Top 10 Tweets as a Reaction to Whatsapp’s New Tick Feature

Have you heard of Whatsapp’s new feature? No? Poor you. Whatsapp has now included a latest feature (blue double tick) that tells you that your message has been read by the receiver, as if the “Last Seen” feature wasn’t enough for the users.

It was only earlier this year when Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would acquire Whatsapp for US$19 billion. Mind you, Facebook, arguably the most popular social network, was criticized heavily by Edward Snowden for its poor online security.

People were already annoyed by the “Last Seen” feature but with the addition of the “Blue Tick”, their annoyance has gone to a whole new level. How did the Twitterati react to this news? Let’s find out.
Baby Baby. Yes Mama. Will You Ignore Me? No Mama. #ThankYouWhatsapp


Who’s the boss b***hes?


Teenagers and their relationships…


Weird Stalker Alert!


This guy has a point though.


 We agree, Whatsapp should have warned the Royal Twitterati before deciding to update it all by itself!


Does your friendship depend on Whatsapp? If it does, I’ve got some bad news for you…


Some guys will never change. Anos – 1  Whatsapp – 0


Hope is not lost though…


Or maybe it’s high time to stop ignoring others… #JustSaying


We hope you liked our list of top 10 tweets. Feel free to let us know what you think of the new feature in the comments section!

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