Top Cybercrimes & Hack Attacks in August-September 2014

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Threats of cybercrime and hacking attacks loom over the shoulders of internet users on daily basis. The Internet promises to provide liberty and freedom to everyone. There are unwavering forces that work day and night to knockdown users’ online privacy and security for varying reasons.

Whatever the reasons may be, there is no valid justification for these crimes. We have seen a high rise in cybercrime and hacking incidents over the last few months. In this post, we will try to review Cybercrime and hack attacks that have shaken the world in the past few months; and how they can be avoided in the future.


# 4 – Lizard Squad and its Hunt of Gaming Websites

Lizard Squad, now a disbanded group, wreaked havocs on the gaming world when it disabled many famous gaming websites including PlayStation Network. It is believed to have hit the networks of Xbox Live, PlayStation Networks and gaming streaming platforms like Twitch.

The gang was also involved in issuing a bomb threat on twitter to American Airlines Flight which had a high-profile Sony PlayStation Network’s member onboard. However, a group on twitter with @ActivistRev as its username supposedly exposed the elements behind Lizard Squad. Lizard Squad has gone for now, but how long is it before we see the rise of another similar hacking squad?


# 3 – Breach in UPS Server’s Security

Even though, United Parcel Service had been a victim of security breach for almost eight months, it was only recently discovered and dealt with in the month of August.

According to a report, the transactions of around 105,000 users were compromised in over 50 UPS offices. The breach was discovered after a warning was issued by the government about a broad-based malware that intruded many servers because of the inability of traditional antiviruses to detect it. Although the problem has been rectified but it raises countless questions about the security measures at UPS.

# 2 – Attacks of Russian Hackers on the Virtual World

A group of Russian hackers stole 1.2 billion usernames and passwords and more than 5 million email addresses in August 2014 in what seems to be the biggest hacking incidents of all times. They sneaked into 420,000 websites all over the world from where they stole the credentials of users.

According to security experts of Hold Security the Russian hackers did not target a specific region. Their victims list was long and it comprised of established as well as startup companies. For those of you who are trying to look at the positive side, here’s news for you:

The hackers have not sold the information or used it to commit frauds as of yet. Instead they are using the information to send spam emails and tweets to earn their share of money.


# 1 – Leaked Pictures of Celebrities

Recently the scandal of leaked private pictures of celebrities was a hot topic for discussion for everyone. Apple’s iCloud service was heavily criticized with Kirsten Dunst tweeting “Thank You iCloud” after many of her private pictures were made public. Hackers breached the security of Apple’s iCloud service and posted private pictures of celebrities including Kirsten Dunst, Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna on the internet. While Apple was criticized for iCloud, it maintained the opinion that the targets of hacking were very specific. According to Apple, it must have taken them (hackers) years to leak the pictures that had already been deleted by the victims before the pictures were made public.


The Solution: The Need for VPNs

It has become very important for the users to have their devices and computers equipped with a VPN. A VPN does not only help you bypass the geo-restrictions and limitations, it also helps you protect from all kinds of cybercrimes and online surveillance agencies.

A VPN encrypts your data to make sure that your data is protected. VPNs support up to 256-bit encryption to make sure that the users surf internet without any fear of falling prey to hacking and phishing. And it also makes sure that you access all the data you want to without being too worried about your online security and privacy.



A double-edged sword hangs over the heads of the internet users. They are facing constant threats of hacking and other cybercrimes more frequently than ever before. From the leaked celebrity pictures to the shutdown of Sony PlayStation Network and other gaming networks, one thing is common: hackers and cybercriminals won’t back down.

We are at a war against cybercriminals and cybercrime incidents are increasing significantly. It is up to us to protect ourselves from the eyes of hackers as well as online surveillance agencies. To combat all the potential threats of cybercrimes, we must use a VPN which provides us access to blocked contents while keeping our online identity safe and secure.

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