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How to Watch the NBA Playoffs Final?

Postpone whatever you are planning on to do on the 04th of June, 2015. Why, you might ask? Well the Cavaliers are going to battle it out with the Warriors who have simply been the best team of the season. But as Bill Simmons says, “But that’s the thing about basketball: you don’t play games on paper.” It won’t be easy for both to overcome each other.

Having said that, we believe it is in the best interest of everyone to fine tune their TVs, work on their internet connections and make sure they have access to all the channels that will be broadcasting the finals! If you are planning to live stream NBA playoffs then you must have access to one of the below mentioned TV channels.


Watch NBA Playoffs Final Online

Before you decide to give up on your chances of watching NBA Playoffs live, we will advise you to run a background check on a few things. Why is the channel not accessible in your region? Why is the live feed unavailable? Is it because of your geo-location? If you have been bogged down due to the restrictions, we will advise you to reset your IP address.

Confused? Wondering how you can do it? With a VPN service, you can connect to the US server and get a US IP address in no time, enabling you to watch the live streaming of NBA Playoffs finals. After testing the services of many of the VPN providers, we have found the services of the below mentioned VPN providers better than the rest.

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What to Expect?

Anything less than a thriller would be a great injustice to the buildup of the NBA Playoffs final. People might dispute that Warriors have had a decent outing this season and they deserve to win the trophy, but it is the comeback of the Cavaliers that has kept the people going all-bonkers over the final. With these two teams in the final, we fully reserve the rights to watch a nail-biting encounter to finish off the almost “perfect” season in a “perfect” manner.


Come this Thursday, we will have two NBA giants battling it out for the glorious Larry O’Brien Trophy. While the players will be busy in dodging the ball, the fans will also erupt when the final whistle blows. Since the NBA Playoffs will be broadcast live on the US channels only, you will have to install and run a VPN service to watch NBA Playoffs online from anywhere in the world.