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Big Brother Over the Top premiered on September 28th, 2016 across the United States.

It entertained the viewers with the usual Big Brother drama for 65 days and officially crowned the winner on December 1, 2016.

This version of Big Brother was a web series that aired exclusively on CBS All Access. It is still available on the site.

But unfortunately, viewers from outside the US may face issues in watching Big Brother Over the Top due to the geo-restrictions.

To stream CBS All Access with freedom in your country without any geo-restriction, you will need a VPN. Fortunately, following best VPN services offer wide range of servers in US.

This allows you to access CBS All Access in your region instantly.

What’s more, the VPN’s will ensure fast, uninterrupted & HD streaming of Big Brother Over the Top on a variety of devices.

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How to Watch Big Brother Over The Top with a VPN

By following a few simple steps you can watch big brother over the top from anywhere in the world.

Now, if you try to access CBS All Access from anywhere outside of the US, then you will see following error message. This is because the streaming service locks away content based on your location.

So if you access some geo-restricted shows, the following screen will appear.


But with a VPN connected, the show will run smoothly.



Here’s how you can watch different shows on CBS: All Access regardless of your location:

  1. Select one of the VPN service from the table
  2. Subscribe to the provider and download its app
  3. Use the app to connect with a USA server
  4. Now open
  5. Enjoy BBOTT and other CBS shows


Side note: I used PureVPN to open CBS All Access. Though all providers in the table can open the site for you.


Watch Big Brother Over the Top with a Smart DNS Proxy

Another way to unblock wide-variety of geo-restricted content is through Smart DNS. Just like a VPN, It is a technology that allows you to spoof different locations.

It does not change your IP address but is able to bypass geo-restrictions by tempering with your DNS. Retaining the same IP address means you do not lose access to local content.

Smart DNS can be configured on Windows, Mac OS, Android, Xbox and Amazon Fire devices. Because it does not encrypt your connection, Smart DNS are faster than VPNs.

There are even some free Smart DNS services such as Blockless that will unblock CBS All Access almost instantly.


What Is Big Brother Over The Top?

For those who are unsure about what Big Brother Over the Top is all about, then it’s an exclusive production of CBS All Access.

A group of thirteen participants called “HouseGuests” have to live together in a house that is equipped with various 87 HD cameras and 100 microphones recording them 24/7.

All participants compete, and the winner takes home grand prize worth of $250,000.

You can watch each and every moment, joys and tough times spent by HouseGuests. Every week, there are mandatory challenges between the HouseGuests that lead to victory over food, leisure, and control of the house.

Interestingly, fans vote for eviction of a HouseGuest, reshaping the entire show. In addition to this, all HouseGuests are required to vote on the eviction night to eliminate one of the nominees, except the Head of Household.


Big Brother Over the Top Cast

The cast of Big Brother Over the Top consisted of 13 HouseGuests. It included two beautiful sisters Alex and Morgan. Public voting also decided “Jason Roy” from the Big Brother 18 as a final HouseGuest for Big Brother Over the Top.  Below is the list of Big Brother Over the Top cast:

  • Alex Willet
  • Danielle Lickey
  • Jason Roy
  • Justin Duncan
  • Kryssie Ridolfi
  • Michael “Cornbread” Ligon
  • Monte Massongill
  • Morgan Willet
  • Neeley Jackson
  • Scott Dennis
  • Shane Chapman
  • Shelby Stockton
  • Whitney Hogg

Believe me. It gets crazy once these individuals are locked up into a house.


Big Brother Over The Top Canada

Like majority of countries, Big Brother Over the Top has a huge hype in Canada. While fans from US are enjoying the episodes from the highly ranked reality show, Canadians can use one the best VPN services mentioned in this guide.

After subscribing to the VPN, fans from Canada will be able to stream all episodes of Big Brother Over the Top in Canada. Also, these VPN provide excellent apps for iOS, Android, tablet, Mac, Windows and more devices, so you enjoy the best from BBOTT in Canada.


Final Words

Big Brother Over the Top was an enthralling reality show that captured the imagination of millions. You will be surprised by who finally wins this competition.

In the past, CBS television use to broadcast the Big Brother series. But, with the release of official CBS streaming service aka “CBS All Access”, Big Brother Over the Top is available to stream online.

However, those who’re located outside of US can use one of the best VPN mention above and watch Big Brother Over the Top from anywhere in the world.