The Day We Fight Back – Stop the NSA Mass Surveillance

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The Fire Starter

Beware! Every move you make online – is watched. Anything you post, share or update is accessed. All your communications, phone calls and chats are accessed, analyzed and stored by the unwanted eyes. We are under mass surveillance – we are not alone. Ignorant to the significance and importance of our privacy, we refrain to act against these unethical and unlawful practices.

Complacency have become our habit and ignorance our attitude. Prism, Upstream, Cryptography and Meta Data Collection are the NSA regimes we came across after Snowden’s revelation. It has been years since these regimes were put to effect. Since years, we were victimized by online surveillance. We were not fully aware of all these regimes. For us, they were like rumors unworthy to pay attention.

Snowden was the one who said ENOUGH. He was the one who refused to keep-up to the mainstream. He was the one who dared to say otherwise. Thanks to our whistle blower, all the secrets were revealed; all the dirty tricks adopted by the vigilant agencies like the NSA and GCHQ to spy on us. Ignorance is a bliss but we take this metaphor way too seriously. When we were unaware, we didn’t bother to seek the truth. Now that we know, we don’t seem to care.

Today is the day we put an end to this menace. Today is the day to fight for our rights. Today is the day to claim what is constitutionally ours. Today is February 11th, 2014 and The Day We Fight Back.



How it All Started

Let me take you two years back. It was January 18th 2012, a beautiful day like any other. Ignorant and careless as we are today; we all were busy to cope with our routine targets and to live our busy life. It was the day our rights were compromised; but, this time, the spectators and so-called policy makers targeted the free knowledgebase. It was the day when SOPA significantly mutilated open Internet and free knowledgebase(s) via an anti-piracy legislation.

SOPA’s bill referring to the revival of an anti-piracy legislation not only targeted free information sources but diverse other platforms with yet another blow to our online liberation. SOPA’s regimes were brought to an end by the efforts of many privacy concerned activists; however, it seems that privacy meets new foes every day.

With the passage of time, it was discovered that there are bigger threats to worry about. Piracy and security victimizers like the NSA who has been secretly spying on us are much more dangerous than SOPA. Two years back, we fought for our right and witnessed the results. It proves that our initiatives no matter how diminutive they seem create a bull-whip effect. The lesson was learned; it was time for practical implementation. The situation faced on January 18th 2012 and the preceding events incepted an ideology for February 11th 2014 and The Day We Fight Back.


If we can defeat SOPA and PIPA with largest Internet protest in history then we can defeat the NSA as well. The Day We Fight Back is an anti-spying protest organized in the loving memory of Aaron Swartz, an anti-SOPA activist who died in a tragic death.


How to Participate or Contribute

Protests against SOPA and PIPA were successful because we all participated or contributed in one way or another. We forgot all our differences and joined the cause for our common goal. We were not separated by different factors and preferences; we were a single community fighting for its rights of online liberation. Today, we fight for our privacy rights; today we will be one again.

The way of participation in this cause is quite simple. If you own a website, embed a banner or a widget showing your participation in the protest (The Day We Fight Back). This not only reflects your participation but you can also encourage your visitors to participate in the protest.

There are no requirements for the signup. You are free to participate. It doesn’t matter if you are a tech giant, a multinational corporation, a startup company, an SME, an online retailer or an ordinary user with different social media accounts. If that’s too much for you to do; simply change your profile picture on a preferred social media account and show your support for the protest. You can also participate in different discussions on Redit regarding the protest to show you’re interested. Remember! Together we took down SOPA and PIPA regulations. We did it once; we can do it again.




The Wrap Up

There’s no end of this story; there’s no conclusion to be drawn. The climax to this curtain raiser is solely dependent on our response and participation. The Day We Fight Back doesn’t represent the objectives of a particular person, group or country. The event strives to target the mutual goals of all Netizens living in divergent regions of the world that form a single community; the community whose privacy rights have been victimized countless times.

The Day We Fight Back aims to bring an end to mass surveillance by vigilant agencies and culminate this chaos once and for all. The question is: do you have the guts to show resilience? Do you dare to participate? Do you think that it is time to say ENOUGH?

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