Top LinkedIn Influencers Open Up On NSA and Edward Snowden!

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Snowden’s revelations accompanied diverse reactions: Some called him a hero – a whistleblower; whereas others declared him a traitor. Snowden revealed the National Security Agency’s ugly truth that they were spying on us. We already had doubts in our minds; however, after Snowden’s revelations, it all became crystal clear.

The revelations and its aftermath originated diverse opinions. Nonetheless, it is quite tough for us to decide who broke the law – the NSA or Snowden. Social media plays a significant role to influence our ideologies and notions. Our thinking, perception and even opinions are persuaded by the influencers we follow. Hence, we asked them to shed light on this concern and furnish this debate with their valuable arguments.

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There are several allies believed to assist the National Security Agency and its activities to spy on us. There are several conspiracies surrounding the National Security Agency – one of them is NSA’s coalition with RSA. As per the revelations and leaked documents, NSA paid $10 million to RSA. This compensation however accompanied a small favor from their end.

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RSA is a tech giant known for its security products. The NSA joined hands with the company – asking them to manufacture flawed products with secret backdoor vulnerabilities that will allow the NSA to spy on us. All NSA wants is to infiltrate our security and violate our privacy rights.



Let’s see what Flemming Ast, a Computer and Network Security Expert and one of the most significant LinkedIn influencers, has to say in this regard.

Flemming Ast

“NSA is in a challenging situation because [of] the need to protect against terror. But miss use (sic) happens when you work with people. So new local products are showing [up] and RSA will lose the market over time. RSA was most likely forced. They broke the law”





Jessica Gonzalez-Marte, Network Engineer and Security Analyst, states that there’s nothing above the law. She didn’t support Snowden’s actions directly. However, she strongly condemned the breach of constitutional rights either by an individual or agency.

Jessica Gonzalez-Marte


“A law is not legal if it contradicts the U.S. Constitution. Laws and agencies that violate rights protected by our Constitution are also not legal, even if they are within the so-called law”.



Not everyone supports Snowden’s actions as Stuart Hotchkiss, Security Manager at HP, strongly favored NSA’s actions – saying that no law was broken by the National Security Agency. He also said that many would find his statement offensive; however, his opinion might be favored by many.

Recently, House Speaker (Boehner) called Snowden a traitor and nothing more. Hence, he should be treated as such. He also stated that there is no way Snowden would have done what he did without foreign support.



Stuart Hotchkiss

“The NSA won’t be prosecuted because it broke no LAW- It may have broken some hearts – most of whom seem to be posting here but no LAWS as such and for sure, if it had done there would be no end of groups going to court”.



Jean Turgeon, Java Developer at Superior Glove Works Ltd., also agrees with the arguments above. As per his statement, Snowden violated the contract with the National Security Agency. However, NSA has violated human rights significantly by depriving citizens of their privacy.

Jean Turgeon

“Snowden have (sic) violated his work contract with the NSA and some US federal laws, but the NSA violated many basic human rights of not only the American population but also [of] many other countries. It’s not even comparable”



Ethan Czereda, working as Service Deck Analyst, also condemns NSA’s practices of violating individuals’ privacy. He said that an optimal remedy to serve in this regard is an encryption that even NSA can’t crack. He also said that even that won’t be a long-term solution to the problem. Perhaps, he knows that the National Security Agency is assembling a quantum computer that will decrypt almost any encryption.

Ethan Czereda

‘As long as the government continues to let the NSA run free, there isn’t a future with reasonable privacy. That is, unless someone creates an encryption that they can’t crack. Even that would be short-lived”



Andy Robinson’sstrong support is reflected clearly from his statement where he denounces complaining about the way NSA does things; and Andy is no stranger to Computer and Network Security as he is the owner and CEO of NMI LLC, an information security consulting company.

Andy Robinson

“NSA personnel are true white hats, compared with most state security agencies, including those that are whining the loudest about NSA surveillance”



Ajayesh Srinivasan

Here are a few more statements from the best LinkedIn influencers who consider that the National Security Agency is to be blamed for this internet security predicament. Many argue that the National Security Agency has significantly violated communication and privacy laws, not only at the national level but also on a global scale.

Ajay Srinivasan, a Security Solutions Architect at IBM Corp., has the following to say about the NSA and its activities:

“The NSA with its XKeyscore program and server monitoring all across the world has broken communication laws all across the planet. Now whether its subject to those laws is something for the ICJ [International Court of Justice] to decide”



Randy B, a Technical Surgeon at Computer Angels, argues that the NSA doesn’t even bother to seek permission from the government or regulatory authorities of the countries whose citizens they spy on. Teddy Lawhead, an expert on IT and Services, supports this argument by stating that the National Security Agency has clearly violated the 4th Amendment; because, they simply can’t access our emails, calls and other online activities without our consent!

Randy B

‘The NSA is blatantly in violation of all our rights not just those within the USA, but those of all countries without any permission of their government or with justification to do so’



Teddy Lawhead

“The NSA clearly has no regard for the 4th Amendment, or they wouldn’t be collecting and indexing our emails, phone calls, and Social Media Activity without our permission”




William Bressette

“The NSA is doing what it should be and has been, all of this is going over public infrastructure which is what they are monitoring. And in my opinion they have every right to. There is no where in the American constitution which protects privacy on the public networks/infrastructure”



Finally, we leave you with a statement that can actually conclude this argument. As per the participation of Evan Francen, President at FR Secure LLC and Information Security Evangelist, both parties are liable and deserve to be blamed. Snowden shouldn’t have leaked such information, he says. Nonetheless, NSA violated our constitutional rights and shouldn’t be continuing to do so, he concluded.

Evan Francen

‘Both have broken the law. Snowden clearly didn’t have authority to take and disclose the information. The NSA has clearly violated (or at least twisted) constitutional rights and limitations”

What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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