StubHub Customers’ Credit Card Information Stolen

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StubHub Hacked

StubHub user accounts compromised. An international group of cybercriminals considered responsible for the hack. The hack attack on StubHub infiltrated security to access users’ account information. The hackers then used the credit card information of those affected by the hack for different online transactions – buying tickets for events, concerts and sporting activities.



The Culpable

It has been reported that a group of six people was responsible for StubHub fraud. After effective execution of the plan the culpable transferred proceeds to a network of accomplices operational in the US, UK, Russia and Canada.


Bad Luck eBay

I don’t know why but due to some reason all bad things in the digital universe readily happen with eBay. Syrian Army kicked-off this year with their hack attack on eBay and 2013 wasn’t that pleasant either. StubHub is an eBay subsidiary. StubHub acts as a third party facilitating buying and selling activities of its customers.



Bypassing Security

Lately, StubHub discovered that more than thousand of their customer accounts were hacked.  The hackers infiltrated StubHub’s security and executed the hack in order to get their hands on the customers’ credit card information.

StubHub’s security wasn’t that easy to crack though. Considering increasing number of hack attacks in the digital universe, StubHub implemented contemporary security measures to prohibit unauthorized access. Nevertheless, the hackers somehow bypassed the security using credit card information of other victims.


How Did It Happen

In order to culminate their future attempts and bring them to justice, law enforcement authorities took into practice different measures to track and find the culpable. They examined the bank accounts, PayPal registrations and other accounts that might have been used by the group involved.

It is believed that the group bypassed StubHub’s security measures using information of additional victims. There have been many information and data leaks such as Target incident from where the group might have got its hands on user information. Keystroke loggers or malware can also be the facilitators to group’s plan.


Final Words

How the group bypassed security measures, is still a mystery. Before the incident could do any damage, StubHub informed its customers about the hack. In its official statement, StubHub declared that the customers are its first priority and those affected by the hack shall be refunded if they had to bear any losses due to unauthorized transactions.

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