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House Rules fans get ready! We will be teaching you how to watch house rules TV show online outside Australia. “Crowded House Rules” started on 27th April 2016 and you cannot miss another episode of this hit TV series.


What is The House Rules?

House Rules Australia is one of the most popular shows where Aussie teams will venture to every part of the nation and redesign their rival’s home for an extraordinary prize.

The Season is bringing crisp redesigns, minutes and recollections. The winner of the show will have their whole mortgage paid off.


Where To Watch House Rules

House rules is exclusively available on channel 7 only because of content rights and licensing issues, viewers won’t have the ability to watch Channel 7 from outside Australia.

But with our guide, you will have the capacity to unblock and watch House Rules on Channel 7 from anyplace on the planet with a VPN:

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Step by Step Guide to Use a VPN

It might give off an impression of being complex but unblocking geo-confined sites with a VPN is extremely easy. Here’s the best approach to House rules with a VPN:

  1. You’ll require an appropriate VPN from the above table. We used PureVPN which easily bypassed geo-restrictions
  2. Next, download and install the VPN application for your particular device
  3. Enter your accreditation
  4. Connect with one of your VPN’s servers in the fitting district. For example you’d require an Australian server to watch house rules
  5. Try streaming something on House rules. It should connect rapidly, without demonstrating any errors, you may need to restore the page or restart your program first.


Why You Need a VPN?

Since House Rules is exclusive to Channel 7, viewers over the globe will confront geographic limitation when they endeavor to get to Channel 7 outside Australia.

If you attempt to watch House Rule online from any nation other than an Australian domain, at that point you will be presented with following message:

So how exactly do you get rid of this message?

House rules online error


You see this message due to the geo-restrictions on the live streaming of Channel 7.

Our editorial reviews and real-time streaming fans suggest the above-listed VPN providers due to their streaming optimized servers for Australia, ease of use and 24/7 customer support to deliver the best out of a VPN service.

Using anyone of these VPN services, you will be able to unblock House Rules 2018 with an Australian IP address and watch the best Australian house renovating show safely & anonymously from anywhere in the world.

How to watch house rules online?

A VPN is an optimal solution to bypass the geo-restrictions instantly on Channel 7 and other blocked websites. Its vast spread of servers allows you to change your virtual location and mask your true identity.


Who Won the Last Season?

Toad and Mandy have been named as this year’s House Rules champs!

Following a difficult multi-day challenge redoing every others front yards, it came down to a near calamity by the judges. The couples, were battling for their children and families.

Battling to win the $355,000, Mandy stated: ‘This is our eleventh renovation and it doesn’t get any less easy. We are battling for a major prize here and all that we put in boils down to today.’

Dave agreed, ‘To win a Grand Final, you need to give it all that you must continue moving, you don’t stop,’ with Mel adding, ‘We didn’t come this far to simply stop.’

At last, Drew Heath gave Mel and Dave an 8, Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen a 7 and Wendy Moore 8, giving them an aggregate score of 23.

Toad and Mandy were given a 7 by Drew, Laurence gave the group a 8, and Wendy gave the couple an immense 9, giving them an aggregate score of 24.


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In a Nutshell

Now that you know how to Watch House Rules Online Outside Australia a VPN will allow you to bypass the imposed geo-restrictions instantly on Channel 7.

The above-listed VPN providers offer various streaming servers in Australia to provide fast, uninterrupted and anonymous access to Channel 7 from anywhere in the world.