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After the critical success of the first season, True Detective cemented as one of the greats amongst television shows. However, with the arrival of a second season, the show went on new heights. After almost four years, the show is returning with its third season with a brand-new cast and story.

True Detective has a rating of 9.3/10 on IMDb and is a crime drama TV series that features different cast and has a different storyline in each season. The story seems to revolve around the cops with shady pasts and business tycoons.

For die hard fans, its good news! The show is returning this summer and with it, are returning some heavily crafted dialogues that will reveal the darker side of the world. Who can forget Rust’s speeches on various occasions where he was repeatedly asked by Marty to keep his mouth shut?


A Little about the Story Line

Revealing the dark side of the lives of detectives and the realities of humanity, True Detective is a must watch TV series for those who love the idea of slow and progressive TV series. It uncovers the battles and struggles of the cops who have had shady pasts and are forced to face the consequences of the mistakes they have made in their lives before.

The second season of True Detective went on air on 21st June, 2015 and as expected it received mostly positive reviews from the critics and the viewers. Some might argue this season’s premier is not as good as the season 1, but we still have a long way to go before we make any judgments. The official trailer for season 3 gives us goosebumps and we are ready to be bombarded with a TV series full of mind-boggling dialogues.


How to watch it online for Free

True Detective Season can be watched online for free via Popcorn Time. However, we must warn you that each country has a different peer-to-peer file sharing policy and you might land in trouble if you don’t take the preventive measures.

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How to watch it online (Paid version)

Similarly you can watch True Detective Season 3 by subscribing to the services of HBO and HBO Go – the official channels that are broadcasting True Detective. In case they both are blocked in your region.

You can unblock them with a VPN (which will of course require a membership) and then you should pay for the subscription of HBO NOW to be able to watch True Detective.


How to Watch True Detective in UK

HBO is currently not restricted in the UK, but only available on select cable providers. Sky Atlantic offers HBO as an option to its subscribers. Sadly, HBO NOW is not available in the UK.

This is where you can always resort to a VPN service. By connecting to its US servers, you can easily access HBO NOW and enjoy True Detective in the UK.

How to Watch True Detective in Canada

As mentioned above in the article, HBO NOW and HBO Go are accessible in the United States only, therefore, use any VPN services that we have mentioned in this guide to stream True Detective. Just connect to a US server and access HBO’s streaming service.

Yes! It is finally coming back! Check out the tweets below!



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So what will season 3 be like?

With a little disappointment from season 2, fans are optimistic for season 3.


What will True Detective Season 3 be about?

The logline says Season 3 “will recount the narrative of a shocking wrongdoing in the core of the Ozarks and a secret that extends over decades and happens in three separate eras.”

Other plot subtleties are rare, yet structure-wise, this run, with its numerous eras, appears as though it will more intently take after True Detective Season 1 than 2, the previous of which recounted a story that spread over 17 years.


Mahershala Ali will star

Fans were elated the previous summer at the declaration of Ali’s casting – in addition to the fact that it meant the arrangement was fit as a fiddle, a matchless ability had been marked to boot.

Crisp off Luke Cage and Roxanne, the Oscar champion (Moonlight), top lines Season 3 as Wayne Hays, a “state police analyst from Northwest Arkansas.” Season 1 star Matthew McConaughey immediately embraced the throwing, calling Ali, whom he worked with on Free State of Jones, an “incredible fit.”


Wrapping up! How will Season 3 be different?

In light of the breadcrumbs above, Season 3 is going to incline itself as a kind of profound come back to frame. Gone is the huge city setting of Season 2; back is the more rustic feel of Season 1 – even plot-wise.

The logline basically peruses like a marginally adjusted adaptation of the show’s presentation. All the more imperatively, however, it appears HBO is giving Pizzolatto time, a benefit that was more an obstruction the second go around.