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Supremacy Kodi is probably the most decorated add-on the Kodi world has ever seen. It is a Movie, TV Show, and a Live TV add-on, but manages to offer 3D, 4K, and HD quality videos. None of the add-on has managed to bring such abundant features such as Supremacy Repository and that reflects on this add-on.

This guide provides detailed steps on how to install Supremacy on Kodi Krypton and Jarvis. But before you start watching Free Movies and TV Series, you need to get the VPN for Kodi. Why? Because it keeps your online identity hidden while you stream content for free. Also, view other Kodi addons such as this one to watch related video content.

How to Install Supremacy on Kodi Krypton Version 17.6

Step 1: Launch Kodi on your system > Select Settings icon from the top menu


Step 2: Tap on File Manager > Double click on Add Source


Step 3: Click ‘None’ option > Paste the URL > Press OK


Step 4: Name the repository as Supremacy > Press OK


Step 5: Return to Kodi Main Menu

Step 6: Now click on Add-ons menu > Tap on the above Box icon


Step 7: Choose Install from Zip File > Then select Supremacy


Step 8: Now click on repository.supremacy-2.5 > Then select > Wait for the repository to install


Step 9: Select Install from Repository > Find and select Supremacy from the list


Step 10: Go to Video Add-ons > Select Supremacy > Now press Install


Step 11: Once the add-on is installed, go back to Kodi Home > Click on Add-ons > Then Video Add-ons


Step 12: Tap to open Supremacy addon > Now select any category and enjoy watching Movies, TV Shows and Live TV.


How to Install Supremacy on Kodi Jarvis Version 16

Step 1: Open Kodi > Click on System menu

Step 2: Go to File Manager > Then double click on Add Source

Step 3: Tap ‘None’

Step 4: Now paste the URL > Press Done  

Step 5: Type the name of repository i.e. Supremacy > Press Done > Then OK

Step 6: Roll back to Kodi Home

Step 7: Here you need to select System menu again

Step 8: Click on Add-ons menu > Choose Install from Zip File

Step 9: Tap on Supremacy > Click on repository.supremacy-2.5

Step 10: Then click on > Wait until the repository is installed

Step 11: Select Install from Repository > Choose Supremacy from the list

Step 12: Go to Video Add-ons > Select Supremacy > Press Install > Enjoy watching free media content

How to Install Supremacy Kodi on FireStick

Step 1: Before you begin, you need to install Kodi on FireStick and only then you can proceed

Step 2: Launch FireStick Home > Click on Settings option at the top menu

Step 3: Now go to Applications menu > Then click on Manage Installed Applications

Step 4: Find and select Kodi from the list

Step 5: Once you open Kodi, you need to follow the same steps to install Supremacy addon as mentioned in the guide above

Directly Download Supremacy Kodi

Step 1: First, you are required to download Supremacy Kodi zip file and save it on your system

Step 2: Now open Kodi > Click on Add-ons menu

Step 3: Here you need to select Box icon

Step 4: Choose Install from Zip File > Now Upload and Navigate the downloaded zip file from your system

Step 5: Now wait for the repository to install

Step 6: Go to Install from Repository > Select Supremacy from the list

Step 7: Click on Video Add-ons > Tap on Supremacy > Hit Install

How to Use Supremacy Kodi to Watch Free Movies and TV Shows

Step 1: Open Supremacy Kodi add-on > Choose New Releases section from the list


Step 2: Select any recent Movie from the list


Step 3: Now select a streaming link


Step 4: Now start streaming the Movie


Supremacy Kodi Alternatives

Supremacy is an All-in-One Kodi add-on that happens to have everything i.e. 1,000+ of Movies and TV Series, 100’s of Live TV Channels, and Kids Movies. If this add-on in some way stops working, you can try following add-ons that are similar to Supremacy Kodi.

Supremacy Kodi Repo

Every day in the news we hear a Kodi crackdown that results in a shutdown of Kodi repositories. Hence, it is important to provide our users with alternatives to Supremacy repository where you can find Supremacy Kodi addon. Kodil Repository that can now be found in Lazy Kodi Repo is the only alternative.

Supremacy Kodi Reviews

Creating an account on Real Debrid and then logging into the account from within Supremacy addon would do the trick. Real Debrid requires paid subscription and then it shows Movies and TV Shows with HD and 4K quality links.

Supremacy has been working tirelessly to bring new add-on for Kodi users and that’s what reflects in Kodi community. Its add-on shows PPV events as well and that is what exactly online users want.

Supremacy Kodi Not Working/Issues/Error

1. Could Not Connect to Repository

This error appears due to more than one reason. The major reason being when you insert a wrong repository URL or your internet is not working. It can also appear when the URL has been shut down.


Fixing this problem requires you to check whether your internet connection is currently working. Also, make sure you have inserted a correct URL. Do insert a slash (/) at the end of URL.

2. Supremacy Kodi No Stream Available

Supremacy Kodi fetches data for any video content from the internet. This error appears when the original source of the data is removed or due to full Kodi cache.


To resolve this problem, it is imperative that you clear your Kodi cache. Open, the add-on > Click on Tools > Select Clear Cache > Press OK. For a detail understanding of solving this problem, you need to visit Kodi No Stream Available Error and start streaming your favorite content.

The Wrap Up

The best place ever to watch all different kinds of video content remains undoubtedly be Supremacy Kodi add-on. It is developed by the Supremacy repository, which has lingered with Kodi community for many years. Currently, it has managed to bring top of the line add-on that features 3D Movies, 4K Movies, HD Movies, Live TV, and so much more. This guide explains how to watch Supremacy on Kodi Krypton 17.6 and Jarvis 16.