Suspected Hack Attack Forces State Dept. to Shutdown Email

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In what appears to be a string of targeted hack attacks on US government institutions, the latest victim – the US State Dept., has recently been cornered into shutting down its email. It is being said that the unclassified email address was shut down to determine the impact of the hack attack.

According to Associated Press (AP), the outage was planned and the email address was shut down on Friday after the suspected hack attacks were detected. Initial reports claim that none of the classified email addresses of the US State Dept. were affected.

According to a senior official, who spoke to AP on condition of remaining anonymous, the suspected attacks only targeted unclassified email addresses and no was activity detected in the portions of its classified email addresses. “No data was compromised on the classified email systems of US State Dept.”, he said.

According to AP, the US State Dept. refrained from commenting on the outage and is expected to address the issue on Monday or Tuesday. It is unclear who is behind these hack attacks. The previous hack attacks were blamed on Russian and Chinese hackers, yet it was never made public if they were really involved or not.

The US weather system revealed last week that four state websites were compromised in a hack attack that Chinese hackers were responsible for those attacks. Before the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s hack attack, it was the US Postal Service that made the headlines due to hack attacks. But the biggest was the USPS hack attack; in which the information of 80,000 employees was compromised.

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