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When Simpsons started off in 1989, nobody had thought that it would run straight for 26 years. Whilst it is an achievement in itself, this is not the only reason why we are writing this post.

A generation grew up watching the daily-life struggles of Homer Simpson, Bart, Marge, Lisa and Maggie, and for people who are in their mid-twenties or mid-thirties, the Simpsons family means a lot.


If the word ‘Simpsons’ makes you jog down the memory lane, we advise you to get hold of the Simpsons World app and website.


What is the Simpsons World app?

If you are wondering, what the Simpsons World app is? Or why we are suggesting it, well there are two valid reasons. It operates non-linearly, means you can get to choose which episode you want to watch.


What is so special about the Simpsons World app?

The app and website provide you with stuff that is related to the Simpsons only. Not only can you learn much more about the fun facts and trivia, but you can actually watch full episodes of Simpsons without going through any trouble.


Does the Simpson World App Work outside the US?

The good thing about the Simpsons, since the beginning, was its availability outside the US. Even those who live outside the US enjoyed watching it on their local TV channels.

Unfortunately, since FX Network acquired the syndication rights of The Simpsons two years ago, they have not only come up with an exclusive Simpson World app, but they have also restricted its access to the US region only.


If you live in Europe, Australia or Asia, you won’t be able to watch Simpsons’ all episodes, but you will be forced to sit out, missing on some of the finest Simpsons’ episodes.



How to Access Simpsons World outside the U.S

Luckily, The Simpsons World can still be legally watched outside the US, but you will have to change your original IP address.

Changing the IP address won’t take much of your time, but it will require you to either sign up with a paid VPN service or download a proxy service.


Unblock Simpsons World Outside USA VIA Smart DNS Proxies

You need to conceal your actual geographic location to sidestep these limitations. By masking your IP address, Smart DNS empowers you to get to Simpsons World.


Key Features of a DNS Proxy

  1. Zero Internet Speed Loss: Stream geo blocked content from around the globe at full speed
  2. Multi-platform Compatibility: All your gadgets can be set up with Smart DNS (iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV, Mac, Chromecast, Smart TV, Roku, Nexus Player..)
  3. Worldwide Channels: Watch confined streaming services from around the world
  4. No Local Access Penalty: When you utilize Smart DNS, your IP address does not change; you hold access to every single online service and sites accordingly.
  5. Possible Disadvantage: DNS Hijacking and Transparent Proxies can prevent Smart DNS from working. Fortunately, just some ISPs do utilize such strategies.


Before focusing on any Smart DNS intermediary benefit, confirm that the one you pick really enables you to watch Simpsons World outside US


Watch Simpsons World Outside US VIA VPN

We would advise you to stick with VPNs for two valid reasons:

1) The proxy services are detected by most of the channels and streaming services and are blocked instantly, whereas the IP assigned to you by a VPN service is genuine and won’t be blocked.

2) The service provided by the proxies mainly focuses on bombarding your screen with “spam messages and ads”. The VPN services on the other hand are quite useful, since they do not only provide you ads-free access but they also provide you with enough bandwidth to stream all the Simpsons episodes with ease.

Check out the list of top 5 VPN providers who are currently in the limelight in the VPN industry for providing the best streaming experience to their users.

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The Simpsons Movie

The Simpsons movie also came out in 2007 which was very well-received by the critics and the audiences, a rating of 7.4/10 on iMDb suggests that the movie did well.

It is witty, fast paced, and will grab your attention in no time making you dissolve into laughter.

If you’re an over the top fan who’s seen the show from the late nineties onwards you’ll, it’ll feel like the movie is just an extension of the episodes. But despite that the Simpsons movie is still totally funny and I show some respect for the producers to put it this way!

Having said that, with the unavailability of all over 500 episodes of Simpsons at a single platform, it becomes really hard to keep a track, especially when you are a die hard fan!

Now that I have the Simpsons World app and website with us, I don’t think anyone is going to miss out on the foolish yet funny things of all the Simpsons characters.


Best Simpsons episodes.

Below are some of the best episodes of The Simpsons:

  1. “Bart the Genius” Season 1, Episode 2
  2. “Lisa’s Substitute” Season 2, Episode 19
  3. “Bart’s Friend Falls in Love” Season 3, Episode 23
  4. “Treehouse of Horror III” Season 4, Episode 5
  5. “Homer’s Triple Bypass”
  6. “Marge Vs. the Monorail”
  7. “Brother From the Same Planet”



If you are a fan of Homer Simpson and Co. you should not miss getting access to the Simpsons World. From 5000+ clips to full episodes of the Simpsons, you will find each and everything here.

The trivia, fun facts and season-wise distribution make the app and website unique and interesting for the viewers.

If you want to access The Simpsons World outside the US, use a VPN and enjoy all the episodes online.