5 Best Stremio VPNs for 2018

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Stremio is a media player that brings all the latest media content in one place. Access Stremio player with Stremio VPNs of 2018 and unblock geo-restricted Stremio addons and stay protected while streaming copyright material.

For free streaming of Movies and TV Shows on Stremio, you need to install Streamio addons. View the list of our best Stremio addons for watching the latest media content.

What is Stremio?

Stremio is a media player that offers a remote streaming service on your device. Stremio makes it easier to access entertainment files over the internet. There is a contrasting similarity of Stremio with other media players as Kodi, Popcorn Time, or Plex.


Stremio allows you to watch files from many different sources through its media player. Stremio user can watch free Movies, TV Shows, and Live IPTV, for as long as they want. However, Stremio does not supply these entertainment files, but only fetches from different sources, through Stremio third-party add-ons. Even you can easily install Stremio on Firestick by following the guide.

Stremio – The New Kodi

For everyone who are so distressed and disgruntled over the closure of many Kodi repositories over the last month, can now feel relieved, as Stremio becomes the new Kodi.


Stremio is strikingly similar to Kodi, not in the interface, but how it works. Stremio also offers free streaming of Movies and TV Shows with the help of official and third-party add-ons, just like Kodi. However, the major difference between Kodi and Stremio is that, Stremio add-ons will never shut down.

Stremio add-ons are the beauty of Stremio media player, and that is what makes it a potential replacement of Kodi. You can watch all your favourite media content all day long without encountering a broken link or source.

Stremio is the perfect fit for your streaming needs and that definitely replaces Kodi in the near future.

How to Setup Stremio VPN

The easier way to use a Stremio VPN is to set it up in the background and keep using Stremio service for as long as you want. Here are the steps to setup Stremio VPN:

Step 1: Select a VPN provider from the table listed below

Step 2: Download the Setup on your device

Step 3: Enter Login and Password

Step 4: Start using Stremio services

Using Stremio with a VPN

As discussed earlier, Stremio offers both official add-ons and third-party add-ons. However, it is entirely optional for Stremio users to install a Stremio third-party add-on.

For anyone watching a copyright material, we would advise to use a VPN to stay protected. A VPN will prevent exposing your online activity with the strongest 256-bit encryption. Even Stremio itself claims that it is entirely users’ responsibility if they want to use third-party add-ons.

Best VPN Services for Stremio of 2018

We recommend 5 of the best VPN services for Stremio when watching copyright material on the Stremio media player.

Furthermore, you can watch your favorite media content on free media streaming service such as PrimeWire.

Thus, you can attain your PrimeWire unblocked mission with a VPN of your choice from the below list of VPN services.

RankProvidersPrice ($)DiscountMore Info
Editor's Choice
$2.48Per Month
77% Off
2 Year Deal
$3.29Per Month
72% Off
2 Years Plan
$8.32Per Month
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$4.87Per Month
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Ivacy VPN
$1.99Per Month
78% OFF
2 Years Deal

PureVPN – Best for Stremio Buffering


Say farewell to Stremio buffering with PureVPN as it helps in preventing ISP throttling. The reason why videos takes so much time to load is because your ISP is preventing you from viewing such websites. PureVPN makes it possible to bypass ISP throttling and view Stremio videos without buffering.

To learn more about PureVPN, view our detailed PureVPN review.

NordVPN – All Stremio Devices Protected

NordVPN-for-StremioNordVPN makes it possible for Stremio users to connect its VPN for many devices and to keep their online activity protected. NordVPN Apps are available for many devices and you can use six simultaneous connections on your separate devices.

To learn more about how NordVPN works, view our detailed NordVPN review.

Express VPN –Keeps your Online Identity Protected

ExpressVPN-Stremio-VPNExpressVPN is a preferred choice for most when using a VPN for Stremio. With a 256-bit strong encryption, it makes it possible to encrypt your internet traffic. Thus, you can stream all you want with Stremio by avoiding detection.

