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House of Cards Season 4 comes out on March 4, 2016. The exclusive Netflix production will become instantly available to all Netflix subscribers in the regions where Netflix is officially available. Even if its not available in the region you are currently residing in you can still watch it with the help of the best Netflix VPN.


Why Is House Of Cards Not On Netflix?

A Netflix original, House of Cards is acclaimed around the globe for its drama and conspiracy sequences. The sad part is that viewers in Germany, Israel and numerous other parts of the world will be unable to stream the Netflix original through their regional Netflix engines. Due to certain Digital Distribution Restrictions all Netflix regional engines will not have exclusive Netflix originals like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and many others.


How to Access House of Cards on Netflix?

To access the complete seasons 1-3 of House of Cards on Netflix all you will need is a VPN or SmartDNS service to change your location & IP address to that of either the USA or UK. This way you will be able to access the full Netflix library not missing any content including all Netflix originals, with the same Login you registered with.

House of Cards fans in other regions can unblock Netflix and join millions of Netflix subscribers from around the world to enjoy Season 4 using VPN.

If you want to watch all seasons recap, check our guide of House of Cards all seasons recap.

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House of Cards is one of Netflix’s most popular original productions. However, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has confirmed that well over 30 million users from around the world access Netflix through VPN – to stream content from the expansive Netflix library. Some use VPN to access content from the exclusive Netflix US library, while others use VPN because of geo-restrictions that make Netflix unavailable in their regions.

watch house of the cards

Judging by the official teaser trailer for Season 4, it looks like Frank Underwood is ready to take things to an all new level. You can watch the official House of Cards Season 4 teaser to get a taste of what Kevin Spacey plans to unleash in 2016.


Recapping the end of the last Season of House of Cards

House of Cards fans will remember that Season 3 ended with Stamper burying Rachel in the desert; Frank Underwood winning the Iowa vote; and Claire on the verge of leaving Frank.

In addition to watching House of Cards online; you can also watch other globally acclaimed shows like Breaking Bad, Sherlock, Orange is the new Black, Marco Polo and so many more.

If you haven’t had a chance to see House of Cards as yet but want to know what all the fuss is about, subscribe to Netflix and watch it for yourself. But if Netflix is blocked in your region or if the streaming quality is not good enough, use a Netflix VPN and choose one of the top 5 Netflix VPN services to unblock Netflix and stream House of Cards without any annoying buffering.


Planning on watching House of Cards Season 4 on YouTube?

If you plan on watching House of Cards on TV or through YouTube, you can forget about it, because House of Cards is owned by Netflix. Netflix is the official distributor for the entire House of Cards TV series. This means that you will get the best video quality if you view House of Cards through Netflix, and that Netflix will be keeping a sharp eye out to make sure that nobody peddles its property.


Netflix is the king of online entertainment and keeps updating its library every time a new show or movie comes out. It is your personal little cinema, and you can enjoy it from the comfort from your home or from the mobility of your handheld device. Did I mention that Netflix also offers lots of British TV programmes for when you feel like changing the flavor a bit from time to time. There are no limits!

The best part is that you don’t have to pay for each movie you watch. You just pay the monthly Netflix subscription fee, and you can access the entire Netflix collection at any time (and as many times) as you want.

Some people tend to use torrents when they want to watch movies, but everybody knows that torrents are unreliable and often illegal. You never know when illegally downloading a movie can land you in jail with millions in penalty on your head.