NHL Hockey Live Streaming Outside USA and Canada

NHL Hockey Live Streaming Outside USA and Canada

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Attention Canadian Users!!

Unblock any streaming service or geo-blocked website in Canada with the help of Canada VPN. While bypassing restrictions, it also help in keeping your online identity anonymous.

Canada VPN

Don’t Miss A Single Moment from NHL Season 2017 – 18

Gear up NHL fans and get ready to witness the new champions, players, teams and some stunning shots from NHL Season 2017 – 18. The season kicks off on October 4, 2017, and will conclude on April 7, 2018.

Watch 31 teams battle it out for the championship and we will have to wait and see if Pittsburgh Penguins retain their title this season or not.

However, like every popular sport, geo-restrictions fall upon those who reside outside the US and Canada, restricting them to watch the NHL Playoffs in different regions.

But, we will show how you can easily bypass geo-restrictions with a best Canada VPN, and enjoy a seamless NHL streaming experience in your country. After reading this guide, you will be able to access all NHL games in HD playback and blazing fast streaming speed from anywhere.

Watch NHL Hockey Live on Your TV Sets and Other Devices

The curtailment of NHL Hockey in other regions desponds the fans all across the world. It becomes excessively hard for them to bypass geo-restrictions and limitations to watch their favorite teams play.

Sadly, many of the fans are deprived of their basic right to enjoy this sports being played in its true spirit without any hostility. No pun intended.

The viewers, however, can enjoy watching their favorite teams play with a little help of a VPN. It bypasses the geo-restrictions for them and enables them to stream and watch their favorite teams play on their TV sets and other devices. As soon as the users IP addresses are masked by the VPNs, they become eligible for NHL Hockey live streaming.

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List of NHL Live Streaming Channels

As the season begins, the intriguing contests await the fans.  Many of the fans (who reside either in the US or Canada) are able to watch it live while other passionate followers living in different regions get left out. We are sharing the list of NHL Hockey live streaming channels in different regions and how they can help you watch your favorite teams play.

CountryBroadcasterPC MobileCoverage OnlyUnblock Channels
AustraliaAustraliaBest VPNs for Australia
CanadaSportsNetCanadaTop VPNs for Canada
GermanyGermanyTop VPNs for Germany
FranceFranceTop VPNs for France
TurkeyTurkeyTop VPNs for Turkey
BrazilBrazilTop VPNs for Brazil
IranIranTop VPNs for Iran


NHL Android App

The fans who seek mobility can make the most of NHL Android App that allows them to be in touch with NHL Hockey at their convenience. The app allows them to watch in-games and post-game video highlights and provides live audio from the games.

In case of traveling outside US or Canada, a VPN will help you access NHL Hockey on your smartphones and tabs. Just connect your device with any of the VPNs mentioned above and explore the world of hockey at your ease.



NHL iPhone App

The Apple users are also provided with NHL iPhone App to watch live out-of-market games and stream live game audio. The app is easily available in iTunes App Store and compatible with iOS6 or above. The users can customize their newsfeed, news, videos and highlights with their favorite teams.

However, just like the NHL Android App, the access to all the contents in this app is limited to US and Canada only. And you will need to equip your iPhones and iPads with a VPN to give it a go from anywhere in the world.




The new season of NHL Hockey and Playoffs looks to bring new stories, new dramas and more elements of fun and entertainment. The viewers have already glued their eyes to TVs and smartphones in US and Canada. But the restrictions remain a dilemma for the viewers of other regions. They can, however, still experience the thrills and chills of NHL with a VPN on their TVs and other devices.

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