Systems Secretly Use CellPhones to Spy 24/7 Across the Globe

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Imagine if you had the power to look up your friend’s location on a website as simple as Google maps. That technology exists, it is legitimate and it has been designed for mass-scale consumer use. It is usually sold to government agencies and is meant to assist provide 100% target tracking.


Creating Information from Data

Companies like Verint work round the clock and across the globe to assist anybody with the right amount of cash in keeping an eye on you!

Information about your location and movement habits is called ‘Actionable Intelligence’. It is information that is collected for the singular purpose of assisting in the three-step process of (1) location, (2) tracking and (3) manipulation.

The companies that create software to help agencies keep tabs on targets specialize in analytic software, surveillance architecture, strategic intervention and business intelligence.


Not Everybody’s Cup of Tea

The worse part about systems like SkyLock is that the victims of these systems have no idea that their moves are being tracked and that there plans are being created to manipulate these movements.

If you haven’t heard about such services it is because these information-related service providers function secretly and do not provide information about their services to the general public. These are specialized services and have a very special consumer market. The common man can never comprehend the scope of these services.


You Are Under Real-time Surveillance

Simply put, if you are getting cell phone reception, you are a small blue dot in a map on somebody’s computer screen. Your phone does not have to be GPS enabled because the tracking system uses global accepted/implemented communication protocols (such as the Signalling System No. 7) to carry out real-time surveillance.

These services function by using modern day man’s greatest weakness: the need to stay connected! You know that you might leave your home and run away from your folks but you won’t go anywhere without your smartphone; and that is why you will always be on the radar!

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