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Watch Amir ‘King’ Khan vs Chris Algieri on 29th May, 2015

If you are a fan of either of the mentioned superstars, or you live in the UK or the US, this is the fight you should not miss out on. If you are located in the US, our first advise to you would be to get the tickets to witness the history live. If, for some reason, you are unable to go to the boxing arena, watch it on Spike TV (cable) or you can still watch live PBC Boxing fight between King Khan and Algieri online only on Spike TV.

The boxing live streaming will be available to the users, but with limited access for viewership in the US only. Not only are we going to tell you how to watch boxing online from anywhere, but we are also going to list out the names of other channel as well that will be broadcasting a different fight between different superstars on a different day.


How to Watch Boxing Live Online

We will give Al Haymon all the credit for all the good work that he is doing, but even then there are some questions that are left unanswered, probably because, he does not have the right to force the broadcasters to make them stream the live matches outside the US. But there is a way with which you cannot only watch live PBC boxing fights, but you can also unblock other digital media content as well.

Since the content on the virtual world is made available based on the IPs of the users, what if we tell you that you can change your IP address without having much effect on the speed of your internet connection? Sounds like a good idea, no? Well, with any of the below mentioned VPN services, not only will you be able to watch boxing live streaming at the Premier Boxing Championship but you will also be able to unblock many other things.

We have shortlisted some VPN service providers that will help you in overcoming the geo-restrictions set on Khan vs Algieri match outside the US

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3 Years Plan
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$8.32 Per Month
Best for Private Browsing
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What is Premier Boxing Championship?

In his efforts to revive the world of boxing, Al Haymon – a former boxer now turned adviser and manager has come up with an idea that promises to provide a new look to the game of boxing. Started off only two months ago, the promotional Premier Boxing Championship seeks to get the sought-after attention of the mainstream media.


What’s Unique in Premier Boxing Championship?

The implementation of high-end technology to get enhanced insights of the game, musical concert, cards scheduled fights and coverage by the different mainstream media channels unlike the pay-per-view and pay-television do not only provide for great viewing, but also contribute to making the game go global. The Premier Boxing Championship is being broadcast by some of the biggest TV channels of the US.


Stats favor King Khan

If you are a neutral fan, brace yourself for a great viewing. Khan’s critics have already labeled Chris Algieri as a “Cherry Pick” by Khan and they are already mocking him for not fighting against Brook or Thurman. But who are we to say anything? We think it won’t be easy for King Khan either to go unscathed.

We did some math and found out that King Khan definitely holds an advantage over Algieri. In his 33 matches Khan has won 30 and lost only three, whereas Algieri, in his 21 matches, has won 20 matches and lost only one. But when it comes to winning the matches by knocking out your opposition, Khan definitely holds a solid advantage over Algieri.

Khan has won 19 off 30 matches by knocking out his competitor, whilst Algieri has won only 8 off 20 matches he won. We are definitely looking forward to this match and so should you because on Friday – 29th May, 2015, New York will see what it has been missing.