Top 5 Useful Android Apps For Everyone

Owning an Android phone is not enough these days. These apps are the top Android apps of 2016 and can help you improve the functionality and features of your Android smartphone by tenfold. Almost all of them are free so try them out today to take your Android phone to the next level!


Google Photos

Some people prefer apps like Snapseed (4.4 stars) and Fotor Photo Editor (4.5 stars) to edit, store, beautify and jazz up their photos. However, user reviews show that the Google Photos app is the most functional of them all.

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The Google Photos app has been installed by over 500 million people and is great for people who want to simplify the storage, editing, sharing and searching of their photos. In addition, Google Photos also helps create collages and allows users to create shared albums/collages with a user-friendly interface.


Pure VPN

Pure VPN is the finest choice when it comes to provide anonymously access geo-restricted websites. The app provides impenetrable data security and complete online freedom; by giving you the choice to connect to the VPN server in the location of your choice.

  • Accessibility – through VPN servers positioned to bypass geo-restrictions
  • Anonymity – through IP address cloaking with multiple shared IP addresses
  • Security – through data encryption and tunneling

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The app works beautifully on the free plan and also offers advanced features to users who sign-up for the paid plan.

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SHAREit works 200 times faster than regular Bluetooth and transfers files without taking a toll on your bandwidth or mobile data limits. The app is preferred thanks to its extensive compatibility over mobile smartphone platforms (including smartphones and tablets for all popular operating systems).

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The SHAREit file transfer app supports a file transfer speed of up to 10 MB/s, which explains the five hundred million downloads and a decidedly positive rating on GooglePlay.


Drupe Contacts and Dialer

Drupe is a smart contact and communications app that centralizes all of your contacts (from all your instant messaging apps). Through Drupe, you can make calls and send messages to your contacts; or set reminders to help yourself stay in touch.

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The address book is neat and easy to manage, with a user friendly grouping option that lets you communicate with multiple contacts simultaneously.

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Nova Launcher

With a 4.5 rating on GooglePlay and a download record of almost 50 million users, Nova Launcher is one of the most popular and user-friendly launcher apps for smartphones.

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You can change icons, animations, themes, layouts, and more with the handy little Nova Launcher. User reviews of the app confirm that it is one of the most customizable launchers on GooglePlay. You can replace the boring scrolling with vertical scrolling, group widgets together, alter colors, and so much more!

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In A Nutshell

You can download and enjoy these applications from Google Play store. All of these applications are for free. Feel free to recommend any application that you have tried and loved, or you’re your  feedback on these apps if you’ve already tried them out.

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