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The CW is a free-to-air Television Network with tons of popular TV series i.e. The Flash, Arrow, Jane The Virgin, Supernatural, and a lot others.

A New TV Series In the Dark is also available in CW Network that just premiered on 4th April.

CW is free no doubt, but did you know that is only available in the US?

If you try to access The CW Network outside US, you will get the following error…


So what happens to the people living outside US?

Don’t worry we got them covered as well! In the next section…

How to Unblock ‘The CW- In the Dark’ Live Images

These are the live images that I captured using a video recorder to free stream ‘In the Dark’ using NordVPN on any device.



Simple Steps to Watch The CW Outside US

With the help of a Virtual Private Network such as NordVPN, you can easily access CW outside US.


A VPN hides your original IP address and assigns you an IP address of any other country for e.g. US.

Not only that, it will encrypt your internet traffic and keep you anonymous online.

Let me show you how you can access CW outside US using a VPN.

    • Subscribe to any VPN listed in the table below
Watch CW Outside US via VPN
Providers No. of US Servers Visit Provider
1758 US Servers


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32 US Servers


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Get ExpressVPN

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  • Download and Install the VPN app
  • Enter Username and Password
  • Connect to US server
  • Visit The CW website
  • Go to Shows > Select In the Dark


  • Start streaming its first episode – Pilot



Can you watch other streaming services outside US as well?

Yes, you can watch other popular streaming services such as Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and others outside US with a VPN as well.

Netflix available in most part of the world, that’s right.

But what you don’t know is, Netflix US has a bigger media library than any other country.

You won’t be able to access American Netflix with any other VPN because Netflix started cracking down against VPNs.

I have sorted some of the VPNs that still works perfectly, view in our guide on Netflix VPN.

HBO is only available in US. To access HBO, you also require NordVPN.

Its restrictions are not highly strict as Netflix, but it still wants you to connect with a reliable VPN.


Key Takeaways

The popular TV Network ‘The CW’ is unavailable outside US.

To access this channel and want to stream the New TV Series ‘In the Dark’, you need a VPN as discussed above.

I have shown live images on how to stream the show for free.

If you were outside US and you didn’t had access to a VPN, you probably wouldn’t have unblocked CW.