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Are you ready to see some classy sun tans? Wait, let us be more clear with what we are trying to ask here. Are you ready for an action packed summer with Beach Soccer World Cup? That’s right! The Beach Soccer World Cup 2015 is the eighth edition since FIFA’s takeover of the championship and will be played on the exotic beaches of Portugal this month.

The first version was played two decades ago in 1995 and this is only the 18th time, overall, when this championship will be played. Sixteen teams from six confederations will be participating in the event and the championship is set to be played between from the 09th of July till the 19th of July, 2015.

Who will broadcast the Beach Soccer World Cup 2015?

There are many channels that will broadcast the live action from the Beach Soccer World Cup 2015 and yet there will be many countries, missing out on all the action, due to geo-restrictions and limitations. While the channels will be broadcasting the event in their regions, the others will have to find alternate ways to access the championship.

But, this is just to inform you that you will still be able to watch Beach Soccer World Cup games online. Since covering one’s IP address is a trick most are familiar with, we will directly jump to the channels and to the regions they will be broadcasting the Beach Soccer World Cup in. Don’t worry, we have got you covered, we will provide you with the alternate solution as well so you can unblock those channels and watch your favorite team battling it out with others.

ChannelsRegionsAlternate Solutions
Ceske TelevizeCzech RepublicIPVanish VPN
Direct TVSouth AmericaibVPN


Division of Teams

With 16 teams participating in the tournament, four groups consisting of four teams are formed. Group A features the host country, Portugal along with Japan, Argentina and Senegal. Group B features Switzerland, Oman, Italy and Costa Rica. Group C features Brazil, Mexico, Spain and Iran whereas Group D features Russia, Paraguay, Tahiti and Madagascar.

The experts are placing their bets on the finalists from Group A and Group B. With things cooking up nicely, we cannot wait until we are served with the some spicy scrumptious football action from the Beach Soccer World Cup 2015.


The Beach Soccer World Cup 2015 is a nice excuse to pack your bags and head to Portugal on those much needed vacations to enjoy some thrilling contests between the giants of the soccer world. Even if you can’t afford the trip or you are too busy with your office work, we would advise you to unblock the Beach Soccer World Cup with a VPN to watch some amazing goals under the shining sun.