Swedish Citizens Sued for Using P2P Sharing

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Swedish tech-geeks beware! Telecom authorities and law enforcement agencies have initiated a crackdown against users of torrents and P2P file sharing services. Internet service providers including Bahnhof and others are forced to share users data with authorities. However, the Stockholm-based ISP Bahnhof has taken a stand and refused to hand over its subscriber data to anyone including the police.

Considering the matter, it is clear that netizens data privacy is under threat. Swedish ISPs have reported receiving 27.5% of overall requests related to online file sharing. The number exceeds the requests for other crimes such as sex assaults, theft and child abuse.

Swedish residents are seeking for a solution and way out to avoid ISPs and copyright trolls from tracking their internet activities. Similarly, social media platforms and privacy forums are exploding with queries from privacy conscious users regarding this initiative:

How to Safely Download Torrents & P2P Files in Sweden

So how do you safely download torrents and P2P files from within Sweden?

The answer is a VPN. A Virtual Private Network is the safest and cost effective tool for torrent users to evade ISP monitoring and get rid of copyright trolls. The moment you try to seed or leech a torrent, your IP address becomes visible to ISPs, copyright trolls and every other person on earth who eavesdrop on your online activities.

A VPN cloaks your IP address by replacing it with one from its own server, making you anonymous over the web. Moreover, the leading edge tunneling protocols route your traffic through overseas VPN servers where P2P and torrents are legal. In this way, you can enjoy torrenting and P2P sharing from anywhere in the world. Our editorial reviews and individual testing suggests the following VPN for torrenting.

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Each of these VPN services offer broad range of servers spread across major regions of the world. It provides users with a variety of server locations to connect and these servers are optimized for the use of torrents and P2P file sharing services.

Final Words

Illegal media streaming has brought down torrent industry giants like YIFY torrents in past. It was not long when DMCA took notice of copyrights violation and infringement of legal content, resulting in the shutdown of many illicit streaming services and websites.

Sweden has imposed similar measures to stop the breaching of legal media. However, with a no-activity log policy, a VPN ensures that none of the user’s browsing activity is exposed to ISPs and law enforcement agencies. In addition to this, a wide range of tunneling protocols passes user’s data through encrypted tunnels, making it difficult for anyone to see the transmitted data.

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