Toronto Police Website Down after Threats by ‘Anonymous’ Hacker

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The Toronto Police webpage was taken off on Sunday for hours after a hacker claimed on Twitter that he was connected to the “Anonymous” group and threatened to attack it. Police confirmed the attack on the website after the initial investigations but refrained from sharing the details.


Similar Cyberattacks

The attack gained the attention of the media after the high-profile website hacks of the Supreme Court of Canada, Ottawa city and the Ottawa Police made headlines last weekend.

According to CBC Canada, the hacked website of Ottawa city kept prompting the name of a police officer who was involved in investigating a teen who had called in sham emergencies and had compelled the police to station the SWAT teams all across the North America. The name appeared alongside a dancing banana.

In other attacks, the webpages of Supreme Court of Canada and Ottawa Police were replaced with blank pages and the people couldn’t access them. The attacker, @AerithTOR, a twitter user claimed the responsibility for these hack attacks. He is the same user who has warned to breach into the servers of Toronto Police.


Lurking Threats

The attacker seems to have a Turkey based connection. He claims that he is directly connected to the international hackers and will hack the websites of the Parliament of Canada and the Conservative Party of Canada. But as of now, his twitter account is suspended.

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