The 2014 Hack in Paris

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The last year has been a bad one for cyber-security with hack-attacks on the rise and cybercriminals innovating to new heights to carry out their hack-attacks. The world needs to come together to fight these hack-attacks, and it is coming together in Paris!

This year’s Hack in Paris will is currently underway and is scheduled to continue till the 27th of June after having started on the 23rd of this month.

This is the fourth time that this event is taking place. The corporate event is expected to see more than double the attendance of 400 attendees that were present last year. The international conference is taking place in Disneyland Paris inside the Conference Center and will allow experts and veterans in the IT security industry to come together.

Hack in Paris is going to give special attention to pre-emptive measures for hack-attacks with speakers from around the world sharing their experience and ideas with each other. The debates and talks that will take place at the Hack in Paris will focus on the following areas:

Industrial Espionage: The cutting edge of the impending global cyber-war that threatens to bring entire industries to their knees in developed countries.

Penetration Testing: Intentionally attacking a system with the intention of detecting weaknesses, loopholes and backdoors in the system.

Physical Security: Measures taken to ensure the physical security of a system by setting up access checks and visual surveillance to facilitate physical security.

Forensics: The collection, analysis and mining of evidence to identify bread-crumbs left by hackers before, during and after hack-attacks.

Malware Analysis: The reverse-engineering of dirty programs to find weaknesses that can be addressed to strengthen systems and make future malware ineffective.

Counter-Measures: Reactive measures that can be used after a hack-attack has taken place in order to minimize damage, limit the scope of the attack and stop the attack altogether. Some great speakers will be showing up to contribute at the Hack in Paris.

Scheduled speakers include Winn Schwartau, Paul Coggin, Thomas Wang, Josep Pi Rodriguez, Pedro Guillén Núñez, Francis Alexander, Krzysztof Kotowicz, Thomas Roth, Jayson E. Street and Mario Heiderich amongst others.

Learn more about the Hack in Paris at the official website.


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