Top 3 Reasons to Watch Arrow Season 3

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The season 3 of Arrow started off with “The Calm”. Honestly speaking, it was everything but calm. The episode had all the elements of thrills and entertainment in it. The season 3 did not lose the momentum and started off from where it left the season 2.

The episode had both its ups and downs. Ups – because of introduction of new characters, Downs – because of the death of a fan favorite character. In short, The Calm has given us a slight idea about the episodes that will follow in the season 3. If you haven’t followed it yet, don’t worry. We’ll give you the top 3 reasons to follow the season 3 now!


(3) Badass Action Pack Series

As the name suggests, Arrow is a drama action TV series based on DC Comic characters. The story revolves around a group of individuals that takes up the daunting challenge of cleaning up the Starling City from the mess of criminals.

The series starts off with the Team Arrow chasing down the bad guys to stop an arm deals. With the help of Felicity, the team manages to stop the deal and take down the bad guys. The chase sequence has been shot brilliantly. And all the stunts took Arrow to a whole new level. 10/10 for the effort!

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(2) The Introduction of New Characters

A few more members were added to the cast of Arrow this season. Out of all the characters, the former Superman actor Brandon Routh makes a notable appearance. The actor plays the role of Ray Palmer, a genius billionaire who is after the Queen Consolidated Company and tries to steal it away. He even convinces the protagonist Oliver, that he is the right man for the job.

However only time will unfold how Ray and Oliver will battle each other because of personal and professional reasons. Peter Stormare (who is known for his character of Gaear Grimsrud in Fargo) also makes an appearance this season. He plays the role of Werner Zytle, a street dealer, who takes up the place of Count Vertigo after the original was killed by Green Arrow.

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(1) Sara’s Death

Yes, Sara Lance is dead. Dead with a capital D. Such was the brutality of her death. She had escaped death quite a few times before and even the fans knew that this was going to happen someday. Fortunately or unfortunately, it happened in the first episode of Season 3. She was shot in the abdomen three times, causing her to fall from the roof on her back on a dumpster.

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Don’t forget to check out the trailer of Arrow Season 3.

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