To learn more about ExpressVPN, view our detailed ExpressVPN review.

PrivateVPN –Faster Streaming with Stremio

Faster streaming is all what is required by online users, and PrivateVPNPrivateVPN brings that for you. PrivateVPN helps you connect to a server that allows faster streaming for Stremio. Make your Stremio media player a faster streaming platform with PrivateVPN.

To learn more about PrivateVPN, view our detailed PrivateVPN review.

IvacyVPN –Unblock Stremio Regionally Restricted Add-ons

IVacy-VPN-for-StremioIvacyVPN helps unblocking Live IPTV channels that you may find in Stremio. With 275+ servers in 100+ locations, switch your server location to the original location of the IPTV channel and enjoy streaming.

To learn more about Ivacy, view our detailed Ivacy review.

Stremio VPNs

On using a Stremio VPN, you will be accessing the internet on a nominated VPN server. Therefore, your internet traffic will be diverted to a nominated VPN server. A VPN server will encrypt your internet traffic and you will be able to access all destinations with ease.

Your IP address will be replaced with a VPN’s IP address, so technically it makes your location impossible to trace. When you connect to a VPN server which is located in the same country where you want to access the streaming service, you will be able to access the content without any hassle.

Regional Website Restrictions


Before there was any broadband or an ISP controlling your internet, people would go to cinemas or get entertainment in their homes. Apparently, it was easier to control who watches what content.

However, things have started to take turns. Currently, every country has laws on what public can view. So many legal complications have restricted streaming services and copyright content to prevail.

For example, the language and cultural barriers are difficult to curtail unless a show has been directed for a global audience. Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and other streaming services are still unavailable in many different countries. A regional restriction is placed onto those websites that prevents people from different countries to access their streaming services.

Cross-border Access

The internet you are using has a unique address, called the IP address that identifies your location. Many countries block cross-border access over the internet. Meaning, you will not be able to access other country’s websites if they have regional restrictions.

Let’s assume you have gone for vacations or for work outside your country. You will not be able to access your own country’s websites if you wanted if they are geo-restricted. The only way you can access any website on the internet, is through a Stremio VPN.

Smart DNS withStremio

Let’S assume you want to watch movies and TV shows on Stremio, but don’t want to break any laws, then you can deploy Smart DNS. Smart DNS comes in handy when there are regional restrictions for watching any content.

However, Smart DNS will only change the server location from where your internet is logged-in, but it will never encrypt the data. This would result in fast streaming, but it could also endanger online security.

Therefore, it is recommended that Stremio users must use Stremio VPN for a safer internet use that would never compromise your online activity.

Risks of using Stremio without a VPN

Using Stremio without a VPN could be risky while attempting to use a third-party Stremio add-on. A VPN will hide your internet activity and your existing location, hence providing you complete anonymity.

Third-party Stremio add-ons streams free Movies and TV Shows, and that is why you need a Stremio VPN to hide online activity. Using a VPN further prevent your internet connection from ISP throttling.

Your ISPs may slow down your internet connection when viewing Stremio or any other website that offers free Movies and TV Shows. This is known as ISP throttling. The best way to bypass ISP throttling is using a VPN. Find out about the best craigslist vpn too.

To Wrap Things Up

Stremio is gradually replacing Kodi as a perfect media player for streaming online content. Soon, it will take over as a preferred media player amongst online users. With the help of stremio add-ons, you are able to access to free Movies, TV Shows, and Live IPTV for as long as you want. However, be sure to use Stremio VPN of 2018 when accessing copyright material so that you keep your online identity protected.




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  1. Brian says:

    nord vpn is not compatible with Stremio. that came from their website chat. some how i don’t think this a misprint but quite possibly intentional. An update may be inorder, there are some that would think something illegal happening here.

    • Baloch says:

      Hey Brian, there are two ways to get Stremio VPN. It is either you install the VPN client into Stremio with an APK or you use a VPN app in the background on your desktop and start streaming Stremio. Either case, your online privacy is secured because your IP is masked.

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