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The House of Cards Season 6 is finally available on your TV screen on Netflix since November 2, 2018. Almost a year has been passed since the last season was on-aired.

You may have forgotten where the season lasted, but we have created refreshers of the previous seasons for your convenience.  Check them out to memorize what happened in House of Cards fictionalized Washington D.C.


House of Cards is a highly acclaimed show around the globe for its drama and conspiracy sequences.

However, House of Cards is not available in all Netflix regions, such as Germany.

This is due to Digital Distribution Restrictions on Netflix content library. As a result, regional engines will not have exclusive Netflix originals like House of CardsOrange is the New Black and many others.

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Season 1

In the first season of House of Cards, meet the democrat “Frank Underwood” (Kevin Spacey) who ambitiously wants to climb up the political ladder of United States by any means.

Watch how he faces the disappointment when he helped President Garrett Walker to get elected, but he ended up in not being nominated for Secretary of State.

He sets-up a revenge plan by feeding a beautiful journalist Zoe Barnes with his stories. The plan leads to relation that goes beyond the work and supported by his own wife.

The phase two of the Frank’s plan involve using Peter Russo, Pennsylvania Congressman.

Later he murdered Peter seeking benefits. This ultimately leads to series of incidents making the Frank Underwood as Vice President, without even a single vote being casted in his favor.

Season 2

The Season two involve more betrayal, fraud plotting and wrong doings of VP Frank Underwood.

While Zoe the reporter who Frank used and abused in season 1 is now actively working to expose Frank Underwood. Later she became the victim of murder attack conducted by Frank.

A friend of Zoe works to solve the mystery of Zoe’s apparent suicide but ends up in getting behind the bars.

On other hand, in the White House old Raymond Tusk is actively involved in money laundering with Chinese. About which no one knows except Frank who speaks out.

As a result, poor President Walker is forced to resign as President. And Frank Underwood being selected as new President of the State.

The twist in story comes when Frank’s close ally Dough Stamper is attacked by a prostitute “Rachel” who knows much about Peter Russo from season 1.

Season 3

HoC Season 3 is packed with more suspense and thrill, involving more violence, gore and wrong doings but with a major twist in the story. Suffering from injuries Dough is alive.

He regains consciousness after 6 months of Frank’s Presidency.  But things have gone the way they weren’t supposed to.

Frank has become politically weaker than ever. To fuel the fire, his love-less marriage life gets destroyed when his wife ”Claire” demands a divorce.

Situation becomes tougher for Frank this time, as Dough receives various offers by rivals.

But somehow he ended up in working for Frank again. Catch the heated incidents and events in the episodes of House of Cards Season 3.

Season 4

After the prior suspenseful seasons the 4th season features Neve Campbell and Joel Kinnaman.

While conflict between Frank and Claire will be more intense this time, but rumors suggest that a new powerful couple in town will come forward and force them to work together.

Season 5

The House of Cards is a serious show about politics, the greed for power, enemies and allies and crimes that only the elite can conduct, despite things getting critical and the show still maintains its random sarcastic mentions and some moments that will leave you rolling on the floor laughing.

Season five opens with the elections at a close call. Will Conway remains a daunting opponent even though it is hard for him to hide the stress that is getting the better part of him.

The Underwoods, of course, in their own ways are on to take advantage of a terrorist attack by manipulation.

As Frank states that the American people don’t know what’s best for them. So creating a cloud of gloom of fear is the best idea for a successful re-election putting democracy in an unmitigated state.

Season 6

The final blow of House of Cards is here with its sixth and last season, released on November 2nd 2018. The show becomes more intense as it reaches towards its end.

Claire has to keep things running up after the death of her husband, who left a lot of baggage behind for her to deal with. Watch as she conspires with new friends and old enemies.

The season introduces siblings Annette and Bill Shepherd as enemies who are extremely rich and resourceful, but with Claire’s cunning traits I am sure she can and will deal with them in her own ways.

Despite Frank’s death, it seems the pawns that he laid out in previous seasons are back to make the House of Cards’ final season to be nothing like what the viewers have seen before.


If you plan on watching House of Cards Seasons on TV or through YouTube, you can forget about it, because House of Cards is owned by Netflix.

Netflix is the official distributor for the entire House of Cards TV series. However, a VPN will enable you to Unblock and Watch House of Cards Season 6 along with previous seasons on Netflix US library from anywhere.


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