choice for those E-books lovers who want to explore new books torrents hassle-free. Through its book catalogue feature, you can explore around 50,000 titles from anywhere accordingly.


2. Free-ebooks.net

Luckily, you can consider using Free-ebooks.net if you wish to read your favorite books in PDF format. Moreover, you can find out any preferred e-book based on different genres like Fiction, Non-fiction, technology, Mystery, Drama, Youth and others.

However, you will need to register yourself first in order to start downloading your favorite e-books torrent files.


3. Manybooks.net

The same applies to Manybooks.net too. It allows e-books fans to accomplish their online book reading cravings according to their own demands. Furthermore, you can experience various features like excellent user interface, design and so on. Thus, you can improve your e-books downloading experience to new heights.


4. Feedbooks

Feedbooks is another torrent site for E-books that allow you to access original and public domain E-books free. Through its search benefit, you can explore books on different categories like Short Stories, Novels, Mystery, Fiction, History and much more.


5. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is another public domain E-book site you can opt free. Likewise, you can avail an extensive library that includes more than 57000 free E-books. You can download these books on your preferred devices from anywhere.


6. Smashwords

Smashwords is an independent E-book publishing distributor that helps authors and publishers to thousands of retailers and libraries. Moreover, you can also promote your own E-book if you are an author or publisher.


7. PDF Books World

PDF Books World is another site for E-books you can use to download your favorite E-book torrents without any hassle. Through the site, you can find books on PDF format stress-free. Moreover, you can read all your downloaded books on different devices quite easily.


8. Bookyards

Bookyards just acts like a web portal in which you can explore thousands of free E-books and audiobooks. You can consider these genres like Arts, Computer, Fiction, Biography, History and others. The site also provides easy sharing option you can use on different platforms to achieve your book-reading mission.


9. Wikibooks

Wikibooks is one of those torrenting sites for books that can improve your book reading cravings to another level. What makes Wikibooks different from other torrenting sites is its multi-language feature. After availing the said feature, you can download E-book torrents on various languages.

These languages are English, Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish, and Dutch too.

10. Ebookee

Ebookee is striving hard to become one of the best torrenting E-book sites in near future. The site covers books from various categories like Health, Business, Entertainment, Technology, Graphic & Design and much more.


11. EBookShare

E-book fans can assume EBookShare as one of the best torrent sites for E-books. Interestingly, the site enables you to read all descriptions of your downloaded torrents accordingly. You can discover E-books through title, author name and subject stress-free.

Unfortunately, the site follows DMCA notion in true letter and spirit. Thus, you need to use a VPN while downloading your required E-book torrents.


12. FreeBookSpot

You can include FreeBookSpot in the list of torrent sites for E-books trouble-free. The site allows you to find out your desired book through different options like genre, language and most popularity. Moreover, you have a luxury of exploring books from more than 90 categories.

13. Tech Book for Free

When you want to download books based on tech related categories, Tech Book for Free should be your go-to-choice. You can consider these categories in the form of Computer, Science and Technology. Hence, you are able to accomplish your technology reading cravings straightaway.


Torrent Sites for E-Books Reddit

Reddit is an excellent encyclopedia for those E-books lovers who want to attain neutral reviews about various online books resources. Here is the response of a Reddit user indicating the use of a particular torrent site to download E-books hassle-free.

Torrent Sites for E-Book Twitter

Twitter is another platform like Reddit that allows you to solve all your E-books torrenting related queries straightaway. According to one Twitter follower viewpoint, you can download e-books from best torrent sites without spending a single penny.

Likewise, you can send E-books of your choice to other E-books enthusiasts through best VPN for torrenting in no time. Furthermore, you can avail Reddit E-books download review according to your own terms.

Wrapping Up

We expect you would like our guide on torrent sites for books in 2018. After reviewing our guide, you can opt any torrenting site of your choice to fulfill your E-book reading desires. However, not all the things are rosy with E-books sites for torrenting.

In this case, role of best VPN comes in handy that allow you to secure your online privacy. By doing so, you can download your preferred e-books torrents from anywhere anonymously and securely.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  1. Angela says:

    I can’t believe libgen isn’t on this list, last I checked they have over 3 million books and articles….

    • VPNRanks says:

      Hi Angela,
      Thanks for the awesome suggestion. However, Libgen has been down for quite sometime now.
      Why not checkout the other sites i’ve mentioned above. i’m sure you’ll love them.

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