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The avid Comic fans know how badass yet underrated foes of Flash are. They are not highlighted like the enemies of Spider-man and Batman and yet they leave an everlasting impression on the people. We will discuss the top 5 Flash villains of all times, who according to us, will live forever in our memories for all the bad right reasons.


(5) Golden Glider

Lisa Snart aka the Golden Glider was one of the villains of silver age. She sought revenge against Flash after her lover, The Top, died of the complications following his duel with Flash. Accompanied by her brother, Captain Cold, she went after Flash, trying to hurt him in every way possible.


(4) Pied Piper

On the fourth spot we have yet another villain from the silver age, Pied Piper, a former member of Rogues, who was born deaf. But he was cured as the time passed by. He developed a great interest for sound and worked on the sonic technology until he discovered the method of hypnotism through music. He turned to the world of crime after he got bored of his lifestyle and clashed with Flash several times.


(3) Mirror Master

We have assigned the third spot Mirror Master for his notorious nature. He was always busy working on how to get into the reflection of the mirror. He was a recurring enemy of Flash and attacked him with help of various techniques of hypnotism, invisibility and physical transformation. Four individuals (two of them were members of Rogues) have flung themselves into Mirror Master’s costume.


(2) Professor Zoom

Professor Zoom or Reverse Flash is one of the arch-rivals of Flash and makes it to the second spot in our list. He started out as a fan of Flash who lived in the 25th century. He was so desperate to meet his idol that he went through a time travel and a surgery to even look like him. However with a series of mishaps, he became mentally unstable and became one of the fiercest rivals of Flash.


(1) Captain Cold

Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold tops our list of top 5 foes of Flash. He is the brother of Golden Glider. He was the leader of Rogues and led his army (other members of Rogues) in the fight against Flash. He was one of the individuals who killed the fourth Flash. He has been ranked as 27th Greatest Comic Book Villains of All Times by IGN.


Feel free to let us know if you agree with our list of Top 5 foes of Flash in the comments section. Ciao!