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Montreal faces the Heat, are you ready?

After the Spanish and Monaco Grand Prix, the gap between Hamilton and Rosberg has reduced to only 10 points. Before the Spanish Grand Prix, Hamilton’s lead was swelled up to 33 points, but two good races for Rosberg meant that he could overcome Hamilton and grab the first spot if he wins the Canadian Grand Prix 2015.

Whatever happens, the audiences are guaranteed to enjoy the race. With two legends and two giants of the auto-mobile industry directly in battle with each other, the race is not about keeping or taking the lead anymore. The Canadian Grand Prix 2015 can set the momentum up for the rest of the 2015 Formula One Season.

Where Can I Watch the 2015 Canadian Grand Prix?

The Canadian Grand Prix 2015 will be broadcast live by many TV channels all across the world, considering Formula One has a huge fan fallowing all over the world. But even with the broadcast of live Canadian Grand Prix on different TV channels, many of the fans will miss the race due to the geo-restrictions set on the TV channels and their live streams.

However, we are going to recommend you a few alternatives with which you will be able to unblock the TV channels and their live streams and will be able to watch the live Canadian Grand Prix 2015 without running into any trouble. In case you haven’t heard of the best VPN for Canada, let us tell you what it does. The best VPNs for Canada replace your IP address according to the server you choose to connect to, enabling you to get the live feed from anywhere in the world.

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Check out the channels on which the 2015 Canadian Grand Prix streaming will be available and the alternatives you can use.

BBC SportUnited KingdomIPVanish
Antena 3SpainExpressVPN
TSN 3 / RDS 2CanadaPureVPN
NBC SportsUnited StatesHideMyAss
BeIN Sports 6Middle EastibVPN


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Canadian Grand Prix Schedule

If you are a fan of Formula One and you have commitments from 04th June, 2015 to 07th June, 2015, our advice will be to cancel all that. This is going to be an amazing weekend as the Canadian Grand Prix 2015 looks to kick-off from the 04th of June, 2015 in an Open House session.

The practice sessions will be held on the 05th of June, 2015 with all the drivers participating in them. On Saturday – the 06th of June, 2015 a practice session along with the qualifying rounds and the first race will be held. The main event – the Canadian Grand Prix 2015 will be held on Sunday, 07th of June, 2015 where the second round of the race will also be played out.

What happened in the last two Canadian Grand Prix?

Daniel Ricciardo, who is currently placed at the 7th spot this year, surprisingly hit the right form last year when he beat other drivers and won the Canadian Grand Prix. Ricciardo, a member of the Team Lotus, did surprise everyone when he knocked off the likes of Hamilton, Rosberg and Vettel.

Vettel, who is currently placed at the third spot on the table, and only 28 points behind Hamilton, won the Canadian Grand Prix back in 2013. This year promises to be nothing different. Even though we would like to see a fierce competition between the top three, we would not mind it even a wee bit if the likes of Ricciardo wins the competition again to make things even!

Until you set your eyes on the live images of the Canadian Grand Prix 2015, check out this video a fan made from the stands last year.